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We make no claim of ownership of any of the environmental information contained on this site, but rather act as custodians of this irreplaceable environmental history. We sincerely hope that this information is a valuable aid in developing future environmental policies and programs.

Over the 11-year period from 1986 until 1997, there was a series of Federal-Provincial initiatives which delivered excellent environmental programs, focussing on improving the sustainability of production agriculture in the Province of Ontario, while reducing pollution in the Great Lakes Basin. The overall funding for these programs approached $100 million.

The origins of this archive web site date back to 1995 when Bruce Bowman developed the Canada-Ontario Agriculture Green Plan web site, as part of the communications strategy for that Program.

Following the completion of the Green Plan Program in April 1997, archiving activities continued, adding earlier environmental programs, including the SWEEP (101 reports) and Land Stewardship Programs. Since digital versions of reports were unavailable, or incomplete in most instances, hard copies of the reports were scanned, and converted into WordPerfect documents using OCR (optical character recognition) software, which were then re-formatted and compressed into the universally-accessible PDF format for online viewing.

During succeeding years, additional environmental programs were added to the archive, including The Great Lakes Water Quality Initiative and the Ontario portion of the National Soil Conservation Program (including the Soil Quality Evaluation Program, SQEP) reports.

PLUARG (1972-1979) was a very significant predecessor of the 1986-1997 group of environmental programs. The funding for the Canadian port of the PLUARG program approached $20 million (in 1972 $$), which was a joint Canada-U.S.A. environmental program of the International Joint Commission on the Great Lakes (IJC).

In mid 2006, Bruce started scanning and converting many valuable reports from the Canadian PLUARG program, and since retiring in August 2006, efforts have continued to locate and scan additional Canadian- based PLUARG reports, now numbering more than 95.

More recently, Bruce has been archiving environmental programs, with their respective reports, associated with Conservation Ontario and their network of 36 Conservation Authorities, including the Clean Up Rural Beaches (CURB) (1991-1996) (78 reports), and other projects, including  the Stratford-Avon River Environmental Management Project (SAREMP, 1980-1984) (> 25 reports) and the Thames River Implementation Committee (TRIC, 1976-1982) (about a dozen related reports). Included in these latest additions are reports from the early 1950's, as well as basin-wide reports from the mid 1970's.

Since the Ontario Ministry of Environment has funded so many reports over the past 40 years that were not directly linked to archived programs on this site, we have started a separate O.M.E.- funded Report List, which now exceeds 360 reports. We have created a sub-set of that O.M.E. report list which focusses on Biological Surveys/Investigations and now includes 100+ reports.

In Jan., 2013 we developed a new section on the Lake Simcoe watershed, and have now archived more than 40 reports. A new $29 million program was recently announced by the government for improving the water quality in the Lake Simcoe basin.

In May 2013, the AAFC Agri-Environmental Indicator Project (1993-1998) was added, including 27 reports. This project ran concurrently with the Canada-Ontario Agriculture Green Plan, but was funded from a different source. In total, amost 150 reports and documents from Federal sources are included in the Miscellaneous List, including almost 2 dozen published before 140..

In August, 2014, we created a new list of 500+ reports, sorted by Conservation Authority / Watershed Region, which provides a quick means to identify reports associated with a particular Authority. Links to respective C.A. sites are also provided.

In Dec., 2017, we added a new Section, " Land Use Planning & Sustainable Development", which already has 19 reports.

On this archive web site we endeavour to provide an accurate overview of historical agri-environmental programs in Ontario during the 1960's - 2000 period, and continue to archive digital versions of these valuable reports, which now surpasses 1050 ! 

 We welcome contributions to the archive, either in hard copy (copy of original), or in image-based PDF format, which we can process.

October, 2018

Bruce T. Bowman, Archivist & Web Master



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