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Agricultural Biomass Residue Inventories and Conversion Systems for Energy Production in Eastern Canada: Final Report
(July, 2002) [450 KB]
T. Helwig, R. Jannasch., R. Samson, A. DeMaio and D. Caumartin, Resource Efficient Agricultural Production (REAP) - Canada, Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Quebec
Agriculture in Harmony with Nature: AAFC's Sustainable Development Strategy, 2001-2004 [739 KB] AAFC
Ammonia Concentrations And Losses In Large Layer Barns. Poultry Industry Council Council (2000) [27 KB] Naveen Patni, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
An Assessment of Agriculture Canada's Anaerobic Digestion Program  (Report 1-933, May 1987) [450 KB]  P. Van Die,  Research Branch , AAFC
An Assessment of the Economics of Adopting Stewardship Practices in Livestock Production in Response to Environmental and Societal Concerns. (2003) [478 KB] Thomsen Corp for The Expert Committee on Manure Management, Canadian Agri-Food Research Council (CARC)
An Assessment of the Opportunities and Challenges of a Bio-Based Economy for Agriculture and Food Research in Canada (2003) [755 KB] Canadian Agri-Food Research Council (CARC)
Bacterial Quality of Runoff from Manured and Non-Manured Cropland. Trans. ASAE., Vol. 28(6): 1985 [83 KB] Patni, N.K., H. R. Toxopeus, P. Y. Jui. (1985).
Canada Animal Waste Management Guide (1972) [247 KB] Canada Animal Waste Management Guide Committee/
Canada Committee on Agricultural Engineering
A Canadian Biomass Inventory: Feedstocks for a Bio-based Economy, Final Report (June 2003) [705 KB] Susan M. Wood and David B. Layzell, BIOCAP Canada Foundation, Kingston, Ont.
Carbon, Nitrogen Balances and Greenhouse Gas Emission during Cattle Feedlot Manure Composting. [98 KB pdf] J. Environ. Qual. 33:37–44 (2004). Hao, Xiying, Chi Chang, and Francis J. Larney.
Changes in Solids and Carbon Content of Dairy-Cattle Slurry in Farm Tanks. Biological Wastes 20: 11–34 (1987) [245 KB] Patni, N.K., Jiu, P.Y.
Climate Science Agenda For Canada (2002-2012) [120  KB pdf] (March 31, 2002) For Met. Service of Canada, Env.  Canada & Can.  Found. for Climate & Atmospheric Sci.  - J.P. Bruce, Global Change Strategies Int’l (GCSI)
Climate Change and Greenhouse gas awareness study [520  KB] (Mar. 2003) P. Aubin, G. Auger & C. Perreault, Market Res. &  Anal. Section,  Econ. & Industry Anal. Div. (EIAD),  AAFC
Climate Change Foundation Paper (Spring 1999) [341 KB] Agriculture and Agri-Food Climate Change Table, AAFC
Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation: A Canadian Perspective (2004) [4598 KB] Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Directorate, Natural Resources Canada
Climate Change Funding Initiative in Agriculture (CCFIA): Activities Report 2000 - 2001. [117 KB] (Feb. 2001) Canadian Agri-Food Research Council (CARC) and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Climate Change: We are at Risk: Final Report (June 2003) [628 KB] Standing Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry   The Honourable Donald Oliver, Q.C., Chair, The Honourable John Wiebe, Deputy Chair 
Climate Science Agenda For Canada (2002-2012) (Mar., 2002)
[120 KB]
Prepared for Meteorol. Service of Canada, Env. Can. & Can. Foundation for Climate & Atmos. Sci.  
J.P. Bruce, Global Change Strategies Int’l
Composting of Swine Manure Slurry to Control Odour, Remove Water, and Reduce Pollution Potential (July, 1997) [1306 KB] N.K. Patni and R.G. Kinsman, Centre for Food & Animal Res., Res. Branch, AAFC, Ottawa, ON
Corn Silage Yield, Shallow Groundwater Quality and Soil Properties Under Different Methods and Times of Manure Application. [64 KB pdf] Patni, N. K.,  J. L. B. Culley. (1989).
Trans ASAE Vol. 32(6):2123-2129
Cultivating A Secure Future: Rural Development and Sustainable Agriculture in Canada (May 2000) [221 KB] Environment Canada
Effectiveness of Manure Additives (1992) [1069 KB] Naveen Patni, Centre for Food and Animal Research, AAFC, Ottawa, ON
Efficient Manure Utilization With Precision Sidedress Injection (2003) [1056 KB] B. Ball Coelho, R. C. Roy, E. Topp, (AAFC) Nuhn Industries, GreenLea Ag Centre, A&L Laboratories
Farm Animal Manures in the Canadian Environment (1983) [427 KB] NRC Associate Committee On Scientific Criteria For Environmental Quality, National Research Council Of Canada
A Farm Scale Anaerobic Digester Phase 1. Construction Start Up and Operation  (Nov. 1984) [1151 KB ] Report I-673; R. P. Hocking, G. E. Timbers, J. Fallis, Res. Branch, AAFC
Feeding Strategies for Minimizing Nutrient Excretion and Odours in Swine Manure (Fall 2000) [129 KB] Dr. R. Grandhi, Brandon Research Centre, AAFC
Gaseous NO, NO2, and NH3 Loss during Cattle Feedlot Manure Composting (2000) [104 KB] X. Hao, C. Chang, Lethbridge Res. Ctr, AAFC; In "Internet-Conference "Nitrogen Emissions from Soil"
Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Canadian Agriculture: Narrowing The Knowledge Gaps; Final Program And Research Report  (April 2005)  [2585 KB] Climate Change Funding Initiative In Agriculture (CCFIA)
Greenhouse gas release from stored dairy cattle manure slurry- Proc. 7th Int. Symp. on Agric. & Food Processing Wastes, June 1995, Chicago, IL  [317 KB] Patni, N. K., H. A. Jackson, D. I. Massé, M. et al., AAFC Ottawa
Groundwater Quality Near Concrete Manure Tanks and Under Heavily-Manured Cropland. Can. Agric. Eng. 23: 37-43. 1981.[76 KB] Patni, N.K., P. A. Phillips, F. R. Hore, and J. L. B. Culley.
The Health of Our Air (1998) [3259 KB] Environment Bureau, Policy Branch, AAFC
The Health of our Soils (1995) [1708 KB]

D.F. Acton and L.J. Gregorich (editors), AAFC

The Health of Our Water  (May 2000) [3008 KB] Environment Bureau, Policy Branch, AAFC
Hog Manure Management Technology: History (June 2002)
[69 KB]
Naveen Patni. Presented at Hog Manure Management Techn. Workshop, Delta Centre-Ville Hotel, Montreal.
An Inventory of Environmental Technologies For The Hog Industry: Final Report  (March 1999)  [81 KB]; 
Appendix A  [65KB];   Appendix B  [48KB]
Prepared by CETAC-West for Policy Branch, AAFC
Land Application Of Hog Manure: Agronomic And Environmental Considerations, The Canadian Perspective (1998) [745 KB] Loraine Bailey and Katherine Buckley, AAFC Brandon MB
Leakage from two concrete manure tanks. [98 KB pdf] Barrington, S.F., Denis, J. and Patni, N.K. (1991).
Can. Agric. Eng. 33:137-141.
Manure Management in Canada [342 KB] (June 28, 2004) Statscan 2004 Vol.1(2) - Martin S. Beaulieu
Manure storage in Canada [645 KB ] (2003) Vol. 1(1) StatsCan (Pub # 21-021-MIE)
Mathematical Modelling of Manure Production by Pig Farms. Effect of Feeding and Housing Conditions. (2003) [236 KB] Jean-Yves Dourmad, Candido Pomar, Daniel Massé, AAFC, Lennoxville, QC
Measuring Greenhouse Gas Emissions In A Controlled Environment Dairy Barn [314 KB] (1993). H.A. Jackson, R.G. Kinsman, D.I. Massé, et al, AAFC. 1993 ASAE Meeting, Chicago, IL; December 14-17, 1993
Measuring Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Dairy Manure Slurry ASAE Paper Atlanta, GA, Dec. 13-16, 1994  [288 KB] H.A. Jackson, N.K. Patni, D.I. Massé, et al., AAFC,
NAFTA Effects on Water: Testing for NAFTA Effects in the Great Lakes Basin (Sept., 2000) [360 KB] Christine Elwell, Sierra Club of Canada
A New Paradigm for Agriculture: "FOOD + BIO-ENERGY PRODUCTION" (June, 2007) [ KB] Bruce T. Bowman, AAFC
Nitrogen Concentration Variability in Dairy-Cattle Slurry Stored in Farm Tanks. Trans. of ASAE Vol. 34(2): 609 - 615. 1991. [287 KB] Patni, N.K., Jiu, P.Y.
Nitrous Oxide Emission from Land Application, Composting and Storage of Manure. (2000) [410  KB] N.K. Patni et al., Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre, AAFC,  Agassiz, BC 
Nutrients and their Impact on the Canadian Environment-(2001) (1217 kb) Patricia A. Chambers et al., Environment Canada, National Water Research Institute
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Canadian Agriculture: Options Report, (Jan. 2000; Publication #: 2028/E) [740 KB] Agriculture and Agri-Food Climate Change Table, AAFC
Ontario Groundwater Quality Survey  (797 KB) Land Management Assistance Program (1993)
Physical Quality and Sediment Transport in Drainage Water From a Manured and Fertilized Cropping Operation. [66 KB pdf] Patni, N.K.   J. Env. Sci. Health, B13(3), 269-285. 1978.
Pipeline Transportation of Liquid Manure. (1980)  [73 KB] Patni, N.K.  Presented at: Livestock Waste: A Renewable Resource Proceedings 4th Int. Symp. On Livestock Wastes; April 15-17, 1980, Amarillo, Texas
Proceedings of Livestock Environmental Initiative Symposium, Ottawa, Dec. 1999 [764 KB]; Posters [1933 KB] Sponsored by Canadian Pork Council and AAFC
The Relevance And Potential Impact Of Kyoto Protocol Mechanisms For The Canadian Agriculture And Agri-Food Sector (324 KB) (March 2000) E. Haites, Margaree Consultants Inc.; J.C. Giraldez, AAFC  - Pub #2033/E; ISBN # 0-662-28732-0
Research Strategy For Hog Manure Management In Canada   English [97KB];  French [100 KB] Hog Environ. Management Strategy (HEMS); Research Branch, AAFC, Ottawa(1998)
A Review of Poultry Manure Management: Directions for the Future  (Aug. 1990) [235 KB] AAFC Poultry Section
Securing Agriculture's Future: Invest Today, Prosper Tomorrow (Oct. 2002) [577 KB] Prime Minister's Caucus Task Force on Future Opportunities in Farming; Chair: Bob Speller, MP
Siting Livestock and Poultry Operations for the 21st Century - Symposium Proceedings,  Ottawa, Ontario.  [1731 KB] Can. Agri-Food Res. Council, Edited by Dr. J.A. Munroe; July 13 - 14, 1995
Situation Analysis: Hog Environmental Management Strategy (Feb 1998) [407 KB] HEMS Strategy Steering Committee,
Soil Compaction from Liquid Manure Tanker Traffic. [127 KB] Culley, J. L. B.; Patni, N. K. 1987. ASAE 30(5): 1214-1216.
Supporting Measurements Required for Evaluation of Greenhouse Gas Emission Models for Enteric Fermentation and Stored Animal Manure [177 KB] C. Wagner-Riddle et al., Univ. of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario
Symposium Of The Hog Environmental Management Strategy (HEMS): Proceedings (Dec. 1999) [754 KB] AAFC
Symposium Of The Hog Environmental Management Strategy (HEMS): Posters (Dec. 1999) [1697 KB] AAFC
Transient Hazardous Conditions in Animal Buildings due to Manure Gas Released During Slurry Mixing. (1991) [527 KB] Patni, N.K., S. P. Clarke,
Applied Eng. In Agric. 7(4): 478 - 484.
Transient Nature of Hazardous Conditions in Swine Barns Due to Manure Gases During Slurry Mixing   (1992) [1900 KB] N.K. Patni, Centre for Food & Animal Res., Agric. Canada, Ottawa, ON
Volatile Fatty Acids in Stored Dairy-Cattle Slurry. [321 KB] Patni, N.K., Jiu, P.Y. 1985;. Agric. Wastes 13: 159–178.
Alberta  (5)
A Basis for Greenhouse Gas Trading in Agriculture[396 KB]  - Discussion Paper C3 – 01(a), April 30, 2002  - Climate Change Central, Alberta
Development of a Farm-Level Greenhouse Gas Assessment: Identification of Knowledge Gaps and Development of a Science Plan (Aug. 2003)[1199 KB] Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development & U. of Alberta  (AARI Project Number 2001J204)
Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Composting of Agricultural Wastes  (690 KB) [Feb. 2001 Alberta Agriculture, Food & Rural Development
Impact of Soil Phosphorus Loading on Water Quality in Alberta: A Review (Sept., 1999) [441 KB] Allan E. Howard, Barry M. Olson and Sandra Cooke
Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
Manure Management and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Techniques: A Comparative Analysis. [459 KB pdf] Climate Change Central Discussion Paper C3 – 013 - Chris Langmead - Sept. 2003
Nutrient management: An opportunity in Alberta's environmental legislation. (Mar. 2003) [733 KB] Alberta Agriculture, Food & Rural Development
Optimizing the Size of Manure Anaerobic Digesters (Feb. 2009) [536 KB} Emad Ghafoori, Peter C. Flynn, U. of Alberta
Manitoba  (14)
Analysis of Minor Elements and Metals in Hog Manure by Field portable Near-infrared Spectroscopy (Oct. 2001) [687 KB] D.F. Malley, P.D. Martin, S.E. Woods, and L. Dettman
PDK Projects Inc., Winnipeg MB R3T 0E7
Constructed Wetlands for Feedlot Runoff Treatment in Manitoba (March 2001) [65 KB] John Pries, CH2M HILL Canada Ltd; Patrick McGarry, Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration
The Effects of Earthen Manure Storage Covers on Nutrient Conservation and Stabilisation of Manure (Jan. 2001) [149 KB] C. Liu, D. Small, D. Hodgkinson, DGH Engineering Ltd., St. Andrews, MB
Earthen Manure Storage Covers: Their Role in Nutrient Conservation and Manure Stabilization (2001) [288 KB] Charlies Liu, DGH Engineering Ltd., St. Andrews, MB
Environmental Fate of Nitrate in the Assiniboine Delta Aquifer (Manitoba) (Dec. 2000) [1847 KB] D.L. Burton; M.C.Ryan, LRCS Land Resource Consulting Services, For Manitoba Hort. Productivity Enhancement Centre Inc.
Fluctuations in Manure Nutrient Concentration during
Swine Storage Pump-outs
(Dec. 2003) [161 KB]
Scott Dick, MB
Large-Scale Hog Production and Processing: Concerns for Manitobans  (Oct 1999) [130 KB] Commissioners’ Report on the Citizens’ Hearing on Hog Production and the Environment, Brandon, MB
Pathogen Survival in Swine Manure Environments and Transmission of Human Enteric Illness—A Review - [99  KB] (2003 T.Y. Guan and R.A. Holley, Dept of Food Science, U. of Manitoba, J. Environ. Qual. 32:383–392
Pilot Plant Demonstration of a Three-Stage Waste Treatment Technology: Final Report (Aug. 2000)  [271 KB] S. Danesh, D. Small, D. Hodgkinson, DGH Engineering Ltd., St. Andrews, MB
Public Concerns with Livestock Production (Health & Environmental Considerations)   (July 2001) (1019 KB) Manitoba Agriculture
The Role of Hog Manure Application in Maintaining Air Water & Soil Quality   [68 KB )] David L. Burton & Don N. Flaten, Dept of Soil Science, U. of Manitoba
The State of Trade and Environmental Law 2003: Implications for Doha and Beyond [3917 KB pdf] International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) Winnipeg, MB (Sept 2003)
Soil Fertility Guide (1999) (549 KB) Manitoba Agriculture and Food
Sustainable Livestock Development in Manitoba - "Finding Common Ground"  (327 KB) Dec. 2000 Report prepared for Gov't of Manitoba by the Livestock Stewardship Panel; Ed Tyrchniewicz, Chair  Nick Carter, John Whitaker
Ontario  (60)
Agricultural Code of Practice (1976)  [1702 KB] Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Housing
Agricultural Economic Impact and Development Study for Chatham-Kent, Ontario (2002) [3627 KB] Ridgetown College, U. of Guelph
Assessing carbon stocks and modelling win–win scenarios of carbon sequestration through land-use changes (FAO Rome 2004) [2850 KB pdf] Raul Ponce-Hernandez, Trent University, ON
Biogas Production Facility on Farms: A 1985 Look At The Recent Experience (1986) [1125 KB]     Paper [117 KB] Ralph G. Winfield & Assoc., Belmont, ON
Comparison of storage, treatment, utilization, and disposal systems for human and livestock wastes [2084 KB] (Nov. 2002) Ron Fleming, and Marcy Ford, Ridgetown College,  U. of Guelph, Ridgetown, ON
Contamination of Subsurface Drainage Systems During Manure Spreading  (1015 KB ) (1992) Ron Fleming, S.H. Bradshaw, Centralia Coll. of Agric. Technol., Huron Park, ON
Cryptosporidium in Livestock, Manure Storages, and Surface Waters in Ontario - (186 KB) ( Sept. 1997) R. Fleming, J. McLellan, D. Alves, D. Hilborn, K. Pintar, M. MacAlpine - Ont. Farm Env. Coalition; OMAFRA; AAFC 
Detection of Soil Macropores Using Smoke  (869 KB )  (1992) Ron Fleming, S.H. Bradshaw , Centralia Coll. of Agric. Technol., Huron Park, ON
Development and Demonstration of a Management System for Handling Liquid Swine Manure that Minimizes Odours and Losses of Nutrients to the Environment (May, 2001) [141 KB] Ron Fleming, P. Eng. and Malcolm MacAlpine, Ridgetown College, U. of Guelph, Ridgetown, ON 
Development of a Farm-Scale System to Compost Liquid Pig Manure (Nov. 1999) [67 KB] Ron Fleming and Malcolm MacAlpine, Ridgetown College, U. of Guelph
Discussion Paper on Intensive Agricultural Operations in Ontario (2000) [97 KB] Elisabeth Brückmann, Canadian Environmental Law Association
The Effect Of Farm Liquid Waste Application On Receiving Water Quality Final Report (1991) [4082 KB] Donna M. Dean & Mary Ellen Foran, Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority, Exeter, Ontario
Efficient Manure Utilization With Precision Side dress Injection [1056 KB] (Mar. 2003) B. Ball Coelho, R. C. Roy, E. Topp, Nuhn Industries, GreenLea Ag Centre, A&L Laboratories;   Ontario Pork Final Report
The Environment and Intensive Livestock Operations - Position Paper (July 1998) (20 KB). Water Quality Working Group, Ontario Farm Environmental Coalition, Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
Environmental Benefits of Tile Drainage: Literature Review (2001) [70 KB] Heather Fraser and Ron Fleming, Ridgetown College - University of Guelph
Evaluation of a 1000-head "Environmentally Friendly Facility" Swine Finishing Barn [1373 KB]  (November, 2001) Ron Fleming,  and Malcolm MacAlpine, Ridgetown College, U. of Guelph, Ridgetown, ON 
Evaluation of mechanical liquid/solid manure separators [ KB pdf] (2003) Ron Fleming and Malcolm MacAlpine, Ridgetown College, University of Guelph
Evaluation Of The Performance Of Different Anaerobic Digestion Technologies For Solid Waste Treatment (2002)
[55 KB]
Mariana Chavez-Vazquez & David M. Bagley, Dept of Civil Engineering, U. of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario
Extent and Magnitude of Agricultural Sources of Cryptosporidium in Surface Water  [110 KB]  (Dec. 1999) - Project # 40, National Soil and Water Conservation Program Ron Fleming, Doug Hocking, Heather Fraser, and David Alves, Ridgetown College, U. of Guelph, Ridgetown, ON
A Green Food & Agriculture Agenda For Ontario (Mar. 1999)  [106 KB] Rod MacRae & Vijay Cuddeford, The Environmental Agenda for Ontario Project
Green Power Opportunities For Ontario  (2002) [395 KB] Christine Elwell and Edan Rotenberg, Canadian Inst. for Environmental Law and Policy
Guidance Manual for the Design Construction and Operations of Constructed Wetlands for Rural Applications in Ontario (Nov. 1999) [1254 KB) Stantec Consulting; Alfred Coll., U.of Guelph; S. Nation Conserv. (Funded by Agric. Adaptation Council, Ontario)
Guidelines for the Utilization of Biosolids and Other Wastes on Agricultural Land  (Mar. 1996) [189 KB] Ontario Ministry of the the Environment, OMAFRA
Human versus Animals - Comparison of Waste Properties [14 KB]  July 4, 2001 Ron Fleming and Marcy Ford - Ridgetown College - University of Guelph
Huron County Surface Water Quality Data Study (Feb 1999)  [2788 KB] Shelly Bonte-Gelok & Douglas M. Joy, School of Eng., U. of Guelph, for Huron Farm Environmental Coalition
Impact of Agricultural Practices on Tile Water Quality (1990) [653 KB] R.J. Fleming, Centralia Coll. of Agric. Technol., Huron Park, ON
Impact of Livestock Manure and Fertilizer Application on Nitrate Contamination of Groundwater [3545 KB] (318 pp) M.F. Younie, D.L. Burton, R.G. Kachanoski, E. G. Beauchamp, R.W. Gillham - U. of Guelph (Feb. 1996)
Impacts of Livestock Manure On Water Quality in Ontario: An Appraisal of Current Knowledge (1991) [230 KB] M.H. Miller, T.C. Martin, E.G. Beauchamp, R.G. Kachanoski, H.R. Whiteley. Univ. of Guelph
Impact of Township Zoning By-Laws On Ontario Swine Farms Sect 1-3 (101 KB); Sect 4 (3953 KB); Sect 5-6 (3922 KB); App 1-3 (1511 KB);  App 4 (6764 KB) Lynn Marchand and Ken McEwan, Ridgetown College, University of Guelph (1997)
Impact of the Use of Compost on the Quality of Drainage Water [323 KB] Oct. 2002 Ron Fleming, Malcolm MacAlpine and Andrew Everett, Ridgetown College, - U. of Guelph,
Impacts of Winter Spreading of Manure on Water Quality: A Literature Review (2000) [100 KB] Ron Fleming & Heather Fraser, Ridgetown College - U. of Guelph, Ridgetown
Investigation of Manure Production in Typical 3-Site Hog Facilities  (1998) [183 KB] R. Fleming, D. Hocking, M. MacAlpine and J. Johnston,   Ridgetown College, U. of Guelph 
Leaking of Liquid Manure Storage - Literature Review (1999) [603 KB] R. Fleming, J. Johnston, H. Fraser, Ridgetown College, Univ. of Guelph 
Macropore Flow of Liquid Manure  [740 KB] (1991) Ron Fleming, S.H. Bradshaw , Centralia Coll. of Agric. Technol., Huron Park, ON
The Management of Manure in Ontario with Respect to Water Quality: Walkerton Inquiry Issue Paper (Mar. 2001) [2972 KB] M.J. Goss (U. of Guelph), K.S. Rollins, K. McEwan, J.R. Shaw, H. Lammers-Helps
Managing the Transition Between Municipal and Provincial Governance as Required by the Regulations Under the Nutrient Management Act (2003) [1411 KB] Wayne Caldwell, Caldwell Consulting, Ontario
Manure into Gold: A strategic framework for manure management in Ontario (Mar. 2004) [344 KB] Ernest Lowe, Ivan Weber, Sustainable Systems Inc., Oakland, CA; for CRESTech
Manure Storage Sealing: Final Report (Jan. 2004) [448 KB] Ron Fleming, Malcolm MacAlpine,  Ridgetown College - U. of Guelph; Prepared for Ontario Pork
MARVEL Composting Technology - A System to Compost Liquid Swine Manure [1862 KB]  (Mar. 2002) Ron Fleming and Malcolm MacAlpine, Ridgetown College, University of Guelph
Measurements Of Ground Level Air Pollution In Central Ontario By Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy - M.Sc. Thesis (2001) [3572 KB] Denise Louise McMaster, Inst. for Watershed Science, Trent University, Peterborough, ON
Ministry Management Practices And Their Effect On GHG Emissions In The Ontario Agricultural Sector (2000) [840 KB] Soil Resource Group, Guelph, ON for OMAFRA
A Municipal Perspective on Risk Management and Agriculture - The Great Lakes Geographer, Vol. 8 (1), 2001 [147 KB] Wayne Caldwell, Guelph School of Rural Planning and Development, U. of Guelph, Guelph, ON
NAFTA Effects on Water: Testing for NAFTA Effects in the Great Lakes Basin (427 KB )  Christine Elwell, Sierra Club of Canada
(Sept 19, 2000)
Nitrate and Phosphorous Levels in Selected Surface Water Sites in Southern Ontario – 1964-1994  [610 KB] (Aug. 1999) Ron Fleming and Heather Fraser, Ridgetown College, University of Guelph
Nitrate Levels in Soil Tile Drainage Water and Shallow Groundwater Under a Variety of Farm Management Systems   [76 KB]  (1998) R. Fleming, MacAlpine, M., and Tiffin, C., Ridgetown College, U. of Guelph, Ridgetown, ON
Nutrient Management Land Use for the Municipality of Kincardine: Final Report (May, 2000)  [142 KB] Wayne J. Caldwell, Planner with County of Huron
On-farm Measurement of Available Manure-N [1094 KB] Ron Fleming; J.E. McLellan; S.H. Bradshaw, Centralia College of Agric. Technology, Huron Park, ON
Partners prove best management practices can help handle nitrogen [728 KB] Partners In Nitrogen-Use Efficiency (PINUE) project
Performance and Design Considerations of Treatment Wetland Systems for Livestock Wastewater Management in Cold Climate Regions in Southern Canada and the Northern United States John Pries, CH2M HILL Canada Ltd, Waterloo, ON), R.E. Borer, R.A. Clarke, Jr., & R.L. Knight (Dec. 1999)  [81 KB]
Plugging Tile Drains to Reduce Manure Contamination [701 KB] (1995) Ron Fleming and Mac MacAlpine , Ridgetown College, Ridgetown, ON
Protecting Ontario’s Drinking Water: Toward A Watershed-Based Source Protection Planning Framework (April 2003)[ 801 KB] Advisory Committee on Watershed-based Source Protection Planning
A Proposed Framework for Managing the Impact of Agriculture on Groundwater.  Report for Sierra-ALERT Coalition for Submission to Pt 2, Walkerton Inquiry  (Aug. 2000) [221 KB] J. Harman*, J.E. McLellan, D.L. Rudolph**, D.J. Heagle*, C. Piller*, S.E.Denhoed* (* Harden Env. Services Ltd., ** U. of Waterloo, Earth Sciences Dept)
Reducing Manure Output to Streams from Subsurface Drainage Systems  [959 KB] (1993) J.E. McLellan, Ron Fleming and S.H. Bradshaw - Centralia College of Agric. Technology, Huron Park, ON 
Review of Nutrient Management in the Township of Ashfield (Huron Co., Ontario) (Oct.  2000) [3,172 KB] Jennifer E. McLellan, consultant
Rural Well Water Survey (1992)  [935 KB] Fleming, R.J., Centralia College of Agric. Technology, Huron Park, Ontario 
Select Committee on Alternative Fuel Sources: Final Report (June 2002) [874 KB] Legislative Assembly of Ontario
Severn Sound Remedial Action Plan Evaluation of a Vegetated Filter Strip (VFS) for Barnyard Runoff (1997) [406 KB] Julie Cayley, Rural Non-Point Source Severn Sound Remedial Action Plan; M.R. Toombs, OMAFRA 
Sizing and Management of Manure Runoff Storage (1991)  [600 KB] S.H. Bradshaw and Ron Fleming - Centralia College of Agric. Technology, Huron Park, ON
Smart Generation: POWERING ONTARIO WITH RENEWABLE ENERGY[2497 KB] (2004) David Suzuki Foundation, Vancouver, BC
Sources and Mechanisms of Delivery of E.coli (bacteria) Pollution to the Lake Huron Shoreline of Huron County: Interim Report (April, 2005) [5859 KB] Science Committee to Investigate Sources of Bacterial Pollution of the Lake Huron shoreline of Huron County
A Study to Identify the Seasonal Variations in Well-Water Contamination and Survey Farm Family Health (1994) [236 KB] M.J. Goss, D.A.J. Barry and J.B. Wilson, Ctr. for Land & Water Stewardship, Univ. of Guelph
Suitability of Using “End of Pipe” Systems to Treat Farm Tile Drainage Water [34 KB] (Oct. 2004) Ron Fleming & Roberta Ford, Ridgetown Coll., U. of Guelph, Ridgetown, Ontario, Canada
Survival of Pathogenic Bacteria in Liquid Manure Storages [73 KB] (Dec. 2004) - Final Report Project 03/14 for Ontario Pork Ron Fleming, & Malcolm MacAlpine, Ridgetown Coll., U. of Guelph
Waste-Based Energy Feasibility Study, Municipality of Chatham-Kent (Sept. 2003) [2562 KB] Earth Tech Canada Inc.,Markham, Ontario &
Kinectrics Inc.Toronto, Ontario
Water Management - Policies, Guidelines, Provincial Water Quality Objectives (1994) (307KB) Ontario Ministry of the the Environment 
Saskatchewan  (13)
A Comparative Study of Energy Use in Hog Barns on the Prairies (Fall 1999) [327 KB] Mohammad Khakbazan, The Canadian Agricultural Energy End Use Data and Analysis Centre (CAEDAC)
Barn Management and Control of Odours. Advances in Pork Production (1999) Vol. 10.  [53 KB] Stéphane P. Lemay, Prairie Swine Centre Inc., Saskatoon, SK
Beyond factory farming: Corporate Hog Barns and the Threat to Public Health, the Environment, and Rural Communities (2002) [246 KB] National Conference on Intensive Livestock Operations (2nd : 2002 : Saskatoon, Sask.)
Biodigester Development in Saskatchewan [66 KB] Shawn Halter, Ctr for Studies in Agriculture, Law and the Environment, U. of Sask.
Challenges and Opportunities in Livestock Manure Management (55 KB) Dr. Claude Laguë, Sask  U. of Sask. and Prairie Swine Centre Inc.
A Descriptive Study of Energy Use in the Hog Industry in Canada  [332 KB] (Feb. 2000) Mohammad Khakbazan, The Canadian Agricultural Energy End Use Data and Analysis Centre (CAEDAC)
Direct Energy Use in Agriculture and the Food Sectors - Separation by Farm Type and Location [1116 KB]  (Feb. 2000) The Canadian Agricultural Energy End Use Data and Analysis Centre (CAEDAC)
Economics of Biogas in the Hog Industry  (Fall 1999) [254 KB] The Canadian Agricultural Energy End Use Data and Analysis Centre (CAEDAC)
Expanding Intensive Livestock Operations in Saskatchewan: Environmental and Legal Constraints (Oct. 1996) [277 KB] Prepared by The Centre for Studies in Agriculture, Law and the Environment (CSALE) U. of Sask., Saskatoon, SK
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Livestock Operations (2005) [117 KB] Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food
A Market for Emission Reduction Credits in Western Canada  [227 KB] (Fall 1999) Cynthia Kallio Edwards, CSALE occasional paper #8
Realizing Composting Opportunities in the Western Canadian Hog Industry [113 KB] (9th Ann.  Composting Conf., Toronto ON, Nov 3-5, 1999) Karen Bolton, Sask. Agriculture and Food
Resource Catalog of Information on Agricultural Best Management Practices That Positively Influence Climate Change (2001)  [274 KB] Soil Conservation Canada, Indian Head, SK  S0G 2K0
Smart Generation: POWERING ONTARIO WITH RENEWABLE ENERGY [2497 KB] (2004)   David Suzuki Foundation
Successful Siting of New and Expanding Operations - A Saskatchewan Perspective Donn Farrer, Sask. Agric. & Food
The Value of Manure: “Use those nutrients, Don’t lose ‘em”. Manure 2000 Conf., Calgary, AB June 26-28, 2000 [246 KB] Jeff Schoenau, Dept. of Soil Sci., U. of Sask. 
Other Canadian Sources  (18)
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Analysis of Intensive Hog Farming in Quebec (Dec. 2001)
[93 KB]
McGill Univ., Montreal, QC
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Stage II Report: Life-Cycle GHG Emission Reduction Benefits of Selected Feedstock-to-Product Threads [1134 KB] (July 2004)
Martin Tampier, Doug Smith, Eric Bibeau, Paul A. Beauchemin, EnviroChem Services, N. Vancouver, BC; for NRCan, Comm. for Env. Co-operation, NRC Canada
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