Animal Boarding: Essential Things to Consider Before Booking for Your Dog

Our pets rely on us to be their spokespersons and advocates, which is why it is crucial to plan for their care if you are going on vacation. The pet-care business comprises kennels, groomers and daycares are generally unregulated in many jurisdictions, so owners must make sure that their facilities meet the requirements of their jurisdiction.

You might be thinking about staying in the hotel only to find it’s not what you expected. If you are a person who is looking to leave, look for a better place to stay. If you’re an animal and you’re a dog, your options are limited.

You’ll likely have to abandon your pet on your trip at some point. Though leaving your pet is challenging, you must ensure that they have the safety and comfort of a place to stay.

Things to Do Before Boarding Your Dog

If you think of taking your dog to a kennel, ask for suggestions from your friends and veterinarian. Before making a boarding reservation for your pet, be sure to inquire with the facility about these concerns.

Visit Facilities

It is vital to comprehend what your pet’s temporary living quarters will be in terms of. Request a facility visit to confirm that the environment is clean, well-organized, and smell-free.

Take a look at the cages. While boarding in a cage may be suitable for crate-trained pets, it can cause anxiety in an animal that isn’t familiar with it.

Small spaces with dog beds and toys are standard within the “pet hotels,” giving them a comfortable atmosphere. This is the most suitable option for borders for pets that aren’t or house trained. Visit a vet like the Paddock Park Animal Care Center for more information.

Match Your Dog’s Lifestyle With Exercise Options

Certain boarding facilities will only let dogs go out for a few minutes twice a day. Choose a kennel that allows dogs to walk three or more times per day if you wish for the extra dog exercise.

Find out if the kennel has a fenced-in area for your dog to be free to run around. If not, ask if they can let dogs run around for a few minutes instead of permitting them to get up and go back to their cage. For exotic animals, you can consult a reptile veterinarian.

Consider Food Plans

Even if your dog is used to it, boarding might cause discomfort for the dog. Changes in diet could cause the body to be under more stress, resulting in diarrhea or vomiting. Bringing your dog’s regular food is the easiest way to avoid this.

Because some dogs don’t take their food well while boarding, you might wish to bring something delicious and nutritious to include in your diet to make it more enjoyable. Be sure to offer the boarding facility precise guidelines on what food your dog should and shouldn’t eat.

Plan Ahead

Like the top hotels, the top dog kennels are usually booked months ahead, particularly during the peak season of holiday travel. To ensure a smooth vacation, begin planning months or even a year in advance.

Most institutions will demand confirmation of vaccinations as well as a clean report of health, so make sure your pet has time to visit the vet. Your pet will almost surely require a bordetella shot to avoid kennel cough, and your veterinarian may suggest a canine influenza vaccine. Click here to learn more details.