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ManureNet is a national information resource and coordination centre for Manure /Nutrient Management and Bioenergy Issues. PLEASE NOTE - ManureNet is now operated as an Archived Site, and while existing links are maintained, little new information is being added.

ManureNet was started by Dr. Bruce Bowman in April, 1998 as a pilot project, initially funded by the Hog Environmental Management Strategy (HEMS). At the time, Bruce had been involved in managing environmental programs for Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) in London, Ontario. By 2000, Bruce expanded the scope of ManureNet to include acquiring extensive information on anaerobic digestion and renewable energy issues, in order to focus attention on the renewable energy issue in Canada, which had received minimal attention compared to its advanced state throughout Europe.

In parallel with the ManureNet project, Bruce had also been developing an extensive archive of Agri-Environmental Programs that had been delivered by the Federal Government in Ontario, representing an investment approaching $100M over a 11-year period from 1986 to 1997.

By the time that Bruce retired in August 2006, the ManureNet web site had 23,000 links on the site, including more than 6,500 links to external web sites. The Ag-Environmental Archive had over 200 digital reports from the various environmental programs, along with extensive program descriptions.

As AAFC had little interest in maintaining either web site, both sites remained static for a year, at which time  both were taken off-line in Sept. 2007.

In May 2008, a new server was made available for the Archive site, and Bruce re-designed and brought the site on-line again. Since then, he has scanned and converted more than 85 reports from the PLUARG program, sponsored by the International Joint Commission, as well as 78 reports from the CURB (Cleanup Rural Beaches Program) bringing the current report total on the archive site to more than 1040, which represents a total investment approaching $200 M by both the Ontario and Federal Government in Ontario over the almost 30-yr period from early 1970's to 2000.

In Sept, 2008, Bruce started the process of re-designing and updating the information in ManureNet and began bringing it back on-line. Efforts are continuing to refresh and update information as it becomes available.

In August, 2010, both web sites were moved to the Conservation Ontario web server, and domain names were acquired for both sites - agrienvarchive.ca and manurenet.ca.


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