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LSEMS - The Original Program (1981 - 1985 )

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Background Information

Archivist Note:  Although the background information for the Implementation phase of the LSEMS indicated that it commenced in 1990, at least seven of the 20 Implementation Reports were completed between 1985 and 1990. Thus we show the Implementation phase to follow the completion of the original phase in 1985.

The Implementation Program was under the direction of the LSEMS Steering Committee, which was comprised of representatives from the following agencies:

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Food;
  • Ministry of the Environment;
  • Ministry of Natural Resources; and
  • Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority.

The Lake Simcoe Environmental Management Strategy (LSEMS) studies were initiated in 1981 in response to concern over the loss of a coldwater fishery in Lake Simcoe. The studies concluded that increased urban growth and poor agricultural practices within the drainage basin were filling the lake with excess nutrients. These nutrients promote increased weed growth in the lake with the end result being a decrease in the water's oxygen supply. The "Final Report and Recommendations of the Steering Committee" was released in 1985. The report recommended that a phosphorus control strategy be designed to reduce phosphorus inputs from rural and urban sources.

 In 1990 the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority was named lead agency to coordinate the LSEMS Implementation Program, a five year plan to improve the water quality of Lake Simcoe. The Conservation Authority had overall coordination responsibilities as outlined in the LSEMS Cabinet Submission and subsequent agreement (Recommendation E.1). At the completion of the five year plan (1994) a report was be submitted to the Cabinet. This report outlined the activities and progress of the LSEMS Implementation Program during its five years. After reviewing the progress of the program the Cabinet could continue the implementation program.

The goal of the LSEMS Implementation Program was to improve the water quality and natural coldwater fishery of Lake Simcoe by reducing the phosphorus loading to the lake. The LSEMS Implementation Program was to:

  1.  initiate remedial measures and control options designed to reduce phosphorus inputs entering Lake Simcoe,
  2. monitor the effectiveness of these remedial measures and controls and
  3. evaluate the overall response of the lake to this program.

Through cost sharing programs, environmental awareness of the public and further studies, the goal of restoring a naturally reproducing coldwater fishery in Lake Simcoe by improving water quality can be reached.

Lake Simcoe Environmental Management Strategy Report List (26)
Imp. A.1 Lower Holland River Erosion Control Study. 1992.  Harrington & Hoyle Ltd.  [1662 KB]  
Imp. A.2 Lake Simcoe Tributary Monitoring Data Report, 1982 to 1992.  May, 1994.  G. Peat & M. Waiters.  [3439 KB] data tables, Tot. P, Filtered Reactive P, Sus. solids, Kjeld. N,
Imp. A.3    
Imp. A.4 Annual Water Balances And Phosphorus Loading for Lake Simcoe (1990 - 1998).  circa 1998. L.D. Scott et al.   [1163 KB] 16 figs., P loading, annual flow,
Imp. A.5 Phosphorus Loading To Lake Simcoe, 1990 - 1998: Highlights and Preliminary Interpretation in Historical and Ecosystem Contexts.  May, 2001.  K.H. Nicholls. [1153 KB]  
Imp. A.6 Development and Implementation of a Phosphorus Loading Watershed Management Model for Lake Simcoe. Sept., 1994.   Beak Consultants Ltd. [2797 KB] Tot. pred. P Load, 11 loading components
Imp. B.1 The Benthic Alga "Dichotomosiphon tuberosus in Lake Simcoe, 1986.  1987.  Limnos Ltd.  [706 KB]  
Imp. B.2 The Predictability of Hypolimnetic Dissolved Oxygen Depletion in Lake Simcoe, Part 1.  1987. Beak Consultants Ltd. (1991)   [2400 KB] 22 tables, 66 figs.,
Imp. B.3 Estimated Outflow from Lake Simcoe at Atherly, 1982-1986.  1991. Cumming-Cockburn and Associates Ltd.  [351 KB]  
Imp. B.4 Aquatic Plants of Cook Bay, Lake Simcoe, 1987.   1991. Limnos Ltd. [687 KB]  
Imp. B.5 Duckweed Harvest from Holland River.  1991. Limnos Ltd. [291 KB]  
Imp. B.6 Assessment and Control of Duckweed in the Maskinonge River, Keswick, Ontario.  1992. Limnos Ltd. [879 KB]  
Imp. B.7 The History of Phosphorus, Sediment and Metal Loadings to Lake Simcoe from Lake Sediment Records.  Dec. 1989.  M.G. Johnson and K.H. Nicholls.   [552 KB] Cu, Ni, Zn, Pb, Cd, Cr loadings
Imp. B.8 Hypolimnetic Oxygen Dynamics in Lake Simcoe,  Part 2: Evaluation Using Time Trend and Model Simulation Techniques.  April, 1990.  Beak Consultants Ltd.  [2112 KB] 93 figs.,
Imp. B.9 Lake Simcoe Hypolimnion Aeration: An Assessment of the Potential for Direct Treatment.  Aug. 1990. Limnos Ltd. [1349 KB]  
Imp. B.10 Lake Simcoe Nearshore Water Quality Monitoring at Water Supply Intakes, 1982-1989: Data Report.  Oct. 1990. Hopkins, G.J. and L Webb.  [1333 KB] 2 doz. data tables, tot. & FR-P, 4 nitrogens, conductivity, chlorophyll
Imp. B.11 Status in 1990 of the Dominant Benthic Alga, Dichotomosiphon tuberosus, in Lake Simcoe.  Jan. 1991. Limnos Ltd.  [642 KB]  
Imp. B.12 Estimated Monthly Flows and Exports of Total Nitrogen and Phosphorus from Lake Simcoe at Atherley. April, 1992. Cumming-Cockburn and Associates Limited.  [396 KB] Tables - mo. export of TKN, NO2, NO3, P
Imp. B.13 Water Quality Trends in Lake Simcoe 1972-1990 and the Implications for Basin Planning and Limnological Research Needs.  Oct. 1991. Nicholls, K.H.  [798 KB] 14 figs.,
Imp. B.14 Hydrodynamic Computer Model of Major Water Movement Patterns in Lake Simcoe. June 1992. "Hydroflux Engineering.  [3223 KB]  
Imp. B.15 Estimation of Phosphorus Loadings and Evalution of Empirical Oxygen Models for Lake Simcoe for 1970 - 1990.  Dec., 1992.  Beak Consultants Ltd.  [1034 KB]  
Imp. B.16 Hypolimnetic Oxygen Dynamics in Lake Simcoe, Part 3:  Model Confirmation and Prediction of the Effects of Management.  Dec., 1992.  Beak Consultants Ltd.   [1670 KB]  
Imp. B.17 A Limnological Basis for a Lake Simcoe Phosphorus Loading Objective.  July, 1995. K.H. Nicholls.  [2054 KB]  
Imp. B.18 Lake Simcoe Water Quality Update, with Emphasis on Phosphorus Trends. 
Nov., 1998.  K.H. Hicholls.  [961 KB]
Imp. B.19 Lake Simcoe Water Quality Update: LSEMS Phase II Progress Report, 1995-1999.  May, 2001. K.H. Hicholls.  [772 KB]  
Imp. B.20 Lake Simcoe Water Quality Update 2000 - 2003.  Implementation Program 2005. Jan., 2005. M.C. Eimers & J.G. Winter.  [314 KB]  
n/a Lake Simcoe, Our Waters, Our Heritage. Summary of Phase I Progress and Recommendations for Phase II.1995. [2169 KB]  

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