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This website was developed in 1996, although the SWEEP program (see Background and Objectives) was essentially concluded in 1993. Here we document certain points regarding the documentation of the SWEEP program and the construction of this website.

Objectives of the SWEEP Website

  1. Document the structure and accomplishments of the SWEEP program.

  2. Catalogue the SWEEP reports that are most likely to have lasting value. Hence, various annual reports, progress reviews, and implementation plans have not been included in the report lists.

  3. Enhance accessibility to some of the products of SWEEP for (among others) agricultural researchers, extension personnel, and innovative farmers.


Notes on SWEEP Report Numbering

  1. The numbering system for the SWEEP Reports is consistent with that given in SWEEP Report #79, with the exception that the report numbered as 77 in SWEEP Report #79 has been renumbered as SWEEP Report #76 ("Pilot Watershed Study Report #8: Executive Summary") here, since only eight volumes in the Pilot Watershed Study report series were produced (rather than nine as originally intended).

  2. "Pilot Watershed Study, Master Implementation Plan: Soils, Agronomic and Environmental Components" was inserted as SWEEP Report #77.

  3. Some reports to which SWEEP Report numbers were not originally assigned have been given SUP (for Supplementary) numbers.

  4. Some copies of SWEEP Reports exist with numbers above 80 stamped on the front covers. These reports were mis-numbered, with copies of the same report often labelled with several different numbers.

Notes on SWEEP Report Summaries

  1. Most SWEEP Report summaries (#0 to #60, #62, #76, #SUP-1, #SUP-2) include both an Executive Summary and an Evaluation Summary. The Executive Summary is usually the same as that in the final report, while the Evaluation Summary is taken from SWEEP Report #79. The Evaluation Summary was expressly concerned with Technology Transfer, and may not reflect other components of value in a given report.

  2. Summaries have been adapted for presentation on this website with minimal editing. Hence, some references within the summaries (such as to Figures and Appendices) may refer to material only found in the hard copy of the report.

  3. Many executive summaries were obtained by scanning the hard copy, as digital files were no longer available. Although these were proofread, it is inevitable that errors may have crept in; please contact the Webmaster if you find any of these.

The SWEEP Website Team

This website has been brought to you by:

  • Bruce T. Bowman, Webmaster
  • Peter Scheyen, html markup
  • Gary J. Umphrey, editorial




Created: 05-31-1996
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