Reports Related to
Land Use Planning &
Sustainable Development

The Reports in this group have kindly been donated by Anthony Usher,
Retired Land Use Planning Consultant, Toronto, ON.

  1. Reports are all in PDF format and are sorted chronologically by publication date.
1 A Report On Land Use By The Conservation Council Of Ontario.  Sept. 1, 1960. Conservation Council of Ontario.
[1607 KB]
2 ONTARIO SOILS: Physical, Chemical and Biological Properties and Principles of Soil Management. Publication #492. 1964. L.R. Webber.  [2586 KB]
3 Origin, Classification And Use Of Ontario Soils. 1967. L.R. Webber & D.W. Hoffman.  [3810KB]
4 Acreages By Townships And Counties For Agricultural Land Use Capability In Southern Ontario. Jan. 1970.  [523 KB]
5 The Canada Land Inventory: Objectives, Scope And Organization. Rep.1, 1970.  [322 KB]
6 The Evolution Of Policy In Contemporary Ontario. Series #2: The Protection And Use Of Natural Resources In Ontario. January 1974.  W.R. Smithies   [406 KB]
7 Changes In Acreage of Census Farms in Ontario 1941 to 1971 by Census Subdivisions. April 1, 1974
8 Acreages Of Soil Capability Classes For Agriculture In Ontario. October, 1975. D.W. Hoffman, H.F. Noble. [1390 KB]
{60+ pages of Township Acreage Tables)
9 Canada Land Inventory - Land Capability For Agriculture: A Preliminary Report. (No. 10), April 1976.  [865 KB ]
10 The Canada Land Inventory In Perspective. March, 1977.  W.E. Rees.  [201 KB]
11 The Physical Base For Agriculture In Central Canada. Economics Information. Oct. 1978.  T.P. Tosine. [1443 KB]
12 Guidelines for Land Use Planning. 1980. Ministry of Natural Resources.  [631 KB]
13 A Framework For Resource Management Planning In MNR.  Policy & Planning Secretariat. April, 1986.  [152 KB]
14 Wetland Distribution And Conversion In Southern Ontario - Working Paper No. 48, 1987. E.A. Snell  [842 KB]
15 Climate Change Digest: Implications Of Climatic Change For Tourism And Recreation In Ontario. CCD 88-05. 1988. Geoff Wall, U. Waterloo  [803 KB]
16 Land Use Planning and Sustainable Development in Canada. 1989.  N. Richardson.  [1047KB]
17 Toward A Common Future: A Report On Sustainable Development And Its Implications For Canada. 1989. Michael Keating. [2211 KB]
18 A Report on Canada's Progress Towards a National Set of Environmental Indicators. SOE Reporting. January 1991  [2908 KB]
19 An Agricultural Land Protection Program For Ontario: A Discussion Paper. OMAF. April 1992. [150 KB]
20 The State of Canada's Climate: Temperature Change In Canada 1895-1991. July 1992.  D.W. Gullett & W.R. Skinner  [1430 KB]
21 Climate Change Digest: Adaptation to Climate Change and Variability in Canadian Water Resources. CCD 93-02. 1993. W.K. Nuttle .  [1615 KB]
22 Toward An Ecosystem Approach To Land-Use Planning. June 1994. D.A Neufeld et al.  [243 KB]
23 SOE Report: The State of Canada's Climate: Monitoring Variability and Change. May 1995.  [3392 KB]


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