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Background for the Environmental Farm Plans

The idea for Environmental Farm Plans (EFP) originated in the Ontario farm community. Farmers have been involved in every stage of developing Environmental Farm Plans, through the Ontario Farm Environmental Coalition (the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario, AGCare (Agricultural Groups Concerned About Resources and the Environment), and the Ontario Farm Animal Council).

The original EFP Pilot Program was funded under the Land Management Assistance Program.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has committed $3.9 million of federal Green Plan funds over four years to deliver Environmental Farm Plans. An additional $4.7 million is earmarked to deliver an incentive program, providing up to $1500 per farm business for making positive changes which have been identified in their EFP Action Plan.

Increase your awareness and knowledge, build competitiveness and strengthen your industry by participating in the Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) Program.

"The EFP is an excellent way to mark our own report card and rate all our farm activities enivronmentally .... We need to inform our urban neighbours that we are concerned about the environment".
Bob Dobson, Beef Producer, Renfrew County
Photo: Lee Hart



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