How to Contribute to the Archive

We welcome anyone to submit Ontario-generated environmental reports that can be converted to digital PDFs and added to our Archive. NOTE: We only borrow hard copy versions long enough to scan, then return them to you.

These are some general guidelines for Report Selection and Submission.

Subject Matter Selection Preferences

  1. Reports should have an Ontario involvement, with an agriculture and/or a water quality focus, and be produced before 2000 in hard copy .
  2. Reports should deal with one or more of the following issues:
    • Water Quality and/or Water Quantity, non-point source contamination;
    • Soil management/productivity, including soil erosion, soil degradation, nutrient management;
    • Watershed-based management and monitoring, resource protection/characterization, including, fauna / flora, invertebrate, bacterial/pathogen, physico-chemical parameters (pH, turbidity, etc).
  3. Exclude reports focussing only on:
    • Industrial pollution
    • Sewage Treatment Plants
    • Municipal Water Systems

How to Submit a Report

  1. Use the Google Search Engine on Archive Home Page to determine IF the Report is already in the Archive. If the entire title is found in first few search hits, it is already in the Archive.
    Click and download to confirm that it is the same report. Sometimes progress reports have common titles, and you also have to check on the year that report was published. 

  2. We can process either hard-copy or image-PDF versions of the report, but prefer the image-PDF version, since you do not have to loan the hard copy to us for scanning.


  • Use your photocopier to copy (save a copy) the report to an Image-PDF file, making sure that each page is copied cleanly (without exposure shadows) and that ALL pages are properly fed into the copier. Copies of older reports often have deteriorated and font clarity is compromised, esp. for large appendix data tables.

  • You can send up to 20 MB files (image PDF) to our email account at: Should the copied report exceed 20 MB, then copy the report in 2 or more sections to keep individual PDF size <20 MB.


  • IF you do not have the capability of converting the report to an image PDF file, please contact us at and arrange to mail/courrier the report to us. We will keep it only long enough to scan and convert it to digital.
    Please Note
    : If the report has a stiff binding, it may be necessary to re-bind the report after scanning, since old bindings become quite brittle with age. If Report has Cerlox binding, we can remove binding for scanning, and replace it prior to returning the report to you.

ANY QUESTIONS?? - Please contact Bruce at:

We greatly appreciate your interest and cooperation.

Bruce T. Bowman, Archivist & Web Master

Nov., 2012 



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