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Conservation Information Bureau (CIB)

The Conservation Information Bureau was set up to collect, catalogue, store and distribute technical data on soil conservation. The bureau produced a newsletter for farmers, set up several databases of soil and water information and helped to organize the Innovative Farmers of Ontario - No-till, Ridge Till Workshop for four years.


Original Sub-Program Description

  1. To collect, catalogue, process, store and distribute growing stock of technical data.

  2. To assume the leadership role in communicating information on S/W conservation and management.

  3. Clientele to include professionals, extension workers and agribusiness.

  4. Will address farmers' concerns of difficulty in obtaining consistent, reliable technical information on which to base decisions.

  5. Board of Directors, appointed from government, farm organizations and agribusiness, will set up, establish operating policy and procedures and manage the Centre.

  6. Centre to be set up on a contract basis with existing educational institution, farm or private sector organization.

  7. Centre will work with TAP.

  8. Funding provided on a declining scale. Agreement will cover Centre's full cost during 2-year start up period, public sector funding will be reduced each of years 3, 4 and 5, with objective of Centre operating on cost recovery basis by year 6.

Responsibility: Federal Government

Budget: $1 Million - $1,261,568 spent

Contractor: University of Guelph

Archivist Note: The Conservation Information Bureau became the Stewardship Information Bureau during the Green Plan, and following March 1997, became an archive at the Univ. of Guelph, and since then was terminated.





Created: 04-10-1996
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