A New Year’s Resolutions for You

To help you live a better life, we interviewed health professionals and searched the scientific literature. More than a few people each year resolve to make positive changes in their lives every New Year’s Day. Scientific American Body recommends these resolutions, based on advice from medical professionals and scientific literature. […]

Fun Quarantine Games and Activities for Christmas

It’s possible to have a wonderful Christmas with loved ones even when you’re in quarantine. Many Christmas games can easily be made indoors, so it’s not surprising that many of them are possible to adapt. These seven Christmas-themed games are great for quarantine. Trending Christmas-Themed Activities and Games 1. The […]

Why We Need Green Technology

While green technology has been around for two decades, it is becoming more popular as global warming becomes more urgent. The green tech and sustainability market is valued at $8.79Billion in 2019 and will reach $48.36Billion by 2027. This is a 24.3% growth rate in just 8 years. Green tech […]