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LSP Report LS7014

Farm Shelterbelt Design and Demonstration



Researcher: Dr. V. Chanasyk, Landscape Architecture, University of Guelph, Principal Researcher

Funding: $3,230


  1. To review shelterbelt design theory and to incorporate the most relevant aspects of it into the design of farm shelterbelts and amenity plantings.
  2. Working with farmer clients to design farm plantings with regard to specific needs associated with shelter, snow, wind and climate control, soil erosion, food production, energy conservation, recreation and wildlife conservation.
  3. To establish a farm shelterbelt demonstration project which may be used by OMAF and the University of Guelph for purposes associated with agricultural and rural landscape extension.

Expected Benefits

  1. Consistent with the notions of stewardship of the land and ecological agriculture, to design and assist in the implementation of a farm shelterbelt demonstration.
  2. To undertake an extension project with the aim of investigating the role of landscape architecture in rural extension.
  3. To establish a shelterbelt based on recent design information which would be useful in future observation and researcher.

Summary of Research Results

No final report received - researcher has retired from the University of Guelph.




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Created: 03-23-1996
Last Revised: Tuesday, May 10, 2011 12:53:02 PM