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The AMMTO project was initiated to develop a decision making process and tools to be used by livestock producers and regulators to determine the viability, capabilities and limitations of advanced manure management technologies for Ontario livestock farms.

A public meeting was held at the start of the project to confirm manure management issues that need to be addressed in Ontario. Based on input from the public meeting, AMMTO developed a list of 9 manure management technology objectives. The 9 objectives include:

  1. Potential to reduce odours
  2. Potential to reduce nitrogen loading to surface and ground water
  3. Potential to reduce pathogen loading to surface and groundwater
  4. Potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  5. Potential to reduce phosphorus loading to surface water
  6. Potential to degrade medicines and other by-pass substances that may be found in manure
  7. Potential to reduce manure volume and/or mass
  8. Potential to reduce livestock producer dependency on local land base
  9. Ease of meeting government regulations



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