N.K. Patni Collection of Manure Research Papers
(1978 - 2002)

Dr. Naveen Patni was a research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Ottawa, and in Agassiz, BC. for more than three decades (1970's - 1990's). He was also a Professional Engineer, and longtime member of the American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers (ASABE).


Greenhouse Gas Issues

Jackson, H.A., R.G. Kinsman, D.I. Massé, J.A. Munroe, F.D. Sauer N.K. Patni, D.J. Buckley, E. Pattey, R. Desjardins, M.S. Wolynetz. (1993)  Measuring Greenhouse Gas Emissions In A Controlled Environment Dairy Barn. [314 KB pdf]. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Presented at the 1993 ASAE Meeting, Chicago, IL; December 14-17, 1993.

Jackson, H.A., N.K. Patni, D.I. Massé, R.G. Kinsman, M.S. Wolynetz, D.J. Buckley, J.A. Munroe, F.D. Sauer, R. Desjardins, E. Pattey. (1994)  Measuring Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Dairy Manure Slurry. [290 KB pdf]  ASAE Meeting Paper No. 944540, Atlanta, GA, December 13-16, 1994.

Patni, N. K., H. A. Jackson, D. I. Massé, M. Wolynetz, and R. Kinsman. 1995. Greenhouse gas release from stored dairy cattle manure slurry. [317 KB pdf] In Proc.of  7th Int. Symp. on Agric. & Food Processing Wastes, June 1995, Chicago, IL, Sponsored by ASAE, p. 261-271.

Patni, N.K., T. Kannangara,S. Bittman, J. Paul, S. Yu. 2000.  Nitrous Oxide Emission from Land Application, Composting and Storage of Manure. [410  KB pdf]   - presented at the 2000 ASAE Annual International Meeting, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, July 9-12, 2000 - Emissions of nitrous oxide were determined following three to four annual applications of fertilizer, dairy cattle liquid manure and liquid hog manure on grassland.


Waste Storage & Treatment Issues

Patni, N.K., Jiu, P.Y. 1985. Volatile Fatty Acids in Stored Dairy-Cattle Slurry. [321 KB pdf] - Agricultural Wastes 13: 159–178.

Patni, N.K., S. P. Clarke. (1991). Transient Hazardous Conditions in Animal Buildings due to Manure Gas Released During Slurry Mixing. [527 KB pdf]  Applied Eng. In Agric. 7(4): 478 - 484.

Barrington, S.F., Denis, J. and Patni, N.K. (1991). Leakage from two concrete manure tanks. [98 KB pdf] Can. Agric. Eng. 33:137-141.

Patni, Naveen. (1992).  Effectiveness of Manure Additives. [1204  KB pdf];  Centre for Food and Animal Research, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Ottawa.

Patni, N.K. et al. 1992. Passively Aerated Composting of Manure Slurry. Presentation at ASAE Meeting,Nashville, TN, 15-18 December 1992

Clarke, S.P. and Naveen Patni. (1992).   Transient Nature of Hazardous Conditions in Swine Barns Due to Manure Gases During Slurry Mixing. [1936  KB pdf];  View related ASAE Paper below (1991).

Patni, N.K., and R.G. Kinsman.  (July, 1997).  Composting of Swine Manure Slurry to Control Odour, Remove Water, and Reduce Pollution Potential. [1314 KB pdf]  Centre for Food & Animal Res., Res. Branch, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Ottawa, ON; prepared for the Ontario Pork Producers Marketing Board. 

Patni, Naveen. (June 17, 2002) Hog Manure Management Technology: History©. Presented at Hog Manure Management Technology Workshop, Delta Centre-Ville Hotel, Montreal.


Waste Utilization Issues

Patni, N.K. 1980. Pipeline Transportation of Liquid Manure. [73 KB pdf] Presented at: LIVESTOCK WASTE: A RENEWABLE RESOURCE PROCEEDINGS 4th INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON LIVESTOCK WASTES - 1980; April 15-17, 1980, Amarillo, Texas

Phillips, P.A.  J.L.B. Culley, F.R. Hore and N.K. Patni. 1981.  Pollution Potential and Corn Yields from Selected Rates and Timing of Liquid Manure Applications. Trans.of ASAE Vol. 24,(1):139-144.

Culley, J. L. B.; Patni, N. K. 1987. Soil Compaction from Liquid Manure Tanker Traffic. [127 KB pdf] ASAE 30(5) 1214-1216.

Patni, N.K., Jiu, P.Y. 1987. Changes in Solids and Carbon Content of Dairy-Cattle Slurry in Farm Tanks. [245 KB pdf] - Biological Wastes 20: 11–34.

Patni, N. K.,  J. L. B. Culley. (1989). Corn Silage Yield, Shallow Groundwater Quality and Soil Properties Under Different Methods and Times of Manure Application. [64 KB pdf]  Trans ASAE Vol. 32(6):2123-2129

Mathur, S.P., N.K. Patni & M.P. Levesque. 1990  Static Pile, Passive Aeration Composting of Manure Slurries Using Peat as a Bulking Agent.  Biological Wastes 34: 323-333. 

Patni, N.K., Jiu, P.Y. 1991.  Nitrogen Concentration Variability in Dairy-Cattle Slurry Stored in Farm Tanks. [287 KB pdf] - Trans. of the ASAE Vol. 34, No.2: 609 - 615.


Water Quality Issues

Patni, N.K. 1982. Nutrient And Solids Transport To Surface Water In A Manured And Fertilized Cropping Operation. Presentation at 1982 Ann. Meet., Can. Soc. Agric. Eng, July 11-15, Vancouver, B.C.

Patni, N.K., R. Toxopeus, A.D. Tennant and F.R. Hore. 1984. Bacterial Quality Of Tile Drainage Water From Manured And Fertilized Cropland. Water Res. 18(2): 27-132.

Patni, N.K. 1978. Physical Quality and Sediment Transport in Drainage Water From a Manured and Fertilized Cropping Operation. [66 KB pdf] J. Env. Sci. & Health B13(3): 269-285

Patni, N.K., P. A. Phillips, F. R. Hore, and J. L. B. Culley. 1981.   Groundwater Quality Near Concrete Manure Tanks and Under Heavily-Manured Cropland. [76 KB pdf]  Can. Agric. Eng. 23: 37-43.

Patni, N.K., H. R. Toxopeus, P. Y. Jui. (1985).  Bacterial Quality of Runoff from Manured and Non-Manured Cropland.  [83 KB pdf]  Trans. ASAE., Vol. 28(6): November-December 1985

Patni, N.K.; Masse, L.; Jui, P.Y. 1998. Groundwater quality under conventional and no tillage: I. Nitrate, electrical conductivity, and pH. J. Environ. Qual. 27(4):869-877.







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