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Environmental Sustainability Initiative

1991 - 1992


  1. Ground Water Survey

    1. Background and Authority

      The initial Ontario Farm Groundwater Quality Survey in the winter of 1991/92 was fully funded by the ESI at $710,000. The Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association through a third party contribution agreement was responsible for the management and coordination of the project. Many other agencies were involved in the implementation of this survey.

      View / Download Ontario Farm Groundwater Quality Survey Winter 1991/1992  [1544 KB pdf]

      See also: Ontario Farm Groundwater Quality Survey II (Summer 1992) 

      The survey analyzed the chemical and bacteriological quality of a statistically significant number of agricultural wells throughout the province. Further, some two hundred multilevel test wells in agricultural fields were installed to establish correlations between agricultural practices and groundwater quality.

      Survey results provided a detailed and current analysis of the condition of Ontario farm wells and also a baseline for future surveys such as the Ground Water Survey II under LMAP.


    2. Impact of Sub-Program

      The purpose of this survey was to determine:

      1. the quality and safety of drinking water for farm families; and

      2. the effect of agriculture management on the quality of groundwater.



  2. Best Management Practices

    1. Background and Authority

      The ESI provided the initial funding for the development of the first five manuals in the Best Management Practices series. Total funding for this sub-program was $595,000. The Ontario Federation of Agriculture was contracted by Agriculture Canada in a third party contribution agreement to facilitate the development and delivery of conservation technology transfer activities, namely production-oriented manuals.

      Development of the manuals involved extensive consultations with stakeholders to ensure accuracy and relevance of the contents.

      Information contained in the Best Management Practices manuals enhances producer ability to make management decisions that reflect environmental concerns on the farm.


    2. Impact of Sub-Program

      Best Management Practices manuals provide producers with detailed and up-to-date information on environmentally sustainable agricultural practices which are recommended for adoption in Ontario. The manuals have been very well received by the farming community. New titles are being developed under LMAP and the Green Plan. A total of 70,000 copies of the initial manual entitled "A First Look" were produced and distributed.




    The remaining five sub-programs received less than 22% of the total federal ESI funding.

    The sub-programs are:


  3. Soil and Water Conservation Information Bureau (SWCIB)

    ESI contribution was used to: enhance some of the existing SWCIB services (newsletter, classroom software), conduct a survey of tillage and soil conservation practices, and to organize a Green Plan stakeholders conference.


  4. Rural Routes '92

    This two day provincial environmental sustainability agricultural event was partially financed by the ESI and administered by the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association.


  5. University of Guelph - Soil Research

    This study was undertaken to

    1. identify a method(s) of measuring soil structural changes that may be related to soil management systems and which can be shown to be useful for characterizing changes in soil quality, and

    2. evaluate existing crop productivity models in terms of their suitability for predicting crop response to changes in soil quality.

  6. TV Ontario

    With financial assistance from ESI, TV Ontario produced two half hour documentaries on sustainable agriculture that were aired on the program Common Ground.

  7. Stakeholders' Forum

    A two day forum was held to bring together stakeholders in agri-food environmental sustainability so that they could jointly identify priorities and recommend programming under Green Plan.

    Impact of Sub-Programs

    The above sub-programs fostered an enhanced awareness of sustainable agriculture issues within the Ontario farming community as well as with the general public.



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