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SWEEP Report #PWS-A7

Indicators of Risk of Water Contamination:
Local Scale Implementation and Testing

A. Couturier, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Guelph, Ont.
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Completed: September, 1995

Executive Summary

This report assesses the feasibility of implementing the Indicators of Risk of Water Contamination (IROWC) at level 2/3 of the hierarchy proposed by MacDonald and Spaling (1995a). In particular, the paper assesses the utility of the Erosion Productivity - Impact Calculator (EPIC) as an analytical tool to address water contamination risk at this scale. A description of the broad approach is followed by an evaluation of the EPIC model's ability to simulate surface runoff and an example calculation of Nitrogen concentration in surface runoff. The paper concludes that EPIC represents a viable means for calculating the various components of IROWC, but that some fine tuning of the model is required to improve the accuracy and reliability of such calculations.




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