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SWEEP Report #77

Pilot Watershed Study, Master Implementation Plan:
Soils, Agronomic and Environmental Components

Beak Consultants Ltd., Guelph, Ont., and Conservation Management Systems, Waterloo, Ont.

Executive Summary

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Completed: March, 1990

Key Words:


This Master Implementation Plan (MIP) documents the program designed to fulfil the information objectives of the Pilot Watershed Sub-program (PWS) of SWEEP. This report presents the plan for the collection and management of agronomic and environmental information from the Pilot Watershed Sub-program - namely relating to soils, crops, social reaction and attitudes, economic factors, meteorology, hydrology and water quality.

The goal of the PWS is:

  • To develop approaches to and evaluate the effectiveness of implementing comprehensive soil and water conservation practices on all farms in selected watersheds.

This goal requires the comprehensive implementation of conservation farming practices on all farms in small test watersheds and the subsequent monitoring of these test watersheds along with closely matched control watersheds over a period of several crop seasons in order to detect field, farm and watershed scale benefits resulting from these measures. To be of value to the farming community, public agencies and others, findings of the study must be effectively communicated.

The MIP culminates a planning phase for the PWS involving watershed selection, and the development of protocols and schedules for monitoring and analysis, and for enlisting farm cooperator support and involvement. Its completion marks the initiation of the on-farm phase of the PWS commencing with farm planning and basin instrumentation.

The purpose of this document is to provide a blueprint for implementation of the on-farm phase of the PWS. The following objectives are addressed in separate sections in this plan:

  • Characterization of the study watersheds, the relevant soil and water conservation issues in these areas and the conservation farming practices that address these issues.

  • Identification of the research objectives and goals, data requirements and monitoring efforts that are required in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the conservation programs implemented. This section includes considerations of the environmental parameters, soil characteristics and loss, and crop productivity.

  • Description of on-farm implementation plans including farm planning methods and arrangements for record keeping and cooperator involvement and compensation. Socioeconomic considerations are also discussed.

This plan establishes the Terms of Reference for the implementation of the PWS at the farm and sub-watershed levels. Some alterations and improvements to the original proposed work plan have been made in light of the facts that study areas and resources have now been established and complimentary projects have been established and initiated (i.e. detailed soils surveys and watershed water quality monitoring).

This plan does not address the evaluation program, information exchange, project organization and management, or synthesis and reporting. These aspects of the PWS are discussed in subsequent documents.




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