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Environmental Sustainability Initiative (ESI)

Background and Objectives


Background and Objectives

The Canada-Ontario Environmental Sustainability Initiative (ESI) was funded as part of the Special Income Assistance Program. It was signed on September 6, 1991 and ended on March 31, 1992. The province of Ontario received a total funding of $3.6 million, shared equally between the province and the federal government. While the province's expenditure financed activities under the Land Stewardship II Program, the federal government's contribution funded seven sub-programs that are detailed below. ESI was administered by the Agri-Food Development Branch (now Market and Industry Services Branch) of Agriculture Canada.


The ESI was designed to promote and support the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices in Ontario. All of the ESI sub-programs are in accordance with the eight environmental sustainability issues identified by the Federal-Provincial task force in its 1991 report.

The overall purpose of the ESI was to facilitate effective resource management and environmental sustainability practices as a key to increasing:

  1. long term financial returns to agri-food sector producers;

  2. sustainability of the natural resource base for agriculture; and

  3. competitiveness of the agri-food sector.



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