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Technology Transfer Committee
Canada-Ontario Agriculture Green Plan
revised June 1996



Canada's Green Plan lists three objectives vital to achieving sustainable agri-food systems:

  • to conserve and enhance the natural resources that agriculture uses and shares.
  • to be compatible with other environmental resources that are affected by agriculture.
  • to be proactive in protecting the agri-food sector from the environmental impacts caused by other sectors and factors, external to agriculture.

Goal of the Technology Transfer Committee:

To work, in cooperation with the existing systems for technology transfer in Ontario, for the benefit of the agriculture and food industry in Ontario, by ensuring that information related to sustainable technology for agriculture, generated by Green Plan-funded research and demonstration projects, and related programs, is effectively and efficiently transferred to Ontario farmers and to the wider community.


  1. Liaise with those who transfer technology to Ontario farmers to:
    • determine the needs of those who transfer technology to Ontario farmers, with respect to both the type of information required and the manner in which it will be best transferred, through workshops, surveys, literature reviews and personal contact.
    • inform those involved in transferring technology to Ontario farmers of the type of information being generated within Green Plan, through workshops, reports and personal contact.
    • identify and develop opportunities, within existing systems for technology transfer, for the development of partnerships among governments, agribusinesses, producers and others, to facilitate the continuing transfer of information to Ontario farmers.
    • identify barriers to the transfer of technology, within existing and emerging systems.
  2. Liaise with Green Plan program leaders to:
    • prepare an inventory of the information that will be available for transfer.
    • identify linkages among results from the Green Plan programs and projects, as well as other related sources of information.
    • develop guidelines for the reporting of Green Plan project results to facilitate their transfer to the target audiences.
  3. Demonstrate, evaluate and recommend, to the Accord Committee of Canada Ontario Environmental Sustainability Accord, the most appropriate processes for ensuring the effective and efficient transfer of information related to sustainable technology to the Ontario agricultural sector.
    • evaluate new methods and tools for transferring information.
    • assess the suitability of these technologies for meeting the information needs of Ontario's agricultural sector.
    • identify the types of information and the target audience for which the various communications technologies are best suited.
    • document the process and resources required to implement and maintain technology transfer programs using these communications tools.


The Technology Transfer Committee may use any combination of the following:

  • research and development, through third party contracts, initiated and overseen by task teams, appointed by the committee, based on Requests For Proposals approved by the committee.
  • facilitation, by providing forums through which stakeholders can exchange information and develop cooperative programs.
  • technical recommendations regarding possible courses of action for technology transfer.



To include representatives from the following

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affair
Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Ontario Farm Environmental Coalition
Ontario Federation of Agriculture
Stewardship Information Bureau, University of Guelph


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