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A Report on Canada's Progress Towards a National Set of Environmental Indicators. SOE Reporting. January 1991


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Priority Issues

The Report on Environmental Sustainability, entitled "Growing Together", was presented to the Ministers of Agriculture by the Federal-Provincial Agriculture Committee on June 30, 1990. This was the initial step in the development of the Agricultural Component of the Environmental Green Plan. The report dealt with eight priority issues:

  1. Soil concerns associated with degradation and urban encroachment
  2. Water quality linked to pesticides and other agricultural contaminants
  3. The relationship between agriculture and wildlife habitats
  4. Excess or inadequate water supply
  5. Problems such as climate change and ozone depletion
  6. Inefficient energy use and the lack of economically viable alternatives to fossil fuels
  7. Pollution and waste management problems
  8. Concerns linked to genetic resources

The report (Growing Together) reached nine major conclusions and made 11 major recommendations for action to confirm and demonstrate their long-term commitment to the environmental sustainability of the agri-food sector.

The Executive Summary of "Growing Together" is available for download in Adobe Acrobat pdf  format (19 K)

The RATIONALE and PRIORITIES used in developing the various Green Plan Programs are available for review, as are the ISSUES associated with the development of the Green Plan Programs.


Green Plan Ag Stakeholders' Forum

The report (Growing Together) was followed by a two-day Green Plan Ag Stakeholders' Forum on Oct. 17 - 18, 1991 at the Kempenfelt Conference Centre, Barrie, Ontario, which provided a forum for approximately seventy stakeholders to suggest priorities and program areas for Green Plan support and activities. The basis for the Forum was the four main agricultural issues affecting environmental sustainability:

  • Water quality,
  • Secure land base,
  • Reduction of pollution impact,
  • Wildlife habitat.

The Executive Summary from the Ag Stakeholders' Forum included 30 identified recommendations divided into four categories:

  1. Organic Byproducts/Nutrient Management .... (Group A)
  2. Integrated Grassroots Planning and Communication .... (Group B)
  3. Natural Heritage and Wildlife Habitat .... (Group C)
  4. On-Farm Planning for Sustainable Agriculture .... (Group D)

A synopsis of the Green Plan Ag Stakeholders' Forum is available for viewing here.


COESA Green Plan Committees

Following the signing of the Canada-Ontario Environmental Sustainability Accord (COESA) on February 27, 1992, the ACCORD COMMITTEE was created under Sect. 6.3 of the Agreement, drawing membership (8) from those federal and provincial departments which are involved with the issue of environmental sustainability as it relates to the Ontario agri-food sector.

Under Sect.6.3(h) of the Agreement, the Agreement Management Committee (AMC) was created, having the same departmental representation as that of the Accord Committee. It was the task of the AMC to implement provisions of the agreement, developing program areas of the Green Plan program, drawing on recommendations from the Kempenfelt Forum, as well as from the Report on Environmental Sustainability (Growing Together).

The Accord Advisory Committee was formed under section 6.4 of the Agreement, to provide advice to the Accord Committee on a range of issues dealing with environmental sustainability priorities and programs. The membership of the Advisory Committee was comprised of interested stakeholders representing the diverse interests involved in the environmental sustainability of the agri-food business, producers, environmental groups, consumers, educational institutions, and resource interests (somewhat mirroring the representation of the stakeholders at the Kempenfelt Forum). From this group, one or two members of the Advisory Committee are to be identified to represent Ontario on a National Advisory Committee which will provide practical advice to the federal and provincial Ministers of Agriculture.

The agreement on the Agriculture Component of the Green Plan was signed on September 21, 1992. The agreement set out the details of the administration and management, the workplan, and the various program areas with their respective funding levels for both the Federal and Provincial portions of the Green Plan.


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