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Pilot Watershed Study (PWS)

This program looked at the effectiveness of introducing comprehensive soil and water conservation practices to the farms in a small test watershed and comparing them to a control watershed. The three paired watersheds were located in southwestern Ontario: Kettle Creek, between St. Thomas and London; Pittock, north of Woodstock; and Essex, just east of the town of Essex. Water quality and quantities were monitored by the federal and provincial Environment ministries.

List of PWS Research Reports

Original Sub-Program Description

  1. Evaluates the effectiveness of implementing soil and water (S/W) conservation practices in selected watersheds. Work closely with TAP Committee. Environment Canada and OMOE to simultaneously monitor change in water quality on the watersheds.

  2. Evaluate/demonstrate effectiveness and efficiency of changing soil conservation practices on a watershed to help improve water quality while economically enhancing soil productivity.

Responsibility: Federal Government

Budget: $5.25 Million - $5,165,300 spent

Contractors: Beak Limited, Ecologistics Limited






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