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SWEEP Acronyms and Abbreviations
AGENCY or ORGANIZATION (additional to Green Plan list)
AC Agriculture Canada (now Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)
ESP Ecological Services for Planning Ltd.
O.B.A.T.A. Ontario Biological Aeration Tillage Association
OMOE Ontario Ministry of the Environment
OSCIA Ontario Soil and Crops Improvement Association
REAP Resource Efficient Agricultural Production Canada
CIB Conservation Information Bureau (now SIB)
COA Canada-Ontario Agreement on [or Respecting] Great Lakes Water Quality
EMMC Environmental Modelling and Monitoring Committee (now NPSMC)
FLEA Farm Level Economic Analysis component
GLWQA Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement
LD Local Demonstrations subprogram
LSP Land Stewardship Program
MC Management Committee
MTF Modelling Task Force of the NPSMC of COA
NPSMC Non-Point Source Management Committee of COA (formerly EMMC)
OSCEPAP Ontario Soil Conservation and Environmental Protection Assistance Program
Overview Model Non-Point Source Overview Model
PDW Paired Demonstration Watershed or Pilot Demonstration Watersheds (renamed Pilot Watershed Study)
PI Public Information component
PWS Pilot Watershed Study subprogram (formerly PDW)
SCI Soil Conservation Incentives subprogram
SEE Socio-Economic Evaluation component
SIB Stewardship Information Bureau (formerly CIB, SWCIB)
SWCIB Soil and Water Conservation Information Bureau (see SIB)
SWEEP Soil and Water Environmental Enhancement Program (formerly Ontario Soil and Water Quality Enhancement Program)
T-2000 Tillage 2000 demonstration plots component (part of Local Demonstrations subprogram)
TAP Technology Assessment Panel
TED Technology Evaluation and Development Program
TTC Technology Transfer Committee
WC Working Committee





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