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For Immediate Release

July 22, 1997


 Province-wide Working Group Established to Tackle

Manure Spills

Representatives from the agricultural industry, academic institutions and government agencies have banded together to tackle the issues around manure handling and application that has lead to manure spills and related fish kills across Ontario. The Working Group, ‘Livestock Manure Pollution Prevention Pilot Project’ or ‘Livestock Manure P4', is a sub-committee of the Ontario Farm Environmental Coalition’s Ontario Water Quality Working Group and is sponsored by Environment Canada.

The progressive and proactive step comes at a time when the province is experiencing a period of intensification in the livestock industry, particularly housing facilities. Manure management is a complex issue. The challenge will be to handle and apply the increased amount of manure without negatively impacting the environment. Many individuals, organizations and agencies are presently researching and demonstrating innovative technology to meet the challenge head on.

This group provides a forum to encourage practical ideas about manure management and promote research. Although the main focus of the group is to reduce the amount of environmental damage caused by manure spills, finding ways of keeping manure on the land and out of streams will benefit the farm through improved health and production and will protect the quality of our surface and ground water resources.

For further information about the Pilot Project, please contact:

Ken Tuininga
Environment Canada
phone: (416) - 739-5895
fax: (416) - 739-4342


Paul Verkley
Ontario Dairy Farmer
phone and fax: (519) - 356-9022


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