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  1. This group of Reports funded by O.M.E. is not part of  the other Programs archived on this site, but which are of significance.  O.M.E. website
  2. Reports are all in PDF format and are sorted chronologically by publication date.
  3. Readers should be aware that there may be newer versions of these reports (revised subject matter) produced by O.M.E., and that contact information in these reports is probably quite outdated.  However, these reports remain historically relevant, and provide useful snapshots of the environment at the time they were created.
Waste Management Projects Conducted by Conservation Authorities
Ausable-Bayfield C.A.
1 Manure Management Awareness Program, Summary Report 1986; Tracey Ryan  [1857 KB]
2 Comparison of Liquid Manure Spreading Practices on Tile Drain Water Quality: Final Report, (July 1992). Mary Ellen Foran, Murray Blackie (O.M.E.)  [738 KB]
3 The Effect of Liquid Farm Waste Application on Receiving Water Quality. Final Report. April 1991. Donna Dean & Mary Ellen Foran  [4064 KB]
4 Comparison of Solid, Liquid and Storage Runoff Manure on Tile Drain and Groundwater Quality: Final Report, (March 1993). Heather Taylor, Mary Ellen Foran, Murray Blackie (O.M.E.) [645 KB]
  Perth County
5 Assessment of the Current Waste Management Practices on Farm Operations in Perth County, Ontario: Final Report, (Dec. 1989). M. Haight & P. Cahill, U. of Waterloo.  [94 KB]
  St. Clair Region C.A.
6 The Bear Creek Watershed Water Quality Study, 1988-89. Cathleen Quinlan. [633 KB]
7 The Upper East Sydenham River Watershed Water Quality Study 1988. Cathleen Quinlan  [486 KB]
8 The Highland Creek Watershed Water Quality Study, 1989-1990. Ann Marie Weselan [571 KB]
9 Pollution Source Identification through Pseudomonas aeruginosa Typing Procedures, 1991. Cathy Quinlan.
[851 KB]
10 Manure Sharing Study, 1991-1992. Margaret Steele  [383 KB]
  Upper Thames River C.A.
11 Daily Streamflow Simulation for the Thames River Basin. 1974. S. Singer  [864 KB]
12 Livestock Wastes and Agricultural Drainage- Effects of Water Quality: A Case Study in the Pittock Watershed in Southwestern Ontario. (circa 1984). S. Thornley, O.M.E.; A. Bos, UTRCA  [670 KB]
13 Pittock Watershed:  Manure Management and Water Quality Sub-Basin Study. (1984/1985). B. Glasman & B. Hawkins   [2900 KB]
14 Pittock Watershed: Livestock Manure Management and Water Quality Study. (Aug. 1984). [1547 KB]
15 Upper Thames River Livestock Manure and Waste Management Program:1985-1986. D. Hayman & C. Merkley  [1249 KB]
16 Upper Thames River Livestock Manure and Waste Management Program (circa 1987). Craig Merkley
[1761 KB]
17 Agriculture Waste Management Program, Final Report, 1989. [1292 KB]
18 Contamination from Private Septic Systems: 1989-1990 Survey Results. (Feb. 1991)  Karen Poel,  [108 KB]
19 Agricultural Waste Management Program: Progress Report, 1990.  [852 KB]
20 Agricultural Waste Management Program, 1991-92 Final Report.  [1145 KB]
21 Agriculture Waste Management Program: 1992-93 Final Report; Karen Poel.  [870 KB]
22 The Effects of Livestock Manure Application Methods on Water Quality, Focusing on Nitrogen and Bacteria Transport in Soil: Final Report.(Mar. 1996).   [408 KB]
23 Report on Grand River Drainage. 1932. Dept. of Lands & Forests. (numerous flow data tables)  [1438 KB]
24 Microbes on the Farm. March, 1949.  E.H. Garrard. Ont. Dept. Agriculture.  [1396 KB]
25 Preliminary Study of Water Supply from Lake Erie for St. Thomas - London Area. February, 1956. J.F. MacLaren Assoc. [301 KB]
26 Grand Valley watershed: Water Resources and Conservation Management. (circa 1962) [41 KB]
27 Water Pollution of the Maitland River, 1960 - 1963. (circa 1963). R.G. Quance  [81 KB]
28 Water Quality Survey of the Welland River, 1964 - 1965.  1965.  [772 KB]
29 Farm Animal Waste Disposal. Dec. 1967. S.A. Black. [137 KB]
30 A Comparison of Catch Basin Inlet Grate Efficiencies. 1967. S.A. Black [1936 KB]
31 Yield of Phosphorus in the Eastern Lake Ontario Region. 1968. S.S. Ahmed Rizvi, S.E. Salbach  [590 KB]
32 Yields of Nitrogen in the Eastern Lake Ontario Region. 1968. S.S. Ahmed Rizvi, S.E. Salbach  [726 KB]
33 Nutrient-Phytoplankton Relationships in Eight Southern Ontario Lakes. 1968. A.E. Christie [1621 KB]
34 Required Density Of Water Quality Sampling Stations At Nanticoke, Lake Erie, Aug. - Sept., 1968. M.D. Palmer  [134 KB]
35 Water Quality Prediction Equations for a River Input into Lake Erie. Oct. 1968. M.D. Palmer   [95 KB]
36 Water Saga: A Story of Water Management in Ontario, 1956 - 1968.  1969. [283 KB]
37 A Report on a Water Quality Survey: Stony Lake and Clear Lake in the County of Peterborough. 1969. R.C. Manson
[126 KB]
38 A Statistical Approach to Water Quality Monitoring Programs. 1969. S.S.A. Rizvi.  [235 KB]
39 Water Chemistry: Nanticoke Area, Lake Erie. 1969. M.D. Palmer. [350 KB]
40 Water Quality Evaluation of Roblin Lake, Prince Edward County. 1970. M.F.P. Michalski, G.J. Hopkins [520 KB]
41 A Summary Report of Arsenic Levels Found in the Moira River Watershed. April, 1970.  [131 KB]
42 The Role of Nutrients and Their Budgets in the Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario. Aug. 1970. M.G. Johnson & G.E. Owen.
[737 KB]
43 Muskoka Lakes Eutrophication Study: Report No. 1. 1971. M.F.P. Michalski & G.W. Robinson  [475 KB]
44 Hydrograph Separation in the Wilmot Creek Basin using Recession Factor Analysis and Chemistry. 1971. M. Barouch. [1209 KB]
45 Review of Planning for the Grand River Watershed. Oct., 1971.  [987 KB]
46 Report of Water Quality in Rice Lake, 1972. [1028 KB]
47 Toxicity and Health Aspects in the Use of Insecticides. Revised, 1972  [86 KB]
48 Report of Water Quality in Golden Lake. 1972. [1335 KB]
49 Report on Water Quality in Loughborough Lake. 1972. [709 KB]
50 Report on Water Quality in Crowe Lake. 1972.  [619 KB]
51 Report of Water Quality in Lower Buckhorn Lake. 1972.  [956 KB]
52 Physical and Chemical Limnology of the Lower Grand River. Dec. 1972. K.T.J. Chang-Kue M.Sc. Thesis  [2385 KB]
53 Heavy Metals in Agricultural Lands Receiving Chemical Sewage Sludges: Res. Rep. #9. 1973. J.C. Van Loon. [313 KB]
54 Population and Land Uses in Thames River Basin. 1961-1971 (circa 1973). S. Messih. [423 KB]
55 Enrichment Status of Fanshawe, Pittock and Wildwood Lakes.  1973. G.W. Robinson [360 KB]
56 The Effects of Small Dams on Water Quality. March, 1973. Al Sandilands, GRCA.  [124 KB]
57 Green Paper on Environmental Assessment. Sept, 1973. [98 KB]
58 Water Quality Status of Miller Lake. 1973. D.S. Osmond et al.   [104 KB]
59 Review of Soil Insects in Ontario: 1900 - 1973. Ontario Pesticides Advisory Committee. Mar. 26, 1974 [63 KB]
60 Water Quality of Middle Maitland River. March, 1974 [1158 KB]
61 Thames River Basin Bulletin (April, 1974). [494 KB]. Ont. Min. Environment; Ont. Min. Natural Resources
62 Review of Literature on the Environmental Impact of De-Icing Compounds and Snow Disposal. 1974 [127 KB] , 405 references
63 Guidelines and Criteria for Water Quality Management in Ontario. July 1974. [103 KB]
64 A Hydrogeological Study along the North Shore of Lake Ontario in the Bowmanville - Newcastle Area. 1974. S.N. Singer [3588 KB]
65 Enrichment Status of Eleven Lakes in the Southwestern Region of Ontario. 1974. G.W. Robinson [421 KB]
66 Chemical Analysis for Evaluation of Soil Sorption Properties. Oct. 1974. G.D. Zarnett  [88 KB]
67 Thames River Basin Water Management Study: Summary Report (1975) [366 KB]
68 Thames River Basin Water Management Study: Full Report (1975)  [2895 KB]
69 Thames River Water Management Study: Technical Report - The Public Consultation. 1975. Ont. Ministry of the Environment [1289 KB]
70 Thames River Basin Management Study: Technical Report, "Water takings in the Thames River Basin", July 1975. Ont. Ministry of Environment [464 KB]
71 Water Quality of Midland Park Lake in Relation to Watershed Development. July 1975.  K. Sherman et al.  [1163 KB]
72 The Applications of Chemical Analyses of Sediments and Soils in the Assessment of Environmental Quality. 1975. F.C. Darcel. [189 KB]
73 Phosphorus Removal and Water Quality Improvements in Gravenhurst Bay, Ontario. 1975. M.F.P. Michalski, K.H. Nicholls  [1271 KB]
74 Study on the Feasibility of Correlating Percolation Time with Laboratory Permability. Rep. S57, 1975. H.T. Chan [936 KB]
75 Heavy Metals in Agricultural Lands Receiving Chemical Sewage Sludges: Volume II, Res. Rept #25, Oct. 1975. J.C. Van Loon.  [216 KB]    (16 data tables)
76 Case Histories in the Application of Geophysics to Ground Water Problems. Water Resources Paper 5. 1975.  G. L. Pliva and J. Wong.    [2364 KB]
77 Sorption Capabilities Of Soils For Phosphate Removal. Jan. 1976. G.D. Zarnett.  [993 KB]
78 Grand River Basin Water Management Study: Grand River Study Team Technical Report Series #4, March 1976.
[1300 KB]
79 Kettle Creek Watershed: Surface Water Quality and Waste Loading Guidelines. March 1976. D. A. McTavish. [1693 KB]
80 Effect of Hole Size on Percolation Rate in a Field Percolation test. 1976. H.T. Chan  [893 KB]
81 Practicability of a Water Quality Index for Ontario Rivers. Jan. 1977.  [142 KB]
82 Phosphorus Retention Capability of Granular Soils on the Precambrian Shield North of Kingston, 1976.  1977.  D.F. Aitkens [783 KB]
83 Water Quality Assessment Of Some Ontario Embayments On Lake Huron, Including Goderich, Port Elgin, Southampton,Tobermory, Owen Sound, Collingwood, And Parry Sound. May 1977. D.I. Ross and R.M. Chatterjee. [2411 KB]
84 1977 Belwood Reservoir: A Preliminary Water Quality Survey.  P. Mason  [631 KB]
85 1977 Conestogo Reservoir: A Preliminary Water Quality Survey. P.D. Mason [510 KB]
86 Atmospheric Nitrogen and Phosphorus Loading to Harp Lake, Ontario, Canada. June, 1977. K.H. Nicholls, C.M. Cox.  [215 KB]
87 Water Quality Assessment of the Thames River Mouth, Lake St. Clair, 1975 (Nov. 1977) [1262 KB]
88 Catfish Creek Drainage Basin Study: Surface Water Hydrology, Quality, Biology & Waste Loading Guidelines. (1978) .  [902 KB]
89 Municipal Pollutant Loadings to the Great Lakes from Ontario Communities: Res. Report No. 94. circa 1978. [644 KB]
90 Investigation of Water Quality in the Leamington Area of Western Lake Erie, 1973-1976. 1978. Y.S. Hamdy & J.D. Kinkead  [634 KB]
91 A Preliminary Study on the Occurrence of Phenol-Degrading Bacteria in Canagagigue Creek. Oct. 1978. A. Qureshi, G. Tanai.  [132 KB]
92 Development Of Prediction Models For Chemical Phosphorus Removal, Volume II. 1978. B.P. Prested et al.  [435 KB]
93 Impact of Waste Inputs on the Quality of the Avon River, Ontario Min. Environment, June 1979 [778 KB]
94 Rationale for the Establishment of Ontario's Provincial Water Quality Objectives. (1979).   [620 KB]
95 Water Wells and Ground water Supplies in Ontario (1980). G. Funk, W.A. McClenaghan, C. Holland. [2346 KB]
96 Bayfield River Drainage Basin Study: Surface Water Hydrology, Quality & Biology. April 1980 [527 KB] (data tables)
97 Enhanced Great Lakes Tributary Monitoring in Ontario: 1980 Water Quality Status Report. Water Resources Pap. 16. 1980. J.D. Eddie; D.F. Onn. [1190 KB]
98 Water Quality Flagging: A Method of Assessing Water Quality in Ontario. 1980. J. O'Neill. [1500 KB]
99 General Guidelines for the Preparation of Environmental Assessments. 1980. (incl. E.A. Act, 1975) [1213 KB]
100 Characterization, Magnitude and Impact of Urban Runoff in the Grand River Basin.  June 1980. S.N. SInger, S.K. So. [1397 KB]
101 A Bibliography: The Long-Range Transport of Air Pollutants and Acidic Precipitation. July 1980. [265 KB]  (100 pages of international references)
102 Water Quality Requirements for Sport Fishes of the Grand River Watershed: A Literature Review. 1980. Report # 13.
A.J. Chamberlain et al. [225 KB]
103 A Review of Microbiological Processes Relevant to the Effects of Acidic Precipitation. June 1981. J.E. Pagel. 184 references, [464 KB]
104 Surface Water Quality Trends in Ontario: 1964 - 1979; Technical Report Series. 1981. V.I. Chin, Ont. Ministry of Environment. [612 KB]
105 Field Measurements of Stream Reaeration Coefficient. 1981. A. Bacchus.  [437 KB]
106 Incidents of Widespread Elevated Nitrate Concentration in South Ontario: A Case of Long-Range Transport. 1981. K.C. Heidorn.  [580 KB]
107 A Water Quality Assessment of Lake Erie Harbours. Oct. 1981. Proctor & Redfern Ltd. [1721 KB]
108 Grand River Basin Water Management Study, Technical Report Series: Report #27 - Rural Non-Point Source Pollution And Control. Mar. 1982. S.K. Ho, S.N Singer.  [1629 KB]
109 Ground Water Quality Fluctuations: A Pilot Study. 1982. J. A. Miller. [2747 KB]
110 Water Quality Studies of Rondeau Bay and Watershed, Kent County, Ontario. 1982. [1185 KB]
111 Grand River Water Management Study. 1982. Grand River Implementation Committee.  [4726 KB]
112 Grand River Basin Water Management Study: Summary and Recommendations. 1982. [523 KB]
113 Grand River Basin Water Management Study: Appendices. 1982  [917 KB]
114 Water Quality and Hydrology of the Bighead River, Grey County. 1982.   [1934 KB]
115 Assessment of Potential Water Quality Problems from Agricultural Manure Handling and Storage Systems. Dec., 1982. T.E. Ryan. [612 KB]
116 Urban Non-Point Source Pollution and Control. Tech. Report Series #28. 1982. S.N. SInger & S.K. So.  [1790 KB]
117 Acidic Precipitation in Ontario Study: Experimental Neutralization of a small, seasonally acidic stream using crushed limestone. 1982. W. Keller; J.M. Gunn [309 KB]
118 Water Quality Summary for the Inland Lakes of Grey and Bruce Counties. Jan., 1983.  [1356 KB]
119 The Spatial Distribution of Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Residues in the Sediments of Inner Long Point Bay, Lake Erie. Feb. 1983. D.I. Ross & Y. Hamdy.  [785 KB]
120 Water Quality and Hydrology of the Beaver River, Grey County. 1983. Water Resources Assessment Unit. [2381 KB]
121 Studies of Lakes and Watersheds in Muskoka-Haliburton, Ontario: Methodology (1976 - 1982). 1983. W. A. Sheider et al. [340 KB]
122 Flood Damages in the Grand River Basin: Tech. Report No. 39. 1983. Grand River Water Mangement Study. P. Frigon [2035 KB]
123 Toronto Area Watershed Management Strategy Study: Interim Report on Toronto Area Water Quality. April 1983.
[1171 KB] Note: 19 data tables & figures /w water quality data on heavy metals, pesticides
124 Ontario Soil Baseline Survey: Analytical Data, 1980-1981, Volume 1. Terrestrial Effects Program, Acid Precipitation in Ontario. Nov. 1983.  M.A. Griffith et al. [1081 KB]
125 Principles of Control Charting. Feb. 1984. D.E. King  [931 KB]
126 Physical Characteristics of the Humber River: Technical Report #3. Mar. 1984. S.R. Klose, A. Bacchus   [2368 KB]
127 Acidic Precipitation in Ontaro Study: The Economics of Acid Precipitation. A Review of Socio-Economic Methods to Assess Acid Deposition Effects. April 1984.  [881 KB]
128 Water Management: Goals, Policies, Objectives & Implementation Procedures of M.O.E. Revised 1984 [166 KB]
129 Kintore Creek Watershed Study: Background Report. 1984. C. Merkley, B. Glasman, U.T.R.C.A. Min. Natural Resources. [4620 KB]
130 Ontario Guidelines for Classification of Pesticide Products. Pesticides Advisory Committee, Nov., 1984  [120 KB]
131 Water Quality Investigations in the Upper Serpent River, 1980 - 1984. Dec. 1984. A.B. Bowman et al.  [702 KB]
132 Ontario Soil Baseline Survey, Analytical Data 1980-1981. Vol. 1, Soil Baseline Program. Nov., 1984 M.A. Griffith et al.  [967 KB]
133 Ontario Soil Baseline Survey. Analytical Data 1980-1981. Vol. 3. Analytical Data For Northern Ontario. Nov., 1984. M.A. Griffith et al.  [1303 KB]
134 Leaching of Phosphorus from the Organic Soils of the Holland Marsh. 1985. R. L. Thomas & G. Sevean  [1046 KB]
135 Water Quality of the Upper Sauble River Watershed. June 1985. Ecologistics, Ltd for Sauble Valley C.A. [389 KB]
136 The Nearshore Water Quality of Southeastern Lake Huron, 1980. (July 1985). M.B. Jackson, L.K. Nakamoto, S.L. Wong.  [336 KB]
137 The Nearshore Water Quality of Nottawasaga Bay, 1980. July 1985. M.B. Jackson, S.L. Wong, L.K. Nakamoto. [1268 KB]
138 Water Quality in the Ottawa River. 1985 Annual Report of the Coordinating Committee for Water Quality in the Ottawa River  [1106 KB]
139 Relationships Between Land Use and Water Quality in Southwestern Ontario. (1986). Gartner Lee Assoc.,  for O.M.E.  [2400 KB]
140 A review of Conservation Authorities of Ontario Watershed Plan. (circa 1986). Keith Willson, O.M.E. [197 KB]
141 Humber River Water Quality Management Plan. 1986.  [2884 KB]    25 figures, 28 data tables, 194p
142 1987 Conservation Trial Report.  Huron Soil and Crop Improvement Association.  [129 KB]
143 A Review of the Aquatic Effects of Metals. 1987. 252 p. D. M. Trotter  [409 KB]
144 Pesticides in Ontario Drinking Water - 1985. August 1987  [195 KB]  [data tables of herbicides in well water]
145 Mimico Creek Dry Weather Outfall Survey: Technical Report #12. November 1987. CANVIRO Consultants. [2525 KB]
146 Evaluation Of Receiving Water-based Toxics Control Initiatives: Final Report; Vol. 1: Findings And Recommendations. Circa 1987.  JE Hanna Assoc. et al.   [395 KB]
147 Extent and Causes of Water Quality Problems in Subsurface Drainage in the Parkhill Creek Watershed: Progress Report, April 1988. Richard Brunke, OMAF. [1426 KB]
148 Ruscom River, Big Creek, and Hillman Creek Water Quality Study - Verification of the Lands Directorate Sediment Yield Model. (1988). Essex Region Conservation Authority [690 KB]
149 Muskoka Lakes Project: 1986 Progress Report. 1988. R.A. Reid & R. Girard.  [954 KB]
150 A Profile of 2,4-D Use and Exposure in Ontario. May 1988. Deloitte Haskins & Sells. [222 KB]
151 Scientific Criteria Document for Development of Provincial Water Quality Objectives and Guidelines: Aluminum. Sept. 1988.   [1682 KB]
152 Degradation of Organic Contaminants by Anaerobic Bacteria in Lake Ontario Sediments. Oct., 1988. M. Urbanek et al. [1274 KB]
153 Sediment and Pollution Accumulation in the Humber River Marsh, Toronto. Oct. 1988. J.M. Weninger.  [958 KB]
154 Agriculture Chemicals and Water Quality in Ontario. November 17-18, 1988. J.L. Stone & L.L. Logan  [685 KB]  Interesting workshop overview of then-current ag-environmental programs
155 Estimation of Analytical Method Detection Limits (MDL). 1988. [80KB]
156 An Expert System for Water Quality Assessment of Ontario Rivers: WatQUAS 2.0. Sept. 1989. T.E. Unny & W.C. Allison [1577 KB]
157 Impacts of Tile Drainage. December 1989. J.D. Paine and W.E. Watt [2454 KB]    (See followup 1994 report)
158 The Acidification Of Ontario Lakes: An Assessment Of Their Sensitivity And Current Status With Respect To Biological Damage, January 1990. B.P. Neary et al.  [3703 KB]  (71 graphs, 38 tables + numerous Appendix data tables)
159 Overview Economic Assessment of Remedial Action Plans for the Great Lakes' Areas of Concern. April 1990. [490 KB]
160 Overview Economic Assessment of Remedial Action Plans for the Great Lakes' Areas of Concern: APPENDICES, April 1990.  [468KB]
161 Prediction of Annual Nitrogen and Phosphorus Export from Forested Stream Catchments in Central Ontario. April 1990.  P.J. Dillon, L.A. Molot. [121 KB]     Includes 47 Data Tables
162 Relationships of Stream Solutes and Hydrology During Spring Runoff in Small Shield Headwater Streams. April 1990. C. Wels, R.J. Cornett, B.D. LaZerte.  [679 KB]
163 Low Flow Characteristics in Ontario: Main Report. April 1990. Cumming Cockburn Ltd. [883 KB]
164 Composting: A Literature Study, 1989. May 1990. [506 KB]
165 Pesticides in Ontario Drinking Water - 1987: Groundwater Sampling Program, June 1990.  [756 KB] [35 data tables]
166 Evaluation Methods in Environmental Assessment. August 1990.  [366 KB]
167 Bacteriological Characterization of Feces and Source Differentiation. Oct., 1990. P. Seyfried & E. Harris. [332 KB]
168 Detection and Quantification of Herbicide Residues in the Environment Using Immunochemical Techniques. Oct. 1990. J.C. Hall., U. of Guelph. [527 KB]
169 Benefits to Beach Users From Water Quality Improvements. Nov. 1990. Ecologistics Ltd. [751 KB]
170 Toward Improving the Environmental Assessment Program in Ontario. Dec. 1990. [335 KB]
171 Grand River MISA Pilot Site Study, Part I: Water Quality Assessment. Dec., 1990.  [1651 KB]
172 The Effects of Nitrogen/Phosphorus Ratios on the Prediction of Chlorophyll in Phosphorus-limited Lakes in Central Ontario.  January 1991. P.J. Dillon et al.  [379 KB]   (incl. 30 data tables)
173 Fanshawe Lake: The Need for Water Quality Management in Southern Ontario Reservoirs. (April, 1991). H. Vandermeulen and A. Gemza, Ont. Min. Env. [2724 KB]
174 Techniques for the Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Identification of Organic Compounds in Effluents. 1991. R.E. Clement and V.Y. Taguchi. [ 843 KB]
175 The Effect of Farm Liquid Waste Application on Receiving Water Quality; April 1991. D. Dean, M.E. Foran, Ausable Bayfield C.A.  [4064 KB]
176 Water Quality Study Along the Lake Huron Shoreline Between Canatara Beach and Brights Grove. May 1991. Bruce Hawkins, Water resources Assessment Unit  [494 KB]
177 Ontario's Water Quality Objective Development Process. May 1991.  [475 KB]
178 Degrees of Change: Steps Towards an Ontario Global Warming Strategy. June 1991. Ont. Global Warming Coalition  [1561 KB]  (numerous statistics data tables)
179 Analysis of Water Quality Data For The Don River - Supporting Document #5: Strategy For Improvement of Don River Water Quality. Aug. 1991. Beak Consultants et al.  [1078 KB]
180 Accurate Control testing for Clay Liner Permeability. August 1991. R.J. Mitchell.  [2280 KB]
181 Interim Guidelines for the Production and Use of Aerobic Compost in Ontario. Nov., 1991. [75 KB]
182 Septage Sludge Dewatering Feasibility Study. November 1991. B.F. Dawdy.  [476 KB]
183 Iron Budgets in Temperate Lakes. February 1992. G.K. Nürnberg, P.J. Dillon  [392 KB]
184 The Chemical Water Quality of Lake Nipissing: 1988 - 1990. Feb. 1992. B.P. Neary & B.J. Clark.  [1116 KB]  [externsive tables of water quality data 1988-1990]
185 Performance Evaluation Estimators for Water Quality Monitored Streams. Feb. 1992. L.A. Logan  [421 KB]
186 The In-Place Pollutants Program, Volume VII: A Synthesis of the Program. Feb., 1992. [948 KB]
187 Bias Due to Sampling Groundwater and Surface Water for Trace Organic Contaminants. Mar. 1992. U. Waterloo [533KB]
188 Calcium Carbonate Application at Puslinch Lake P (Cambridge, Ontario) for Phosphorus Control: Theory vs Practice. March, 1992. H. Vandermeulen and A. Gemza. [2450 KB]
189 Ontario's Water Quality Objective Development Process. March, 1992. [462 KB]
190 Constructed Wetlands for Stormwater Management: An Annotated Bibliography. April 1992. M.E. Taylor  [142 KB]
191 Options For Environmental Protection and Management in Ontario. May 1992. Ernst & Young  [2399 KB]
192 A Comparison of Phosphorus Retention in Lakes Determined from Mass Balance and Sediment Core Calculations. July 1992.  P.J. Dillon, H.E. Evans. [194 KB]
193 Bias Due to Sampling Groundwater and Surface Water for Trace Organic Contaminants. 1992.  J.T. Hoff, et al, Waterloo Centre for Groundwater Research.  [315 KB]
194 O.M.O.E. Laboratory Sediment Biological Testing Protocol. 1992. D. Bedard et al. [310 KB]
195 Draft Interim Guidelines for the Utilization of Waste (Other than Sewage Sludge) on Agricultural Lands. Oct. 1992.
[143 KB]
196 The Influence of the Oxygen Regime in the Water Column on the Toxicity of Hamilton Harbour Sediment. Oct., 1992. G. Krantzberg.  [1255 KB]
197 The Relative Magnitude of Phosphorus Sources For Small, Oligotrophic Lakes in Ontario, Canada. Oct. 1992. P.J. Dillon et al. [140 KB]
198 The Influence of Hydrologic Fluctuations and Peat Oxia on the Phosphorus and Nitrogen Dynamics of a Conifer Swamp. Oct. 1992. K.J. Devito, P.J. Dillon.  [383 KB]
199 The Importance of Runoff and Winter Anoxia to P and N Dynamics of a Beaver Pond. October 1992. K.J. Devito & P.J. Dillon  [576 KB]
200 Report on Environmental Research, Technology Development and Awareness Activities, 1991/92. Oct. 1992  []848 KB] (list of about 900 projects)
201 Misuse of the Null Hypothesis in Data Reporting and Interpretation. Dec. 1992. D.E. King. [643 KB]
202 Measuring the Trophic Status of Lakes Sampling Protocols. Dec. 1992. B. Clark & N.J. Hutchinson  [613 KB]
203 Nitrogen Mass Balances and Denitrification Rates in Central Ontario Lakes. Jan, 1993. L.A. Molot, P.J. Dillon. [282 KB]
204 The Erosion and Sediment Control Practices Study: Summary Report, January, 1993. MTRCA  [762 KB]
205 Annual CO2 Evasion Rates in Unproductive Softwater Lakes in Central Ontario. April 1993. L.A. Molot & P.J. Dillon
 [145 KB]
206 Sub-watershed Planning (June 1993) [1308 KB]  Ont. Min. of Environ. & Energy & Min. of Natural Resources.
207 Water Management on a Watershed Basis: Implementing an Ecosystem Approach. 1993  [325 KB]
208 An Environmental Evaluation of the Lower Welland River. July 1993. R.J. Pope et al. [2947 KB]
 (24 data tables, 14 figures, 12 data appendices)
209 Errors in Estimating Stream Discharge in Small Headwater Catchments: Influence on Interpretation of Catchment Yields & Input-Output Budget Estimates. 1993. K.J. Devito & P.J. Dillon.  [528 KB]
210 Environmental Assessment Reform: A Report on Improvements in Program Administration. 1993.
211 Development Of The Ontario Provincial Sediment Quality Guidelines For Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Lead, Manganese, Mercury, Nickel, and Zinc. Aug. 1993. R. Jaagumagi.  [430 KB]  (10 data tables, 10 figures)
212 Guidelines for the Protection and Management of Aquatic Sediment Quality in Ontario. Aug., 1993. D. Persaud et al. [522 KB]
213 Development of the Ontario Provincial Sediment Quality Guidelines for the PCBs and the Organochlorine Pesticides. Aug. 1993.  R. Jaagumagi.  [715 KB]  (41 p of data tables; 20 graphs)
214 Rational for the Development of Soil, Drinking Water, and Air Quality Criteria for Lead.   Oct. 1993. [641 KB] 
Lead concentrations from more than 125 water treatment plants in Ontario
215 Chesley Lake 1991 Water Quality Assessment and Management Implications. Nov. 1993. A.F. Gemza. [1815 KB]
216 Developments of Bioassay Protocols for Toxicants in Soil. February, 1994. S. C. Sheppard. [ 957 KB]
217 Rice and Sturgeon Lakes Nutrient Budget Study: Release of Phosphorus from Rice Lake Sediments. Feb. 1994. D. Andrews, Beak Consultants. [648 KB]
218 Binbrook Reservoir (Glanbrook Township) Water Quality Assessment and Management Implications (March 1994). A. Gemza. [2820 KB]
219 Water Wells & Ground Water Supplies in Ontario.  (circa 1994) Ont. Min. of Environment & Energy [2292 KB]
220 A Study of the Contamination of Suspended Fluvial Sediments with Enteric Bacteria in Agricultural Drains. (1994) D. Hayman, S.M. Meissner, UTRCA, G.A. Palmateer, D.E. McLean, W.L. Kutas, O.M.E.  [542 KB]
221 Impacts of Tile Drainage on Water Quality. 1994. J.D. Paine and W.E. Watt, Queen's University; Prepared for Ontario Ministry of Environment  [2626 KB]  (see original 1989 report)
222 Toward an Ecosystem Approach to Land-Use Planning. June 1994. D.A. Neufeld et al. [197 KB]
223 Preliminary Technical Report on the Niagara River Mussel Biomonitoring Survey, 1993. June 1994. L.A. Richman
[263 KB]
224 Port Hope Harbour Water Quality Survey, 1992. June 1994. Duncan Boyd.  [385 KB] (2 appendices / 20 data tables)
225 Water Management: Policies, Guidelines, Provincial Water Quality Objectives, July 1994  [138 KB]
226 Deriving Receiving-Water Base, Point-Source Effluent Requirements for Ontario Waters. July 1994. [112 KB]
227 Reducing Non-Energy Greenhouse Gases. November 1994. VHB-Hickling.  [501 KB]  (199 pages)
228 Ontario Drinking Water Objectives. Revised 1994 (5th edition)   [274 KB]
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[1176 KB]
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[416 KB]
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[428 KB]
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[628 KB]
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115 Grand River 2001 Fish Community Assessment Study Report. June 2002.  P. Anderson.  [2485 KB]   26 figures + data tables
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