Choosing a Pet Boarding Facility: How to Know It’s Safe

Nowadays, pet boarding facilities are becoming increasingly sought-after. They offer convenience for pet owners and peacefulness to those who worry about their pets when they need to be away from home. However, many fur parents are worried about their pet’s safety and well-being when staying at a boarding facility.

What services do pet boarding facilities offer?

Before leaving your pet at a boarding center, ask what services they offer to know if they meet your pet’s needs. Here are some of the standard ones you may look forward to:

  • A comfortable and secure setting with lots of space to play and explore.
  • Access to fresh food, water, and unspoiled bedding daily.
  • Regular walks/exercise for your pet so that they remain healthy.
  • Continuous supervision from qualified staff who are knowledgeable about pet care and behavior.
  • Access to a vet dentist in Cave Creek and other health services in case of any medical issues that need to be dealt with quickly.
  • Optional activities like grooming, playtime, and even pet massage to aid your pet in relaxing and feeling comfortable while away from home.

How do you know the pet boarding facility is safe?

The following are some valuable tips to help you decide if a pet boarding facility is safe and secure for your pet:

  • Visit the facility in person

This is to ensure that they meet your standards. See if the facility is clean and well-maintained and if the workers are friendly and knowledgeable.

  • Check reviews online

This is to get a feel for how past pet owners have rated their experience. Ask around and talk to people who have used the pet boarding center.

  • Make sure the facility includes basic veterinary services

Ideally, pick one that provides a wide range of vet services, from routine check-ups to emergency care. This is to ensure that your pet is well taken care of if they experience any health problem.

  • Ensure the facility has veterinary services nearby in case of unexpected medical emergencies

Since not all boarding centers have in-house vet services, you may take into consideration one close to a veterinary clinic. For example, instead of taking a trip to another place to look for a vet pharmacy, you should make sure the boarding facility you choose is close to a vet pharmacy. Visit this page to find out why it’s beneficial for a boarding facility to have its in-house vet services and own staff.

  • Ask if they have the necessary licenses and certifications

Every boarding facility needs to be licensed and have certifications showing that they meet pet care requirements according to local regulations. Are the staff knowledgeable and experienced in pet care? Do they have a licensed vet that can be consulted if needed?

Is pet boarding facility’s cost worth it?

The cost of pet boarding varies depending on the services you select. The rate may be worth it if you are a pet owner who frequently travels or needs support to look after your pet when you are away. While the price of boarding may be higher than having a pet caretaker, they offer a few benefits that pet sitters may not be able to provide.

In addition, some of these doggy daycare in Cave Creek facilities have in-house veterinarians and a wide range of services that a pet sitter can not serve. So, instead of hiring a pet sitter and paying the professional fee, you can take your pet to the center where they will get the vet care they need to have.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide what makes you feel comfortable regarding your pet’s safety and well-being. But if you take into account the benefits, you can know it’s worth it, as long as you pick the right facility.

Final Thoughts

Pet boarding facilities are an excellent option for pet parents who want to ensure their furry friends are safe, secure, and well cared for while away. However, take your time to research the facility, ask questions and find out if it meets your desires. This way, you can be sure your pet is in great hands while you’re away. Keep in mind that most good boarding facilities should have experienced staff and veterinary services and offer lots of room, exercise, and playtime.