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Through a series of meetings during 1992, the Accord Management Committee (AMC) developed nine program areas, of which three were focussed on research activities. They were as follows:

  1. Manure/Nutrient Management and Closed Loop Recycling
  2. On-Farm Research
  3. Resource Monitoring

The RATIONALE and PRIORITIES used in developing the various Green Plan Programs are available for review, as are the ISSUES associated with the development of the Green Plan Programs.


Research Program Management Committee

The Research Branch Managers for the Research Program are:

Dr. Bruce Bowman, Scientific Authority, Research Program (AMC member), and Team Leader - Manure/Nutrient Management Program
Dr. Al Hamill, Team Leader - On-Farm Research Program
Dr. Bruce MacDonald, Team Leader - Resource Monitoring Program
Dr. Frank Marks, Director, Pest Management Research Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, London
Dr. Wally Findlay, Scientific Resource Advisor (Scientific Authority for earlier SWEEP program).
Mr. Tokey Ryan, Financial Advisor
The affiliations and addresses of Research Project Managers are also available.


Project Development

As an aid in identifying key issues which should be considered in the development of research projects in each of the three program areas, two Project Planning Workshops were held at the College Motor Inn in Guelph, Ontario during the fall of 1992. Each Team Manager assembled a Research Project Team comprised of 6 to 8 individuals (click here to view their roles) representing a cross-section of the agricultural community who had particular expertise in the respective Research Program areas. Follow this link to view a diagrammatic Organization chart of the Green Plan Research Program.

Drawing on the 30 recommendations from the Ag Stakeholders' Forum in 1991 and on additional recommendations from the Planning Workshop membership, the Research Managers began the process of developing Requests for Research Proposals. There were three types of potential contractors to be considered:

  1. Private Sector environmental consultants,
  2. University or Agricultural/Technology Colleges, and
  3. In-House Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research Branch stations.

Contract acquisition and management of the research projects with the private sector were supervised by Supply and Services Canada through the Open Bidding System. University/college projects were funded by contribution agreements, while in-house research projects were through internal transfer of funds. In all cases, Requests for Proposal were prepared by the Research Management Team, proposals were submitted and reviewed, graded, and contracts were awarded. Of the approximate $7 million in funding over the term of the Research Program, approximately 50% of the contracts were awarded to the private sector, while about 25% each were awarded to the university/colleges and in-house research projects.


Project Review and Monitoring

A Research Coordinating Committee was established by the Management Committee in order to provide some degree of independent review and monitoring of the research projects, through the developmental stages as well as during the active phases of the research program. Click here to view membership of the Research Coordinating Committee.

At the end of each fiscal year in March, a 2-day Research Program Workshop is held at which all of the contractors make either platform or poster presentations of the progress on their respective projects. The Research Coordinating Committee and the Project Teams, along with other management personnel, are invited to participate in the workshop and to make comments to the contractors. The proceedings of the workshops (executive summaries, and transcripts of discussion groups) are available for downloading by selecting the highlighted text below:


  • Download 1994 Research Workshop Proceedings (56K pdf)
  • Download 1995 Research Workshop Proceedings (42K pdf)
  • Download 1996 Research Workshop Proceedings (41K pdf)





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