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Administration, Monitoring and Public Information

Original Sub-Program Description

  1. The Management Committee is to administer and provide public information on the overall program; it will ensure that each sub-program contributes to the overall soil productivity and phosphorus objectives.
  2. Canada and Ontario will share in supporting the Management Committee in day-to-day planning, monitoring, evaluation, administrative and public information responsibilities.
  3. Work to be undertaken includes:
    • Investigatory studies;
    • Sub-program evaluations;
    • Preparation of Annual Work Plans and Quarterly Progress Reports;
    • Management co-ordination/integration at the project level in keeping with the objectives of the Agreement and information to the urban and farm public on the nature and consequences of soil and water quality problems and of SWEEP's objectives.

List of Monitor Research Reports

Responsibility: Federal and Provincial Governments - Agriculture Canada and OMAF

Budget: $1.15 (F) and $0.25 (P) Million - $1,092,800 spent

Delivery Agent:Agriculture Canada/OMAF

Contractors: Ginty Jocius & Associates/InfoResults Limited





Created: 04-10-1996
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