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Federal Documents & Miscellaneous Reports


  1. This is a list of environmental documents and reports that we have archived, but which are not directly associated with environmental programs documented on this web site.
  2. Reports are arranged chronologically (publication date), and are in PDF format


1 Agricultural Colleges and Experimental Farm Stations, with suggestions relating to Experimental Agriculture in Canada. 1886. Wm. Saunders.  [315 KB]
2 The Testing of Milk, Cream and Dairy By-products by means of the Babcock test. Oct., 1915. J.F. Singleton  [353 KB]
3 Agriculture in Canada: Pamphlet No. 5, January, 1917. [1829 KB]
4 New Varieties And Selections Of Grain Originated On The Dominion Experimental Farms. Bull. 11, 1922. C.E. Saunders.  [115 KB]
5 Soil Fertility: Its Economic Maintenance and Increase. 1923. Bulletin No. 23. F.T. Shutt  [62 KB]
6 The Dominion Experimental Farms. 1925. [1036 KB]
7 Influence of Grain Growing on the Nitrogen and Organic Matter Content of the Western Prairie Soils of Canada. 1925.  F.T. Shutt  [178 KB]
8 The Colorado Potato Beetle in Canada. Bull. 52, August, 1925. A. Gibson et al. [362KB]
9 Crop Rotations and Soil Management for Eastern Canada. 1930. E.S. Hopkins & W.C. Hopper.  [1449 KB]
10 Manures and Fertilizers: Their Nature, Functions and Application. Bulletin 145, 1931. F.T. Shutt, L.E. Wright [759 KB]
11 Vegetable Insects and their Control. Bulletin 161, November, 1932.  A.G. Dustan.  [1654 KB]
12 Peat Muck and Mud Deposits: Their Nature, Composition and Agricultural Uses. 1933. F.T. Shutt & L.E. Wright. [549 KB]
13 Insects Attacking the Potato. Pub. 505. April 1936. A.G. Dustan  [446 KB]
14 Bovine Infectious Abortion or Bang's Disease of Cattle. 1938.  C.A. Mitchell   [257 KB]
15 Mechanical Spreaders for Grasshopper Bait. Pub. 606, March 1938. H.J. Kemp et al. [626 KB]
16 Fifty Years of Progress on Dominion Experimental Farms: 1886 - 1936. 1939.  [2513 KB]
17 A Survey and Discussion of Lysimeters and a Bibliography on Their Construction and Performance  (USDA, 1940) [337 KB] (489 references)
18 The Potato in Canada. July, 1940. Publication 483. T.F. Ritchie et al. [1375 KB]
19 Rubber and Resin Content of Native and Introduced Plants of Canada (1942-1943). W. Harold Minshall. [165 KB]
20 Land Clearing. Publication 739. 1946.  P.O. Ripley et al.  [1270 KB]
21 The Avon Valley Plan (1952) [3944 KB]. Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
22 Summary of Legislation Relating to Soil and Water Conservation in Canada. Mar., 1956. Agric. Inst. of Canada
[175 KB]
23 Chemical Aspects of Ecology in Relation to Agriculture: Res. Monograph 1, July 1957. Hubert Martin [917 KB]
24 Values of surface applications of limestone and superphosphate on dikeland and upland pastures. 1960.  C.D.T. Cameron & L.S. Hamilton.  [143 KB]
25 Soil Erosion by Water. 1961.  P.O. Ripley et al. [1612 KB]
26 Evaporation Measurements at Research Branch Stations, Canada Dept. of Agriculture. 1964. G.W. Robertson  [58 KB]
27 Milestones in Water Pollution Abatement in Canada; A paper prepared for the International Conf., "Water for Peace", 1967. W. S. Tait.  [118 KB]
28 Making Soil Monoliths. 1968. J.H. Day.  [443 KB]
29 Pollution from Agricultural, Forestry and Conservation Sources. Canadian Sub-Group 9. (Jan. 1971) Canada-US Joint Working Group on Great Lakes Pollution.  [1254 KB]
30 Agricultural Pollution of the Great Lakes Basin: Combined Report by Canada and the United States. July, 1971. Joint Canadian-U.S. study team  [1756 KB]
31 Pollution Problems Associated with Poultry and Animal Wastes in the Ontario Great Lakes Basin. circa1971. S.A. Black, J.B. Robinson, T.H. Lane. [250 KB]
32 A Bibliography of Canadian Soil Science. Pub. 1452. 1971. H.J. Atkinson. [776 KB]  (3444 references up to 1969, Indexed author & subject lists)
33 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement (April 15, 1972) [223 KB]
34 Report on Great Lakes Water Quality for 1972.  International Joint Commission for USA & Canada [203 KB]
35 Bacterial Pollution Indicators and Rainfall-Induced Runoff, Greenbelt Farm Drainage System.  (1972). Canada Dept. of Agriculture A.D. Tenant et al., Env. Protection Service. [868 KB]
36 Methane Gas Production from Animal Wastes. 1974. Agric. Canada.  H.M. Lapp et al., U. Manitoba [134 KB]
37 Comprehensive Evaluation of Agricultural Waste and Runoff Management for Water Quality Control. (1975)
Eds. B.J. Adams, A.F.MacKenzie, MacDonald College, QC  [1405 KB]
38 Surveillance of Storm Drainage and Effluent Discharge from Federal Properties to the Rideau River, National Capital Area  (1975). L.B. Killoran, M. DeBellefeuille, A. D. Tennant, Environ. Canada  [291 KB]
39 Soil and Air Temperatures at Ottawa, 1975. Publication 1541. C.E. Ouellet.  [410 KB]
40 First Annual Report on Ontario-Michigan Air Pollution. 1976. International Joint Commission  [91 KB]
41 Further Regulation of the Great Lakes: An IJC Report to the Governments of Canada and the United States. (1976) [1503 KB] [IJC: ID430.pdf]
42 Livestock and Poultry Wastes in the Great Lakes Basin: Environmental Concerns and Management Issues (1976). Social Sci. Series #15. G.E. Bangay, Environment Canada. [2404 KB]
43 New and Revised Great Lakes Water Quality Objectives. (Vol. I, May 1977) [IJC: ID613.pdf]
44 New and Revised Great Lakes Water Quality Objectives. (Vol. II, Oct.,1977) [IJC: ID614.pdf]
45 New International Studies on Great Lakes Levels and Flows. July 1977.[67 KB]  [IJC:ID580.pdf]
46 Code of Good Practice on Dump Closing or Conversion to Sanitary Landfill at Federal Establishments. 1977. [1268 KB]
47 Botryotina and Botrytis Species: Taxonomy, Physiology and Pathogenicity. Monograph No. 15, 1977.  W.R. Jarvis.
 [715 KB]
48 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement  of 1978 (Revised). Amended by Protocol, 1978 [207 KB]
49 History of Soil Survey in Canada: 1914 - 1975. 1978. J.A. McKeague & P.C. Stobbe [1132 KB]
50 Water Quality of the Upper Great Lakes. (May 1979) [968 KB] [IJC: ID425.pdf]
51 Farmstead Planning. 1979.  Public. 1674/E, A. Protz & P.O. Moen. [769 KB]
52 Minor Elements in Canadian Soils (1979) [249 KB]
53 Canada Animal Manure Management Guide. Publication 1534, 1979. Agriculture Canada  [1053 KB]
54 Canada-Ontario Great Lakes Surveillance Programs, 1979 - 1980. [427 KB]  Env. Canada / O.M.E.
55 Pedogenetic and Induced Compaction in Agricultural Soils. Tech. Bull. 1. 1980. G.R. Saini. [587 KB]
56 Solonetzic Soil and Their Management. 1980. R.R. Cairns & W.E. Bowser.  [723 KB]
57 Interim Report under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, Jan., 1981. IJC [62 KB][IJC:ID611.pdf]
58 Parasites and the Land Application of Sewage Sludge. 1981. H.J. Graham.  Env. Canada / O.M.E.
59 An Assessment of the Degradation of Agricultural Lands in Canada. 1981. D.R. Coote et al. [1433 KB]
60 The Significance of Acid Rain to Agriculture in Eastern Canada. 1981. D.R. Coote et al. [639 KB]
61 Soil Water Models: A Review. 1981. R. DeJong. [216 KB]
62 Climate and soil requirements for economically important crops in Canada. 1981.  P.-A. Dubé.  [260 KB]
63 Diseases of Onions in Canada. Publication No. 1716. 1981.  R. Crête et al. [817 KB]
64 The Bioavailability of Phosphorus in the Avon River. 1982. E.L. Pettigrew, D.J. Gregor, Env. Canada [820 KB]
65 Soil Structure: Concepts, Description and Interpretation. 1982.  J.A. McKeague, C. Wang.  [150 KB]
66 Application of Transect Method to Soil Survey Problems. 1982. C. Wang.  [693 KB]
67 Factors Affecting Suitability Of On-farm Remedial Measures For Non-point Pollution Control In The Canadian Great Lakes Basin. 1982. C. Pharo. [938 KB]
68 Control of the European Corn Borer. Publ. 1738/E. 1982. M. Hudon et al. [403 KB]
69 Soil Erosion by Wind: Cause, Damage, Control. 1982. [1124 KB]
70 Pedotechnique and its application to soil survey: A Proposal. 1982. G. Wilson.  [2671 KB]
71 Addendum to the First Biennial Report under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement of 1978. 1982 [118 KB]
72 Sampling for Water Quality. 1983. Environment Canada [1386 KB]
73 Farm Animal Manures in the Canadian Environment (1983). NRCC #18976.  [426 KB]
74 Measurement of capillary rise under field conditions and related soil properties. 1983. D.H. Webster, G.C. Topp.  [509 KB]
75 Bibliography for Soil Conservation Practices. 1984.  Mary Ellen Foran, Ont. Inst. of Pedology. [114 KB]
76 Sauble River Watershed Drainage Study, Dec. 1984. Sauble Valley Conservation Authority. [2785 KB]
77 Agricultural Practices and Environmental Conservation. 1984. K.D. Switzer-Howse and D.R. Coote  [847 KB]
78 Cropping, Tillage and Land Management Practices in Southwestern Ontario .  1984. Ont. Inst. of Pedology [4039 KB]
79 Proposed Canadian Federal-Provincial Phosphorus Load Reduction Plan for the Great Lakes. Federal/Provincial Phosphorus Task Force.  April, 1985.  (Pre-SWEEP)  [409 KB]
80 Sauble River Watershed Hydrologic Study. Nov. 1985. Grey Sauble Conservation Authority. [415 KB]
81 Biogas Production Facilities on Farms -  A 1985 Look At The Recent Experience. (Jan. 1986). R.G. Winfield. [1125 KB]
82 A Preliminary Economic Assessment of Agricultural Land Degradation in Atlantic and Central Canada and Southern British Columbia. Jan. 1986. M.G. Fox, D.R. Coote  [776 KB]    47 data tables
83 Describing and Interpreting the Macrostructure of Mineral Soils - A Preliminary Report. 1986. J.A. McKeague et al. [419 KB]
84 Concepts and Classification of Gleysolic Soils in Canada. Tech. Bull. 1986-1E. 1986. J. A. McKeague et al. [179 KB]
85 Report of Activities on Peatland Research, 1985. 1986. 4-paper summary of Ottawa Workshop  [269 KB]
86 Surveys of Trace Contaminants in the St. Clair River, 1985. 1987. C.H. Chan & J. Kohli. Env. Canada [493 KB]
87 A Growing Concern: Soil Degradation In Canada. Sept., 1986. Sci. Council of Canada.  [1043 KB]
88 Soil Erosion and Phosphorus in Runoff From Agricultural Cropland in Southwestern Ontario. 1987. W.T. Dickinson et al. [182 KB]  (literature review)
89 An Assessment of Agriculture Canada's Anaerobic Digestion Program. May 1987. P. Van Die. [450 KB]
90 Health Aspects of Environmental Impact Assessment. Proc. National Workshop, Ottawa, ON, May 26-28, 1987. [777 KB]
91 Pesticide Pollution in the South Sydenham River Watershed (1988). I.J. Shelton, G.J. Wall. Agriculture Canada
[887 KB]
92 Potential for Soils to Transfer Pesticides to Water Systems in Southern Ontario. Aug. 1988. I.J. Shelton, G.J. Wall, W.T. Dickinson. [1866 KB]
93 Response Of Fecal Bacteria And Water Chemistry in an Agricultural Drain to Remedial Construction Activities on Livestock Farms. Aug., 1988 [777 KB]
94 Handbook on Waste Management for Rural Communities. Oct. 1988. Ont. Federation of Agriculture [519 KB]
95 A Study of the Impact of No-Till on Tractor Fuel Cost vs Crop Returns As affected by Various  No-Till Planter Modifications. Don Lobb (1989) [1799 KB]
96 Living with the Lakes: Challenges and Opportunities. Annex G, Water Levels Reference Study. 1989. I.J.C. [359 KB]
97 Development of Social Methodology: Southwestern Ontario Soil and Water Enhancement Program (1990)  Ecologistics, Ltd. [198 KB]
98 Bibliography of Reports Issued Under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreements of 1972 and 1978, and the Protocol Amending the 1978 Agreement.   July 1990.  [106 KB]   (incl. PLUARG reports)
99 Understanding Soil Conservation Behaviour: A Critical Review. (1990).  Centre for Soil and Water Conservation, U. of Guelph [488 KB]
100 Poisonous Plants of Canada. 1990. G.A. Mulligan & D.B. Munro. [299 KB]   (extensive list of references)
101 Pesticide Monitoring in Kintore Creek: 1990 Final Report (1991). Susan Johnston, Upper Thames River Conservation Authority.  [916 KB]
102 A Proposed Framework for Developing Indicators of Ecosystem Health for the Great Lakes Region. (July 1991)  (IJC:ID1049.pdf); Council of Great Lakes Research Managers Report to the International Joint Commission. [1210 KB]
103 Soil Quality in the Canadian Context - 1988 Discussion Papers. 1991. Ed. S.P. Mathur, C. Wang. [218 KB]
104 Soil Landscapes of Canada: Procedures Manual and User's Handbook. 1991. J.A. Shields et al.  [871 KB]
105 Guidelines for the integration of wildlife and habitat evaluations with ecological land survey. 1991. H.A. Stelfox et al, eds. [1218 KB]
106 National Workshop Proceedings - Agricultural Impacts on Water Quality: Canadian Perspectives. April 1992. Canadian Agricultural Research Council [1644 KB]
107 Agricultural Nitrate and Impacts on Water Quality in Ontario.  OWMRSC Workshop, 1992, London, ON
[3608 KB]
108 Guidelines for the Protection and Management of Aquatic Sediment Quality in Ontario (1993). Ont. Ministry of Environment & Energy [489 KB]
109 Methodologies for Assessing Soil Structure and for Predicting Crop Response to Changes in Soil Quality. 1993. B.D. Kay et al. [1569 KB]
110 Clay Mineralogical Database of Canadian Soils. 1993. H. Kodama et al.  [166 KB]
111 Benchmark Sites for Monitoring Agricultural Soil Quality in Canada. SQEP Rep.#1. 1994. C. Wang et al.  [1181 KB]
112 Non-limiting water range (NLWR): an approach for assessing soil structure: SQEP  Tech. Rep.#2. G.C. Topp. 1994.
113 Methodology for predicting agrochemical contamination of ground water resources: SQEP Program, Tech. Rep.# 4, W.D. Reynolds. 1994  [1535 KB]
114 The Status of Land Management Practices on Agricultural Land in Canada. 1994. J. Dumanski et al. [2385 KB]
115 The effect of Subsoiling and Drainage treatments on soil and crop characteristics. Mar. 1994. [874 KB]
116 State of the Environment: Recreational Water Quality (May 1995). D.L. Burns, J. Reffle, Middlesex-London Health Unit [341 KB]
117 Kettle Creek / Lake Erie Task Force: Water Quality Summary Report, 1995. Lori McMaster, Kettle Creek C.A. [1176 KB]
118 Review and Assessment of Available Indicators for Evaluating Sustainable Land Management. Tech Bull. 1995-7E, 1995. P. Neave et al. [1594 KB]
119 Environmental Liability in the Agriculture Sector. Jan., 1995. Morrie Paul  [1091 KB]
120 The Health of Our Soils: Towards Sustainble Agriculture in Canada. 1995.  [1080 KB]
121 A Program to Assess the Impacts and Benefits of Composted Source-Separated Solid Wastes (CSSSW) Applied to Agricultural Lands: National Agricultural Compost Trial. 1995. Tech Bull. 1995-9E  [914 KB]
122 An Assessment of the Association between Agricultural Production and Land Quality for Regional Planning. 1996. J.C. Hiley & J.A. Pettapiece [514 KB]
123 Indicators to Evaluate Progress under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. 1996. Int'l Joint Comm. [1201 KB]
124 Concentrations and variability of major, minor and trace elements in soils and crops from two Humic gleysol fields in Southeastern Ontario, Canada. 1996.  M. Ihnat et al. [2127 KB]  (44 data tables; 14 figures)
125 Response of Soil Organic Matter to Crop Management. 1996. C.A. Campbell & R.P Zenter  [447 KB]
126 Rapid Fecal Coliform and Escherichia coli Detection in the Recreational Waters of Lake Huron Beaches and an Inland Beach in 1997. Jason Aldom et al., [677 KB]
127 Contamination in Ontario farmstead domestic wells and its Association with Agriculture: 1. Results from Drinking Water Wells. M. Goss, D.Barry, D. Rudolph. 1998  [301 KB]
128 Location and Extent of the Soils of Southern Ontario: A User's Guide to series, catenae and soil legend information. 1998.  I.E. Jarvis et al.  [4471 KB]
129 The Health of Our Air: Towards Sustainble Agriculture in Canada. 1999. [3257 KB]
130 Guidance Manual for the Design, Construction and Operations of Constructed Wetlands for Rural Applications in Ontario. Nov., 1999. Stantec Consulting  [1224 KB]
131 The Health of Our Water: Towards Sustainble Agriculture in Canada.  2000.  [2801 KB]
132 The Management of Manure in Ontario with Respect to Water Quality.  2001. M.J. Goss et al., U. of Guelph
133 Dynamic economic modeling of soil carbon. March 2002. James Vercammen.  [654 KB]
134 The Secrets Behind PLUARG, (circa 2004) Sara Moore, IJC, Windsor, ON  (186 KB)
135 Scoping Study for an Agro-Ecosystem Indicator of the Risk of Water Contamination by Pathogens from Agricultural Operations. 29 July, 2004 For AAFC and O.M.E. M. Goss et al, U. of Guelph [1165 KB]
Canadian Agri-Food Research Council (CARC) - Related Documents
(PLUS  Related Climate Change Documents)

Note: CARC was a non-profit organization, founded in 1974, responsible for coordinating research and technology transfer efforts in agriculture and agri-food. It coordinated the development and updating of codes of practice for the care and handling of farm animals. It had approximately 35 members, drawn from the industry, the university community and public administrations. It was disbanded about 2007.

1 Canada Animal Waste Management Guide (1972). Canada Committee on Agric.Engineering [247 KB]
2 Agricultural Materials Handling Manual, Part 7 Engineering Properties. Section 7.1, Properties Of Agricultural Materials. 1981. Can. Comm. Agr. Eng. Serv. , CASCC.  [476 KB]  (34 property data tables for agricultural materials)
3 Siting Livestock and Poultry Operations for the 21st Century - Symposium Proceedings,  July 13 - 14, 1995, Ottawa, ON, Ed. Dr. J.A. Munroe  [1731 KB]
4 Climate Change Foundation Paper (Spring 1999).  AAFC Climcate Change Table  [341 KB]
5 Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Canadian Agriculture: Options Report, (Jan. 2000; Pub #: 2028/E), AAFC Climate Change Table [740 KB]
6 Ministry Management Practices and their Effect on GHG Emissions in the Ontario Agricultural Sector. July 2000. Soil Resource Group.  [840 KB]
7 Agriculture Sector Analysis on Greenhouse Gas Emission Mitigation in the United States. Dec. 2000. Thesis - U.W. Schneider, Texas A&M Univ.  [874 KB]
8 Climate Change Funding Initiative in Agriculture (CCFIA): Activities Report 2000 - 2001. (Feb. 2001) [117 KB]
9 Agriculture in Harmony with Nature: AAFC's Sustainable Development Strategy, 2001-2004 . (2001). AAFC  [739 KB]
10 Resource Catalog of Information on Agricultural Best Management Practices That Positively Influence Climate Change (2001).  Soil Conservation Canada, Indian Head, SK  [274 KB]
11 Agriculture in Harmony with Nature: AAFC's Sustainable Development Strategy 2001-2004.  (2001)
12 Securing Agriculture's Future: Invest today ~ Prosper Tomorrow. (Oct. 2002). P,M's Caucus Task Force on Future Opportunities in Farming. Bob Speller, MP  [577 KB]
13 An Assessment of the Opportunities and Challenges of a Bio-Based Economy for Agriculture and Food Research in Canada. 2003. [755 KB]
14 An Assessment of the Economics of Adopting Stewardship Practices in Livestock Production in Response to Environmental and Societal Concerns. (2003) Thomsen Corp., for CARC  [478 KB]
15 A Canadian Biomass Inventory: Feedstocks for a Bio-based Economy, Final Report (June 2003) S.M. Wood & D.B. Layzell, BIOCAP Canada Foundation, Kingston, Ont. [705 KB]
16 Development of a Farm-Level Greenhouse Gas Assessment: Identification of Knowledge Gaps and Development of a Science Plan. Aug. 2003. Alberta Agric. Food & Rural Development  [1199 KB]
17 Climate Change: We are at Risk. (June 2003). Standing Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry  [652 KB]
18 Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation: A Canadian Perspective (2004) . Nat. Resources Canada  [4598 KB]
19 Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Canadian Agriculture: Narrowing The Knowledge Gaps; Final Program And Research Report  (April 2005).  Climate Change Funding Initiative In Agriculture (CCFIA)   [2585 KB]
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