How to Repair Water-Damaged Wooden Furniture?

Floods, heavy rains, or excessive water overflow are the leading causes of water damage to homes and other buildings, which can eventually damage your belongings, including furniture and carpets. Damage from water isn’t always as severe as it appears; however, it may seem like the damaged furniture cannot be repaired to its original condition.

Most of the time, flooded furniture can be quickly remediated; it might never be new, but some repairs are likely to be possible. Furniture in your home can be repaired by paying attention and following the correct restoration methods.

Repairing Water-Damaged Furniture

Damage from water is unavoidable, so repairing it on furniture made of hardwood can be challenging. Sometimes you’ll come upon minor damages that are easy to repair; however, you should be prepared for major ones. Consult a property restoration company for more details.

Dry the Furniture

Dry the furniture made of wood first, before anything else. If the wood has been exposed to water for a prolonged period, the harm caused by water can be pretty severe. This is why it is not advisable to leave furniture with water damage to be left unattended.

Set the furniture where the sun will shine directly onto it. To speed up the process, you can use dryers and fans. However, before drying the wood outside, check the weather conditions since cold temperatures could stop the wood from drying quickly and allow mildew to develop, and hot weather can result in cracks in the wood.

Treat White Spots

The white spots on furniture tend to arise from water contamination, but do not worry about it; they are easy to get rid of. Make a cleaning solution by mixing a tablespoon of baking soda with toothpaste.

Clean the stain with an aqueous cloth after dipping the stains in the cleaning solution. If the furniture is spotless, use a dry, clean cloth to clean the area and bring back its shine.

Clean the Moldy Black Spots

After you’ve removed those white spots, the wood could also be covered in black spots. The water absorbs into the wood and causes white spots to appear; however, the exact spots will turn black later and suggest damage to the surface of the wood by penetrating deep. If you see any black staining on your wood, the furniture you have bought is prone to mold growing on it.

First, you must remove the wood’s top finish to remove the soiled patches from the furniture. Then, you can remove the mold with peroxide-based cleaning solutions and apply a new finish to the surface. Mold remediation in Lake Elsinore, CA, has different types of techniques.

Hire a Professional

These suggestions can be used to repair your furniture damaged by water. However, it may be challenging to handle in certain instances without a specialist’s assistance. When this occurs, it is necessary to engage an expert to repair your furniture’s value.

Many companies offer professional services to repair and restore water-damaged furniture. The professionals in this field have been trained to improve and identify hidden problems. Employing a professional could help you save time and money as they possess the expertise in the field and the most current equipment and tools needed. Water damage restoration in Lake Elsinore has more information posted on its website.