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Current Items of Interest


Feed-in Tariff Program - Ontario Power Authority

Biochar  What is it and how is it used.

Miscellaneous Environmental Reports from the Archive

Ron Fleming Collection of Manure & Water Quality Research Papers (1990 - 2009)

N.K. Patni Collection of Manure Research Papers (1978 - 2002)

Waste Management Reports - Conservation Authorities

Bacterial Pollution Indicators and Rainfall-Induced Runoff, Greenbelt Farm Drainage System, Canada Dept. of Agriculture (1972). [868 KB]

Comprehensive Evaluation of Agricultural Waste and Runoff Management for Water Quality Control. (1975) MacDonald College  [1405 KB]

Livestock and Poultry Wastes in the Great Lakes Basin: Environmental Concerns and Management Issues (1976). G.E. Bangay, Environment Canada. [2404 KB]

Livestock Wastes and Agricultural Drainage- Effects of Water Quality: A Case Study in the Pittock Watershed in Southwestern Ontario. (circa 1984). S. Thornley, O.M.E.; A. Bos, UTRCA  [670 KB pdf]

Pittock Watershed: Manure Management and Water Quality Sub-Basin Study. (1984). B. Glasman & B. Hawkins [2900 KB]

Manure Management Awareness Program, Summary Report 1986; Tracey Ryan, Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority  [1857 KB]

The Effect Of Farm Liquid Waste Application On Receiving Water Quality: Final Report (1991). Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority [4082 KB pdf]

Impact of Livestock Manure and Fertilizer Application on Nitrate Contamination of Groundwater. (Feb. 1996).   M.F. Younie, D.L. Burton, R.G. Kachanoski, E. G. Beauchamp, R.W. Gillham - U. of Guelph  (318 pp) [3403 KB]

Presentations from Growing the Margins & Biogas Conferences (London, ON)

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Commentary on Manure Digesters

Agri-Environmental Archive Library

Issue Papers (Bruce T. Bowman)
Presentations  (PowerPoint Shows) (Bruce T. Bowman)


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