October 16 - 18, 1991
Kempenfelt Conference Centre Barrie, Ontario




Environment Canada's GREEN PLAN has earmarked approximately $30m of new funding to Agriculture Canada for use in the Province of Ontario over the next five years to give effect to agriculture-based environmental sustainability initiatives.

The challenge for Agriculture Canada is to use this funding most effectively on behalf of the environment and the taxpayer.

Agriculture Canada approved a recommendation from the Soil and Water Conservation Information Bureau, University of Guelph to stage a two-day Green Plan Ag Stakeholders' Forum on Oct. 17,18, 1991.

Approximately 50 stakeholders are invited to participate, 30 from primary agriculture and the balance from non-government agencies and interest groups. In addition the members of the Green Plan Canada/Ontario Accord Committee, the Accord Advisory Committee and the Funding Management Committee will be in attendance and active as participants.

The basis for the Forum is the four main agricultural issues affecting environmental sustainability: water quality, secure land base, reduction of pollution impact, wildlife habitat. The purpose is to recommend ideas based on these issues which may turn into effective funded initiatives.

Dr. Freeman McEwen, former Dean of the Ontario Agricultural College, University of Guelph and current President of the Agriculture Institute of Canada served as chair and the firm of Price Waterhouse have been retained as Professional facilitators.

The Bureau organized the Forum to give voice to the environmental sustainability concerns and aspirations of agriculture in Ontario and believes it will be possible to gain some consensus or at least groupings of priorities for a report to the Canada/Ontario Accord Committee for funding consideration under the Agriculture Canada section of the Green Plan.



INDEX OF RECOMMENDATIONS: With participant preference expressed within each subject group



(Group A)

1 Site specific organic byproduct utilization Sawyer
2 Expanded use of soil/manure nutrient analysis Neutens
3 Manure storage incentive program Hiscocks
4 Closed Loop' urban/ag organic recycling demo Hil


(Group B)
  Principles for Accord Committee consideration Findlay
5 Multi-stakeholder review of rural sustainability Girt
6 Articulating the ag stakeholders vision Den Haan
7 Promoting a positive image of agriculture Cowan
8 Specialized/focused information service Hoffman
9 Pilot on-farm management plans Surgeoner
10 Trial urban-fringe land management trust vanDonkersgoed
11 Pilot rural community involvement projects Winter


(Group C)

12 Ag drainage/natural water course interface Penfold
13 Environmental mediation access for agriculture Penfold
14 Landowner encouragement to protect wetlands Penfold
15 Natural heritage demonstration project V.Martin
16 Woodland heritage program for SW Ontario V.Martin
17 Integrated rural landscape management Hilts
18 Ag image building via walking trails Hilts
19 Private forestry for economics and ecology Hilts
20 Environmental sustainability education Prout
21 Paying the costs of wildlife habitat J.Miller
22 Alfalfa as human food D.Frank


(Group D)

23 Local control for funding farm plans MacIntosh
24 Public payment for farmland cover crops MacIntosh
25 Soil improvement set aside program M.Martin
26 Farmer-to-farmer education/consultants Pembry/Smith
27 Participatory on-farm Systems' research Pembry
28 Encouragement of environmental farming Samson
29 Agricultural production vs other land uses Wilson
30 Funding permanent pasture fencing Magee




Green Plan Ag Stakeholders' Forum
Oct. 16th

4:30- 9:30pm Registration

Day One/Oct. 17th
8:00am KICK-OFF - Theme: Freeman McEwen "Agriculture and Environmental Sustainability"; Validation of Forum effort Fran Cullen Ag Canada; Process Lindsay Barfoot "participants are the program"
8:20 BREAKOUT I - 5 min each of stakeholders opportunity/action/benefits ideas
10:00 Break
10:30 Discussion/vote within each breakout group for its top five proposals
1:00pm PLENARY Presentation of top five from each group for collective agreement on duplicates/issue relationship to probable list of 12-16.
3:00 Break
3:30 BREAKOUT II - Clustering of consolidated list into four groups:
  1. Personal choice for Breakout II groups
  2. Brainstorm possible actions/benefits
  3. formulate five fundable project ideas (matrix format)
7:15 PROGRESS REPORT - McEwen with visual props (Elliott)
7:30-9:00 (optional) Additional time to complete Breakout II

Day Two / Oct.18th
8:00am PLENARY Round robin presentation of 5 fundable project ideas per group; vote on each subject group to establish participant preferences
1:00pm WRAP-UP - Significance Survey participant reporting
"Next To Last Word" - Freeman McEwen
"The Last Word" - Fran Cullen



STAKEHOLDERS (agriculture)
Graydon Bowman forage, N.ONT
Jack Fraser cash, E.ONT
Bob Hart cash, LSII
Graham Hart pork, OIA
Don Hill+ mixed, OSCIA, (A)
Richard Hiscocks pork
Brenda Macintosh poultry, corn
Max MacKay dairy, SWCIB
Jim Magee beef, OCA
Maurice Martin cash, OSCI
John Miller dairy, E.Ont.
Earle Muir fruit, Niagara
Mike Pembry+ organic, (C)
Jack Rigby SWCIB, TAP
Roger Samson REAP
Doug Smith ridge, REAP
Laurence Taylor cash, SWCIB
Elbert vanDonkersgoed CFFO
Hank VanderPol veg, mushroom
Jeff Wilson veg, AgCare

STAKEHOLDERS (agribus/academics)
Charles Baldwin soil, manure
Sandra Banks+ Groc.Prod. M.C.
Dick Frank water quality
Stew Hilts U of G., planning
Doug Hoffman land use
Ken McCutcheon drainage
Murray Miller U of G., plant/soil
Henry Neutens+ fert. dealer, TFIO
George Penfold land use
Tom Sawyer ag chem
Gord Surgeoner Sust. Ag

STAKEHOLDERS (non-government organizations)
Wayne Cowan Ducks Unlimited
Ed Den Haan U of G,rural sociology
Richard Findlay Ont. Rd. Table
John Girt Ont. Rd. Table (B)
Lucienne Bushnell Consum. Assoc. Can
Tom Prout Ausable Bay C.A., SWCS
Martin Board Secty, FON
Chris Winter Conser.Coun ONT

Jim Ashman* MOE
Vic Cairns** Fish/Oceans
Fran Cullen* Ag Canada
Galen Driver* OMAF
Rae Horst* OMNR
Frank Ingratta* OMAF
Ken Knox** OMAF
Frank Marks* Ag Canada
Fred Mooney* Ag Canada
Ray Rivers** Envir Canada

Staff Observers
Martin Bohl OMAF
Barry Grace Ag Canada
Christine Guay Env. Sust. Bureau
Lisa Hardey Ag Canada
Mike Hicknell Ag Canada
Greg Wall Ag Canada

Lindsay Barfoot facilitator
Nancy Brown Andison facilitator
Maria Cochran Info. Bureau
Greg Elliott Info. Bureau
Helen Lammers-Helps Info. Bureau
Dennis MacGillivray facilitator
Freeman McEwen chair
Rosemary Peer facilitator
Doug Robinson co-ordinator
* - Accord Committee Members
** - Alternates
+ - Advisory Committee - (to Accord Committee) members
David Armitage - OFA staff
(Dona Stewardson+)
Oliver Kent. - facilitator




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