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EUROPE  (37)

The action of antibiotics on the anaerobic digestion process.(1996)  Appl Microbiol Biotechnol  46: 587-592 [207 KB] J. L. Sanz á N. RodrõÂguez á R. Amils, Universidad AutoÂnoma de Madrid, Spain
Agricultural Influences on Carbon Emissions and Sequestration: A Review of Evidence and the Emerging Trading Options (Mar. 2001) [82 KB] J. Pretty; A. Ball, Centre for Environ. & Society, & Dept of Biol. Sci., U. of Essex, UK (Occ. Paper 2001-03)
Ammonia emissions from storing and spreading of manure: Reference measurements. LIFE- Ammonia Mar., 2001 [38 KB] Stig Karlsson, Marianne Tersmeden, JTI, Uppsala, Sweden
Anaerobic digestion: Ch.5, Solid waste management (June 2003) [531 KB] Tjalfe G. Poulsen, Aalborg University,
Anaerobic Digestion Good Practice Guidelines  [1562 KB] British Biogen, London, UK
Anaerobic Digestion of Agro-Industrial Wastes: Information Networks. Technical Summary on Gas Treatment (2000)
[115 KB]
AD-NETT, Project FAIR FAIR-CT96-2083 (DG12-SSMI), Utrecht, The Netherlands
Anaerobic Digestion Of farm and food Processing Residues: Good Practice Guidelines [1561 KB] British Biogen
An Approach to Nutrient Management on Dairy Farms. J Anim Sci 1999. 77:84-89. [335 KB] Abele Kuipers, Frits Mandersloot and Ronald L. G. Zom. Lelystad, Netherlands
Balancing phosphine in manure fermentation (1997) [99 KB]
J. Env. Sci. Health Pt B 32 (6): 955-968 1997
F. Eismann et al., U. of Leipzig, Germany
Bioenergy for development - Technical and environmental dimensions. FAO Environment & Energy paper 13 (1994) [1054 KB] Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO)
Bioenergy: New Growth for Germany (2004) [2753 KB] Öko-Institut e. V.; Inst. for Applied Ecology, Freiburg – Darmstadt – Berlin
Biogas and More! Systems and Markets Overview of Anaerobic digestion [2139 KB] (July 2001)  IEA BioEnergy
Biogas Digest Vol. I: Biogas Basics [641 KB]
Vol. II: Biogas - Application and Product Development [971 KB]
Vol. III: Biogas - Costs and Benefits and Biogas – Program Implementation [279 KB]
Vol. IV: Biogas – Country Reports [241 KB]
Information and Advisory Service on Appropriate Technology (ISAT), Germany
Biogas processes for sustainable development FAO (1992) [1142 KB] Uri Marchaim, MIGAL Galilee Technological Centre Kiryat Shmona, Israel
Biogas Production In Farms Through Anaerobic Digestion Of Cattle And Pig Manure: Case Studies And Research Activities In Europe (1999) [159 KB] Guillermo Escobar and Matti Heikkila;  TEKES, OPET Network, Finland
Biogas Production Information  (1828 KB) Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH, Ger.
Biogas Upgrading And Utilisation - Task 24: Energy from biological conversion of organic waste [1106 KB] IEA Bioenergy
Concerns over the effectiveness of ammonia emissions abatement in Europe: Summary of a policy discussion from the EC GRAMINAE project in relation to the EU Acidification Strategy. (1999) [13 KB] Mark Sutton and Jan Willem Erisman, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, Edinburgh.
Danish Centralized Biogas Plants: Integrated Energy Production, Waste Treatment and Nutrient Redistribution Facilities (1999) [1711 KB] Kurt Hjort-Gregersen, Bioenergy Dept. U. of Southern Denmark
Danish Centralized Biogas Plants: Plant Descriptions (2000)  [1295 KB] Teodorita AI Seadi, Bioenergy Dept. U. of Southern Denmark
Decision Making on Integrated Nutrient Management through the eyes of the Scientist, the Land-user & the Policy Maker (2002) [260 KB] E.M.A. Smaling, J.J. Stoorvogel, A. deJager, Wageningen Univ., Wageningen, the Netherlands
Denmark's Nature and Environment Policy 1995  [219 KB] Danish Ministry for Environment and Energy
Development Of A Micro Gas Turbine For Electric Power Generation.  14th MicroMechanics Europe Workshop, 2-4 Nov. 2003, Delft, The Netherlands [166 KB] J. Peirs et al., Katholieke Universiteit Leuven,Leuven, Belgium
Differentiating management resource of water and waste in urban areas (1998) (1062 KB) R. Otterpohl, A. Albold, M. Oldenburg, Lübeck, Germany; Proc. Internet Conf. on Integrated Bio-Systems
An Economic and Environmental Analysis of Slurry Separation (2003) [92 KB] B.H. Jacobsen and K. Hjort-Gregersen,
Danish Res. Inst. of Food Economics, Denmark.
Economic Evaluation of Emission Reductions of Nitrous Oxides and Methane in Agriculture in the EU: Bottom-Up Analysis (Feb 2001) [344 KB] Judith Bates, AEA Technol. Env.,  Culham, Abingdon, UK
Economics of anaerobic digestion of agricultural waste - Technical summary - (Oct. 1998) [66 KB] Ian Higham, AEA Technology Environment (UK)
Emission of Climate-Relevant Trace Gases and Succession of Microbial Communities during Open-Windrow Composting  [148 KB ] (1997) B. Hellmann, L. Zelles, A. Palojarvi, Q. Bai - Nat. Res. Ctr for Env. & Health, Inst. of Soil Ecology Neuherberg, Ger.
Emission of methane nitrous oxide and ammonia from dung windrows. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems 60: 83–87, 2001 [295 KB] Hans Jürgen Hellebrand and Wolf-Dieter Kalk,  Potsdam, Germany
Emissions Caused by Manure Composting (2000) [236 KB] H.J. Hellebrand, W-D. Kalk, Inst. für Agrar-technik Bornim e.V. (ATB), Potsdam, Germany
Environmental Aspects of Phosphate and Potash Mining (2001) [1702 KB] United Nations Environment Programme, International Fertilizer Industry Association, France
Environmental Benefits of Livestock Manure Management Practices and Technology by Life Cycle Assessment.
Biosystems Eng. (2003) 84 (3), 267–281. [230 KB]
D.L. Sandars et al., Silsoe Research Institute, Wrest Park, Silsoe, Bedford, UK;
Environmental Legislation in the European Union to Reduce Emissions from Livestock Production [1865 KB] Ewald Grimm, Assoc. for Technol. & Structures in Agric., Darmstadt, Germany
Environmental Policies and Agricultural Land Values: Evidence from the Dutch Nutrient Quota System (1998) [145 KB] Tomislav Vukina and Ada Wossink , Dept of Agric.& Resource Econ., N. Carolina State U., Raleigh, NC
Evaluating nitrogen taxation scenarios using the dynamic whole farm simulation model FASSET. Agricultural Systems 76 (2003) 817–839  [222 KB] J. Berntsen et al., Danish Inst. of Agric. Sci., Research Centre Foulum, Tjele, Denmark
Feedstocks for Anaerobic Digestion (1998) [218 KB] Steffen, R.; Szolar, O. and Braun, R., Inst. for Agro-biotechnology Tulln, U. of Agricultural Sciences Vienna
A Framework To Analyse The Interactions Of Whole Farm Profits And Environmental Burdens. EFITA 2003 Conference Debrecen, Hungary [39 KB] Adrian G. Williams et al., Silsoe Research Institute, Wrest Park, Silsoe, Bedford, UK
Good Practice Guidance and Uncertainty Management in National Greenhouse Gas Inventories (May, 2000) (2926 KB) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
Good practice in Quality Management of AD residues from biogas production [578 KB] Teodorita Al Seadi, U. of Southern Denmark (SDU), Bioenergy Dept., Esbjerg, Denmark
Internalising Environmental Benefits of Anaerobic Digestion of Pig Slurry in Norfolk (2000) [399 KB] Rachel Boyd & Julian Parfitt, University of East Anglia (UK)
Legislation in different European countries regarding implementation of anaerobic digestion; Tech. summary [85 KB] Åke Nordberg, Swedish Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Uppsala, Sweden
Life Cycle Assessment of Fuel Cell Systems (2002) [471 KB] Martin Pehnt, Inst. for Energy and Env. Research IFEU GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany
Livestock & the environment: Finding a balance (1997)
[398 KB]
Cees de Haan, Henning Steinfeld, Harvey Blackburn,
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
Livestock - Environment Interactions: ISSUES AND OPTIONS (1996) [505 KB] Henning Steinfeld, Cees de Haan, Harvey Blackburn, Comm. of the European Communities, FAO & World Bank
MAP Precipitation For Recovering Nutrients From Manure [204 KB] R. SCHULZE-RETTMER et al., Aachen, Germany
MAS EL CROS Biogas Plant. Evaluation Of 18 Years In Operation (2002) [599 KB] Xavier Flotats, Dept of Env. & Soil Sci., U. of Lleida, Spain; Vicenç Gibert, Mas El Cros S.A. Veinat de les Fages, Santa Pau, Spain
Methane UK [1013 KB] Environmental Change Institute, U. of Oxford, UK
Nitrogen Recovery and Reuse (2001) [215 KB] M. Maurer, J. Muncke & T.A. Larsen (Switzerland)
Nutrient Management for farmers and the environment: A Whole Farm Nutrient Plan [943 KB] Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs, UK
Options to Reduce Methane Emissions: Final Report ( Nov. 1998 [797 KB] A report produced for DGXI, Environmental Economics, The EU
Phosphate recovery from animal manure: The possibilities in the Netherlands (Nov. 1998) [396 KB] Van Ruiten Adviesbureau / Projectbureau BMA, for CEEP
Process design of agricultural digesters (1999) [249 KB] Arthur Wellinger, Nova Energie GmbH, Ettenhausen, Switzerland
Renewable Energy: Danish Solutions (Sept. 2003) [1191 KB] Danish Energy Authority
Review Of Recent UK And European Research Regarding Reduction, Regulation And Control Of The Environmental Impacts Of Agriculture (2002) [503 KB] R. Birnie et al., Macaulay Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland
Rokel Pig Farm Biogas Demonstration Plant (2000) [1797 KB] Danish E.P.A.
Separation of slurry: Technical and economical system analysis [29 KB] Kurt Hjort-Gregersen, University of Southern Denmark, Esbjerg, Denmark
Solid liquid separation of livestock slurry (2002) [2642 KB] Sven G. Sommer, Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Bygholm, Denmark
Statistics For Environmental Policy (1997) [1127 KB] The Munich Centre for Economic, Environmental and Social Statistics
The State Of Food And Agriculture 2000 [2521 KB] (228 p) Food And Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, Rome.
A Study of Manure Management in Pig production (Spring 1999) [131 KB] Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust, by James Black, a Suffolk UK farmer
Treatment of animal waste in co-digestion biogas plants in Sweden [521 KB] Åke Nordberg, JTI,  Swedish Inst. of Agric. Eng., Uppsala, Sweden
The use of digested slurry within agriculture [86 KB] Henrik Ørtenblad, Herning Municipal Utilities, Denmark
Use of Environmental Life Cycle Assessment to Evaluate Alternative Agricultural Production Systems (1999) [64 KB] S.J. Cowell, Centre for Environmental Strategy, Univ. of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey UK

U.S.A.  (89)

Add A Microturbine To A Flushed Dairy Manure Anaerobic Lagoon System And Monitor Performance (2003) [228 KB] Douglas W. Williams, California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, CA
The AGF (Anoxic Gas Flotation) Process  (2000) [127 KB] Dennis Burke, MakingEnergy, Inc.
Aggregating and Trading Anaerobic Digester Carbon Credits (March 2004) [1530 KB] Matt Gabris, Director Environmental Affairs, Premium Standard Farms, Inc.
Agricultural Contributions to Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Ch.3, In: Climate Change & Global Crop Productivity (2000) [658 KB] Donald C. Reicosky et al., USDA-ARS, Morris, MN
Agricultural Biogas Casebook- 2004 update [2252 KB] Joseph Kramer, Resource Strategies Inc., 22 N. Carroll St., Suite 300, Madison, WI 53703 608-251-2260
Agriculture Sector Analysis on Greenhouse Gas Emission Mitigation in the United States (Dec. 2000) [874 KB] Uwe Andreas Schneider, Agricultural Economics, Texas A&M University (Ph.D. Dissert)
Agricultural Uses of Municipal Animal, and Industrial Byproducts  (1998)  [759 KB] USDA, ARS, Cons. Res. Rep. # 44; RJ. Wright,  WD. Kemper, PD. Millner, JF. Power, & RF. Korcak, eds.
AgSTAR Program Handbook (1856 KB) US EPA & US Dept. of Energy
Air Quality Emissions and Impact: Milbank Community Foundation dba Midwest Dairy Institute (May 2005) [297 KB] South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Alternative Management of Liquid Swine Manure: Separation of solids and nutrients into value-added products. WEF-EPA Symposium, Chicago June 6-8, 2001 [ KB] Matias Vanotti, USDA-ARS, Florence, South Carolina
America's Animal Factories - How States Fail to Prevent Pollution from Livestock Waste (1998) [956 KB] Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc.
Ammonia Emissions from Animal Feeding Operations White Paper [210 KB ] J. Arogo, P. W. Westerman, et al.,   Biol. & Agric. Eng. Dept., NC State U., Raleigh N.C.
Anaerobic Digester at AA Dairy: Case Study (2003) [173 KB] Peter Wright & Kristen Graf, Dept. of Biol. & Env. Eng., Cornell University
Anaerobic Digester at EL-VI Farms: Case Study (2004) [95 KB] Peter Wright, Dept. of Biol. & Env. Eng., Cornell U.
Anaerobic Digestion at Emerling Farm, Inc.: Case Study  (2008) [150 KB] Curt Gooch, P.E. and Jennifer Pronto, Dept. of Biol. & Env. Eng., Cornell U.
Anaerobic Digester at Freund Dairy: Case Study (Aug. 2003) [99 KB] Peter Wright and Jianguo Ma, Dept. of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University
Anaerobic Digestion at New Hope View Farm: Case Study
(Feb. 2008) [148 KB]
Jennifer Pronto & Curt Gooch, Dept. of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University
Anaerobic Digester at Noblehurst Farms, Inc.: Case Study
(Nov. 2003) [107 KB]
Peter Wright and Jianguo Ma, Dept. of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University
Anaerobic Digestion at Patterson Farms, Inc.: Case Study
(Feb. 2008) [239 KB]
Curt Gooch, P.E. and Scott Inglis, Dept. of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University
Anaerobic Digestion at Ridgeline Dairy Farm: Case Study (Feb. 2008) [152 KB] Jennifer Pronto & Curt Gooch, Dept. of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University
Anaerobic Digester at Spring Valley Dairy: Case Study (Aug. 2003) [ KB] Peter Wright and Jianguo Ma, Dept. of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University
Anaerobic Digestion at Sunny Knoll Farms, Inc.: Case Study. (Feb. 2008) [149 KB] Jennifer Pronto & Curt Gooch, Dept. of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University
Anaerobic Digester at Twin Birch Farms: Case Study (Jan. 2004) [90 KB] Peter Wright, Dept. of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University
Anaerobic Digester Systems for Mid-Sized Dairy Farms (2005) [740 KB] Philip R. Goodrich, Biosystems & Agric. Eng.,  U. of Minn.
Anaerobic Digesters and Methane Production...Questions that need to be asked and answered before investing your money (2001) [950 KB] U. Wisconsin Extension
Anaerobic Digesters for King County Dairies: Final Report
(June, 2003 [1133 KB]
Environmental Resource Recovery Group, Nortonville, KS
Anaerobic Digestion And Wetland Treatment Case Study Comparing Two Manure Odor Control Systems For Dairy Farms (1998)  [45 KB] PE. Wright, Dep of Agric. & Biol. Eng., Cornell Coop. Ext., Ithaca, NY; S.P. Perschke, UDSA NRCS, Batavia, NY
Anaerobic Digestion: Biogas Production and Odor Reduction from Manure (G77) [94 KB] J. Leggett, R.E. Graves, L.E. Lanyon, Dept of Agric. & Biol. Engineering, Penn State Univ.
Anaerobic Digestion Treatment Case Study: An Odor Control System for Dairy Farms [33 KB] Peter E. Wright, Dept of Agric. & Biol. Eng., Cornell Cooperative Extension, Ithaca, NY
Animal Agriculture and Global Food Supply (1999) [7299 KB] Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST)
Animal Diet Modification to Decrease the Potential For Nitrogen and Phosphorus Pollution. Issue Paper 21, July 2002 [94 KB] Council For Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST)
Animal Manure Data Sheet (1994) [45 KB] Ronald E. Hermanson, P.E. and Prasanta K. Kalita, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington
Animal Waste Management and the Environment: Background for Current Issues (USA)  (1998) [128 KB] Claudia Copeland, Jeffrey Zinn, US Congressional Research Service Report
Assessment of Biogas-to-Energy at Commercial Swine Operations in Colorado  (Nov. 2000) [561 KB] State of Colorado Governor’s Office of Energy Conservation & Management & McNeil Technologies, Inc.
An Assessment of the Performance of the Colorado Pork, LLC. Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Utilization System (Mar. 2003) [409 KB]   John H. Martin, Jr.,  Hall Associates,  Georgetown, Delaware
Assessing the Risk of Groundwater Contamination from Animal Waste Management -  EP48 (Aug. 1998) [39 KB]  Farm•A•Syst, Kansas State University 
Benefits, Costs and Operating Experience at Seven New Agricultural Anaerobic Digesters (1998) [116 KB] Mark A. Moser (Resource Conservation Management), Richard P. Mattocks (Environomics), Stacy Gettier, Kurt Roos (AgSTAR Program Manager)
Biogas Applications for Large Dairy Operations: Alternatives to Conventional Engine-Generators (March  2001) [294 KB pdf]  D.T. Mears, Optimum Utility Systems, Langhorne, PA; Cornell Coop. Ext. Assoc., Wyoming Co., Warsaw, NY
Bio-Gas Plants And Hog Farming In North Carolina (2001) [390 KB] Joseph Lewis, Dept. of Economics, Duke University, Durham, NC
Biogas Processing: Final Report (2006) [917 KB] The NY State Energy Research & Development Authority
Biological Manipulation of Manure: Getting What You Want from Animal Manure (G 87)  [99 KB] J.A. Leggett, L.E. Lanyon, R.E. Graves, Penn
State University
Biomethane from Dairy Waste: A Sourcebook for the Production and Use of Renewable Natural Gas in California (July 2005) [5036 KB] Prepared for Western United Dairymen
Characterization of NH3 in Anaerobic Dairy Lagoon (2002) [483 KB] Jay Bays, Dept. of Civil & Env. Eng., Washington State U.
Confined Animal Production and Manure Nutrients [2049 KB]  (June 2001)  Agriculture Information Bulletin No. 771. 40 pp Noel Gollehon, Margriet Caswell, Marc Ribaudo, Robert Kellogg, Charles Lander, and David Letson - Economic Res. Service, USDA
Considering an Anaerobic Digester? - Steps to Take and Contacts to Make(G-86)  [32 KB] J.A. Leggett, Ext. Assist., R.E. Graves,  Dept of Agric. & Biol. Eng., Penn State University
Co-Treatment of Municipal Commercial Solid Waste and Cow Manure Using a Two Phase Anaerobic Process  [346 KB] A. Hansona, Z. Samania, G. Smithb, Hui Wei Yua,  New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM
Creating Markets for Manure: Basin-wide Management in the Chesapeake Bay Region (June 2004) [62 KB] Doug Parker, Agric. & Resource Econ., U. of Maryland, College Park, MD
Dairy Waste Anaerobic Digestion Handbook - Options for Recovering Beneficial Products From Dairy Manure (1700 KB) Dennis A. Burke P.E. [June 2001] Environmental Energy Company , 6007 Hill St., Olympia, WA
Dakota Value Capture Cooperative  (Oct. 2001) [226 KB]
"Justification For Federal Support Of Farmer-Owned Value-added Processing Complexes" (April 2001) 34 KB
Dakota Value Capture Cooperative
Demonstration Of Biogas Production Using Low Moisture Content Beef Cattle Manure: Final Report (2000) [432 KB]

David Parker, West Texas A&M University, Canyon, TX

Demonstration Of Dairy Manure Remediation Using Induced Blanket Reactor  (IBR) Technology (2002) [397 KB] C.S. Hansen and C.L. Hansen, Utah State University,
Logan, UT
Design of Anaerobic Lagoons for Animal Waste Management (1999) [99 KB] American Society of Agricultural Engineers
Development of a Methane Conversion Factor to Estimate Emissions from Animal Waste Lagoons [58 KB] Joseph Mangino, US EPA, Washington, DC; Deborah Bartram and Amy Brazy, Eastern Research Group, Inc., Chantilly, VA
A Dozen Successful Swine Waste Digesters [326 KB] Mark A. Moser RCM Digesters, Inc. PO Box 4716, Berkeley, CA
Draft Unified National Strategy for National Feeding Operations (Sept. 1998) [208 KB] USDA / US EPA
Environmental Aspects of Biogas Technology [62 KB] Barbara Klingler, German Biogas Association
Environmental Impacts Of Livestock On U. S. Grazing Lands (Nov. 2002) [177 KB] CAST Issue Paper 22
Environmental Technology Verification Report for Ammonia Recovery Process (2000) [450 KB] Environmental Technology Evaluation Center
Estimating Feedlot Nutrient Budgets And Managing Manure Output (1997 Minnesota Cattle Feeder Report B-450) [131 KB] C. M. Zehnder and A. DiCostanzo, Dept of Animal Science
U. of Minnesota, St. Paul
Evaluation Of Commercial Manure Additives: Final Report (Oct. 1997 [78 KB] Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI), Jack Johnson Waseca, Minnesota
Farm-Based Anaerobic Digestion in Michigan: History, Current Status, and Future Outlook  (1997) [649 KB] Jack L. Rozdilsky, Michigan Biomass Energy Program
Farm Groups Pushing for Renewable Energy Standards (2004) [494 KB] Patrick Mazza, Harvesting Clean Energy
Feasibility Study On Implementing Anaerobic Digestion Technology On Humboldt County Dairy Farms (June 2003) [312 KB] Antonio Reis and Richard Engel, Schatz Energy Research Center, Humboldt State University Arcata, CA
Feedlot Industry Sector Profile: Revised Draft Report, (Dec.1998)  [740 KB] Tetra Tech, Inc., for U.S. EPA
Fertilizer Value and Weed Seed Destruction Potential of Digested Manure (June, 2003) [53 KB] Deborah Allan, Elizabeth Katovich, Carl Nelson, University of Minnesota & The Minnesota Project
Final Report for the Iowa Livestock Industry Waste Characterization and Methane Recovery Information Dissemination Project [442 KB] M. V. Garrison, T. L. Richard. Dept. of Agric. & Biosystems Engineering, Iowa State University
Fixed-Film Anaerobic Digester: Reducing Dairy Manure Odor And Producing Energy. BioCycle (2002) [187 KB] Ann C. Wilkie, U. of Florida
Fixed Film Digester at Farber Dairy Farm: Case Study (2003)
[63 KB]
Peter Wright & Jianguo Ma, Dept. of Biological and Env. Eng., Cornell U.
Iowa Livestock Industry Waste Characterization and Methane Recovery Information Dissemination Project (2001) [1454 KB]  M. V. Garrison; T. L. Richard, Department of Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering, Iowa State University
Generic Environmental Impact Statement on Animal Agriculture: A Summary of the Literature Related to Manure and Crop Nutrients (Sept. 1999)  [536 KB] Minnesota Environmental Quality Board
Good Practice Guidance and Uncertainty Management in National Greenhouse Gas Inventories  [2928 KB] Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC
Governments as Participants in International Markets For Greenhouse Gas Commodities (Sept. 2003) [454 KB] Electric Power Res. Inst., The Int'l Energy Agency, Int'l  Emissions Trading Assoc., & Inst. Du Développement Durable Et Des Relations Internationales
Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Soil Indicators Four Years after Manure and Compost Applications.  J.  Environ. Quality 32:23-32 (2003) [124 KB] D. Ginting, A. Kessavalou, B. Eghball & J.W. Doran, Dept of Agronomy & Hort., &USDA-ARS, U. of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE
Growing Carbon: A New Crop That Helps Agricultural Producers and the Climate Too [695 KB] USDA, NRCS
Harvesting Clean Energy for Rural Development: Biogas (2002) [785 KB] Patrick Mazza, Climate Solutions Special Report
Haubenschild Farm Anaerobic Digester  (Aug. 2002)  [707 KB] C. Nelson & J. Lamb, The Minnesota Project
Hotspots in animal agriculture, emerging federal environmental policies and the potential for efficiency and innovation offsets [839 KB ] Ada Wossink, Dept of Agric.& Resource Econ, NC State U.; Frank Wefering, Cologne, Germany
Human Health Issues Associated with the Hog Industry
(Jan. 1999) [266 KB]
Melva Okun, Env. Resource Program, School of Public Health, The U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Ikerd Papers on Sustainable Agriculture (Nov. 2002) [3013 KB] John Ikerd, U. Missouri
Impact Calculations For A Hog Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (May 2000) [26 KB] Dr. William J. Weida, Dept of Economics, The Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO
An Innovative Way to Treat Poultry Waste for Odor Control and Nitrogen Management (2001) [367 KB] Prakasam Tata, Metropolitan Water Reclamation Dist. of Greater Chicago; Raymond Loehr, Univ.of Texas
Integrated Animal Waste Management (USA)(1996) [1439 KB] Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST)
Investigation of Pasture and Confinement Dairy Feeding Systems Using Jersey and Holstein Cattle (2000) [801 KB] Sharon Lea White - Animal Science, North Carolina State University
Keeping the Neighbors Happy - Reducing Odor while Making Biogas (1998) [140 KB] Mark A. Moser, Richard P. Mattocks, Dr. Stacy Gettier, Kurt Roos.
Laboratory Testing of Commercial Manure Additives for Swine Odor Control (Jan. 2001)  [621 KB] Albert J. Heber et al., Agricultural and Biological Engineering Dept., Purdue Univ.
Livestock and Poultry Environmental Stewardship (LPES) Curriculum (2003) [777 KB] Rick Koelsch, Iowa State Univ.
Livestock Manure Production Rates And Nutrient Content (2002) [98 KB] J. C. BARKER, S. C. HODGES, F. R. WALLS, North Carolina Dept. of Agric. & Consumer Services
Management and Operation of a Full-Scale Poultry Waste Digester (1987) [44 KB] L.M. Safley, Jr. NC State U., Raleigh, NC;  R.L. Vetter, Harvestore Products, Inc., Barrington, IL; L.D. Smith, Princeton, NC
Managing Manure to Improve Air and Water Quality (Sept 2005) [1151 KB]  Economic Research Rep. # (ERR9) 65 pp Marcel Aillery, Noel Gollehon, Robert Johansson, Jonathan Kaplan, Nigel Key, and Marc Ribaudo - Econ. Res. Service, USDA;

Managing Nitrogen from Biosolids  (April 1999) [980 KB]

Charles Henry et al., U. of Washington College of Forest Resources
Manure Digestion System (checklist) [263 KB] Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) - Crookston, Minn.
Manure Issues Identifying nutrient overload odor research report (1997) (58 KB) H.H. Van Horn, Dept of Animal Sciences, U. of Florida, Gainesville
Manure Sand Separation [112 KB] Ira Krupp, Michigan State University Extension
Methane Generation From Human, Animal, And Agricultural Wastes (1977) [653 KB] National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C.
Methane Production from a Pilot-Scale Fixed-Film Anaerobic Digester and Plug-Flow Digester Loaded with High-Solids Dairy Manure [19 KB] Stephen Hoyt, The DUBARA Co., Castleton, NY for Vermont Dept of Public Service
Methane Recovery from Animal Manures: The Current Opportunities Casebook (Sept. 1998) (2731 KB) Philip Lusk, Resource Development Assoc., Washington, DC,  for National Renewable Energy Lab., Golden, CO
Micro-CHP: Coming to a Home Near You? (2000) [159 KB] Platts Research & Consulting, Boulder, CO
Microturbine Operation with Biogas from a Covered Dairy Manure Lagoon (2001) [227 KB] D.W. Williams & J.J. Frederick, Cal. Polytechnic State U., BioResource &  Agric. Eng. Dept, San Luis Obispo, CA 93407 USA
Minnesota Agriculture and the Reduction of Greenhouse Gases (Dec. 2000) [463 KB] Gordon McIntosh, Univ. of Minnesota - Morris
Modernised Biomass Energy For Sustainable Development - Bioenergy Primer   [3058 KB] Sivan Kartha, Eric D. Larson - U.N. Development Programme (2000)
Nitrogen Removal in Wastewater Stabilization Lagoons (Aug. 1999)  [107 KB] E.J. Middlebrooks et al; 6th Nat. Drinking Water & Wastewater Treatment Technol. Transfer Workshop, Kansas City, MO
Nutrient Balance on Nebraska Livestock Confinement Systems. J Anim Sci 1999. 77:63-71. [1358  KB] Rick Koelsch & Gary Lesoing - Dept. Biological Systems Eng., U.  of Nebraska-Lincoln.
On-Farm Biogas Production and Utilization for South Carolina Livestock and Poultry Operations: PROJECT SUMMARY (1999) [152 KB] John P. Chastain, Dale E. Linvill,  and Francis J. Wolak,
Dept. of Agric. & Biol. Eng., Clemson University
Options for Managing Odor: A report from the Swine Odor Task Force  (1995) [125 KB] North Carolina Agricultural Research Service, North Carolina State U.
Policy Alternatives to Achieve a Dramatic Reduction in Environmental Impacts from Midwestern Agriculture (Mar. 2001) [259 KB] Scott M. Swinton, Michigan State U.
Pork Issues Handbook (1999 - 2000)  [852 KB] US National Pork Council 
Potential Priority Watersheds for Protection of Water Quality from Contamination by Manure Nutrients [17,500 KB] (2000) Robert L. Kellogg, Natural Resources Conservation Service
Press Tech Agri-Press 600 Solids Separator Performance Test Results Using The University Of Tennessee Testing Protocol (2001) [634 KB] Robert T. Burns & Lara B. Moody, The U. of Tennessee
Biosystems Eng. & Env. Sci. Dept. Knoxville, TN
A Profile of Manure Management on Wisconsin Livestock Farms [99 KB] Douglas Jackson-Smith, Monica Nevius, and Bradford Barham, University of Wisconsin-Madison
The Price we pay for Corporate Hogs (July 2000) [1061 KB] Marlene Halverson, Inst. for Agriculture and Trade Policy
The PRIME Project  (16 KB ) New Integrated Ethanol-Feedlot- Methane System Under Development in S. Dakota
Production and Characteristics of Swine Manure (F-1735) [35 KB]

D.W. Hamilton, W.G. Luce, A.D. Heald, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, OSU

Reduction Of Selected Pathogens In Anaerobic Digestion [233 KB] P. E. Wright et al., Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY
Renewable Power and Energy Efficiency: Policies in Iowa and Other States (April 2003) [183 KB] Matthew D. Ritsema, Mark A. Edelman, Daniel M. Otto
A report for The Iowa Policy Project, Mount Vernon, Iowa
Resource Potential And Barriers Facing The Development Of Anaerobic Digestion Of Animal Waste In California (Dec. 1997) [3852 KB] Mark A. Moser, Resource Conservation Management Inc. Prepared For: California Energy Commission
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