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The Stratford-Avon River Environmental Management Project, which was comprised of a group of comprehensive urban, rural and in-stream studies, was initiated in April, 1980, at the request of the City of Stratford, and was completed in 1984.

Active field investigations, remedial demonstrations, monitoring and technical analyses were largely completed in 1980 and 1981. By the establishment of an Advisory Committee, formal public contacts were maintained throughout the duration of the project with municipal representatives, the Perth County Federation of Agriculture and the Perth County Soil and Crop Improvement Association. Development of a preferred pollution control strategy, preparation of  supporting technical documents and meetings with the public and elected officials were carried out during 1982, the latter to assist in formulating an overall strategy that would hopefully gain general acceptance for future implementation.

Principal funding for the Stratford-Avon River Environmental Management Project was afforded by the Ministry of the Environment. However, a planning and investigational approach involving three task-oriented sub-committees -  Rural, Urban and Stream Management -  was made possible through the co-operative efforts of many individuals representing a number of agencies. Most of the work on rural components of the study was achieved through a contract arranged with the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority. Other contributions to sub-committee activities were made by staff of the City of Stratford, the Lands Directorate of Environment Canada, the Perth County Soil and Crop Improvement Association, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority and the Ministry of the Environment. Lists of persons serving on the three sub-committees and the Management and Advisory Committees for the project are included in the Appendix of the Final Report.

Specific courses of action resulting from completion of this project were arrived at through decisions taken by the Ministry of the Environment and the City of Stratford in regard to point-source pollution impacts and through negotiations with staff of other participating agencies and municipal government officials concerning non-point pollution




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Pre-SAREMP Reports
  The Avon Valley Plan (1952) [3944 KB pdf]. Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
  Impact of Waste Inputs on the Quality of the Avon River, Ontario Ministry of the Environment, June 1979   [778 KB]
  See also:  Post-PLUARG Reports (After 1979)

Project No.

  SAREMP Final Report  (1984) [2504 KB]
Progress Report, Fiscal Years 1980- 1981 [2254 KB]
Note: This report has a lot of information on SAREMP Goals, Objectives and Organization details
Summary Of Conditions During Spring Runoff Sampling At Rural Demonstration Sites, Avon River Basin
- Ecologistics Ltd., Waterloo, ON
  Stream Management Sub-Committee
S-1 Impact of Stratford City Impoundments on Water Quality in the Avon River  [365 KB]
S-2 Physical Characteristics of the Avon River [299 KB]
S-3 Water Quality Monitoring of the Avon River - 1980, 1981   [1566 KB]
S-4 Experimental Efforts to Inject Pure Oxygen into the Avon River
S-5 Experimental Efforts to Aerate the Avon River with Small In-stream Dams [1586 KB]
S-6 Growth of Aquatic Plants in the Avon River
S-7 Alternative Methods of Reducing Aquatic Plant Growth in the Avon River
S-8 Dispersion of the Stratford Sewage Treatment Plant Effluent into the Avon River
S-9 Avon River In-stream Water Quality Modelling
S-10 Fisheries of the Avon River  [617 KB]
S-11 Comparison of Avon River Water Quality During Wet and Dry Weather Conditions
S-12 Phosphorus Bioavailability of the Avon River
S-13 A Feasibility Study for Augmenting Avon River Flow by Ground Water  [3156 KB]
S-14 Experiments to Control Aquatic Plant Growth by Shading
S-15 Design of an Arboreal Shade Project to Control Aquatic Plant Growth  [441 KB]
Urban Sub-Committee
U-1 Urban Pollution Control Strategy for Stratford, Ontario - An Overview
U-2 Inflow/Infiltration Isolation Analysis
U-3 Characterization of Urban Dry Weather Loadings
U-4 Advanced Phosphorus Control at the Stratford WPCP
U-5 Municipal Experience in Inflow Control Through Removal of Household Roof Leaders
U-6 Analysis and Control of Wet Weather Sanitary Flows
U-7 Characterization and Control of Urban Runoff
U-8 Analysis of Disinfection Alternatives
  Rural Sub-Committee
R-1 Agricultural Impacts on the Avon River - An Overview
R-2 Earth Berms and Drop Inlet Structures  [299 KB]
R-3 Demonstration of Improved Livestock and Manure Management Techniques in a Swine operation[480 KB]
R-4 Identification of Priority Management Areas in the Avon River  [2108 KB]
R-5 Occurrence and Control of Soil Erosion and Fluvial Sedimentation in Selected Basins of the Thames River Watershed  [2829 KB]
R-6 Open Drain Improvement [699 KB]
R-7 Grassed Waterway Demonstration Projects  [652 KB]
R-8 The Controlled Access of Livestock to Open Water Courses  [486 KB]
R-9 Physical Characteristics and Land Uses of the Avon River Drainage Basin  [1338 KB]
R-10 Strip cropping Demonstration Project [242 KB]
R-11 Water Quality Monitoring of Agricultural Diffuse Sources
R-12 Conservation Tillage Assessments(Comparative Tillage Trials) [4045 KB]
R-13 Sediment Basin Demonstration Project  [579 KB]
R-14 Evaluation of Tillage Demonstration Using Sediment Traps  [252 KB]
R-15 Statistical Modelling of In-stream Phosphorus  [483 KB]
R-16 Gully Erosion Control Demonstration Project  [477 KB]
R-17 Institutional Framework for the Control of Diffuse Agricultural Sources of Water Pollution
R-18 Cropping-Income Impacts of Management Measures to Control Soil Loss [159 KB]
R-19 An Intensive Water Quality Survey of Stream Cattle Access Sites  [1054 KB]

Related Reports

A Field Exposure of Rainbow Trout in the Avon River Downstream of the Stratford Sewage Treatment Plant. 1984. K. Flood et al. [233 KB]

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  1. The Bioavailability of Phosphorus in the Avon River.1982. E.L. Pettigrew, D.J. Gregor, Env. Canada [820 KB]

  2. Avon River Watershed Report Card(2012). [pdf]   UTRCA

  3. Are We Doing Enough? Managing Watersheds for Great Lakes Benefits:  Technical Workshop on Nutrients in the Nearshore, Black Creek Pioneer Village, March 3-4, 2009. [pdf]

  4. Nonpoint Source Pollution Abatement in the Great Lakes Basin: An Overview of Post-PLUARG Developments. (August, 1983).  A Report Submitted by the Nonpoint Source Control Task Force of the Water Quality Board of the International Joint Commission.[726 KB pdf]

  5. Relationships Between Land Use and Water Quality in Southwestern Ontario. (1986). Gartner Lee Assoc.,  for O.M.E.  [2400 KB]

  6. City of Stratford: Natural Heritage Inventory (draft)

  7. Groundwater Study: Summary Document. (2001) Stratford Public Utility Commission. [pdf]



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