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Technical Presentations made to AMMTO


Presentation by:
Rondeau Anaerobic
Date: April 22, 2002 Type of Technology:
Membrane Separation
Technology Presentation Overview: VSEP

The "Vibratory Shear Enhanced Process" (VSEP) is an advanced membrane filtration system that is capable of handling thick slurries without the fouling problems exhibited by conventional membrane systems. The VSEP system utilizes a reverse osmosis membrane which will remove BOD, COD, TSS, Phosphorus, and total nitrogen from effluent wastewater. The filtrate from this can be reused for washdown operations or sewered. The concentrated waste stream of reject can then be used as a fertilizer.


Presentation by:
Lystek International Inc.
Date: May 27, 2002 Type of Technology:
Various / Gasification
Technology Presentation Overview: Lystek Processes

Lystek is involved in developing a process to handle, treat and convert farm waste biomass into heat, steam, power, alternative fuels and building materials. Their technologies deal with agricultural wastes through four potential stages including 1) Collection and concentration, 2) Dewatering and drying, 3) Gasification and conversion and 4) Synthesis gas utilization. Manure is therefore partially dewatered and digested to produce pumpable biosolids. The high solids fraction is dried further and gasified to produce syngas which can be used to produce heat/power.


Presentation by:
First American Scientific Corp
Date: June 24, 2002 Type of Technology:
Kinetic Disintegration
Technology Presentation Overview: KDS Micronex

FASCís Micronizer sets up a resonant shock wave that exceeds the tensile strength of the input material and practically blows particles apart. Animal manures processed thorugh the KDS Micronex become dry, nutrient rich powders that are pathogen free and can be pelletized for ease of application.


Presentation by: International Bio Recovery Corporation Date: August 26, 2002 Type of Technology:
Technology Presentation Overview: Enhanced Autogenous Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion

The EATAD process biologically converts biodegradable waste into organic material, microorganism bodies, CO2 and gaseous ammonia. The ammonia is scrubbed out of the waste gas and reintroduced to the liquid product stream. The products from the EATAD system are therefore granular fertility products and liquid fertility products. The IBR process guarantees 100% removal of pathogens, produces fertilizers always having the same nutrient value, and effectively removes odour from the products.




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