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SWEEP Report #SUP5

1990 Survey Of Ontario Tillage And Soil Conservation:
Practices, Perceptions And Attitudes
Executive Summary

Deloitte & Touche Management Consultants, Guelph, Ont.


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Completed: December 1990



Deloitte & Touche have undertaken a syndicated multi-client survey of Ontario corn producers for the previous fifteen years. This survey provides agribusiness clients with detailed information on the Ontario seed market, the Ontario corn rootworm market and provides a basis for asking other related agronomic questions. In 1990, the survey incorporated some questions on attitudes towards and use of various tillage and soil conservation practices on behalf of Agriculture Canada. This report presents the key findings of this 1990 Soil Tillage Conservation Survey among corn producers. Detailed tables and survey protocol are provided in a separate report.

1.1 Objectives of Survey

The principle aim of the survey was to identify current soil conservation practices and trends in specific practice areas. Additionally, an aim of the survey was to identify current attitudes and perceptions towards these practices among Ontario corn producers. Further, the survey findings and protocols were designed to act as a bench mark for future evaluations. Specific questions were designed to quantify and address the following topic areas:

  •  Structure of corn production

  •  Cropping practices

  •  Soil and water conservation problems encountered by Ontario Corn Producers

  •  Soil and water conservation practices employed by Ontario Corn Producers

  •  Perceived trends and rationale for implementing soil and water conservation practices

  •  Attitudes towards specific soil and water programs and practices




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