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AMMTO Project Objectives
Final Report for AMMTO  (April 2004)    Summary of AMMTO Project Activities and Findings


Manure Management Decision Making Tools
         Five decision making tools have been developed.

Note: If you wish to view  any of the tools individually, you can read the following descriptions and download that tool. Certain macro links may not properly function when used as individually. After downloading an Excel spreadsheet, it may be necessary to re-size the sheet by grabbing the lower right corner of the sheet with the mouse and dragging it to fill the working area.

1. "Steps To Implement" Database

The database allows the user to choose the management issue(s) they wish to resolve by implementing new technology, and the database provides a list of technologies that can be used to address the management issue selected.

The database allows the user to select a technology from the database list and the database provides information about 10 factors that affect the implementation of the selected technology. The database provides a list of suppliers of each technology listed and a summary of manufacturer information for the technology. The database provides AMMTO's review of the manure management technologies listed in the supplier database. All of the AMMTO manure management decision making tools can be accessed from the "Steps To Implement" database.
  Download "Steps to Implement" Spreadsheet [905 KB xls] -  (This is a macro-driven Excel Spreadsheet - you must "enable macros" for full functionality - Not all spreadsheet links are functional unless used inside Full Tool Kit - see above)

2. Manure Management Technology Information Request Form

A standard form was developed that can be used to solicit the information from technology suppliers necessary to evaluate manure management technologies.
  Download Request Form [pdf]

3. Economic Evaluation Template

A template was developed to compare the economics of different manure management technologies against current practices. The template allows the user to consider capital and operating costs, salvage value of existing systems, effect on land base requirements and soft factors such as reduced soil compaction and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
  Download Instruction Manual  [72 KB pdf]
  Download Economic Evaluation Template 
[221 KB xls format]

4. Manure Management Technology Evaluation Process

A process was developed to allow individuals to come up with a numerical ranking of the technical capabilities of different technologies to help in the process of deciding what manure management technology is most appropriate for a particular livestock operation.
  Download Evaluation Methodology Spreadsheet [xls]

5. Manure Management Technology Supplier List

A global list of companies  that sell manure management technologies was developed including contact information to help farmers and regulators obtain information from a wide variety of technology suppliers.
  Download Supplier Information List  [103 KB xls]
     (This is a macro-driven Excel Spreadsheet - you must "enable macros" for full functionality - Not all spreadsheet links are functional unless used inside Complete Tool Kit - see above)


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