Four Early Signs of Water Damage at Home and Work You Must Know

Water damage can occur from different sources in your home or at the office. Flood damage to your home can result from a minor roof leak to extreme natural disasters such as hurricanes. Numerous property owners have asked for a list of warning signs of water leaking and damage. So listed below is a list of self-inspection guides in the hopes of detecting problems early.

Water Damage Signs and Results

More than just a couple of furniture sets could be destroyed by water damage. In reality, the full level of such damage can be devastating. Have a look at some of the warning signs and results of water damage.

1. Weak Structure

Water damage can destroy your property’s structural stability. Wooden support beams that have been exposed to excessive moisture might rot. This can possibly have severe effects on the foundation of your home. Extreme flooding can damage and break your foundation. Both of these signs indicate that your property is a danger of settling or collapsing. Consider hiring water removal services immediately after a flood to prevent structural damage.

2. Mold Outbreaks

Pooling water in dark and secluded areas is a usual result of water damage. Sadly, this environment is ideal for mold spores to develop and thrive. Mold problems can also linger long after a leak or flood has been contained. These widespread bacteria pose a two-fold threat to your home.

First, mold diminishes the nutrients in building materials and weakens the supports. Second, mold spore exposure can be really dangerous to human health. Fix the damage as soon as possible to avoid mold growth.

3. Health Threats

Oversaturation isn’t the only cause of damage. Flooding caused by plumbing issues such as sewage backup can introduce illness and toxic microorganisms into your home. Some areas of your home will be permanently damaged if this polluted water reaches your floor covering and furniture.

After the flooding is in control, the rug will be replaced. Or else bacteria from sewer water could become absorbed in the carpet fibers, causing a health risk. A professional restoration firm is the best cleanup solution in these worst-case circumstances.

4. Lowered Property Value

Everyone’s opinion of damaged homes is dangerous and makes inadequate investments. For that reason, marketing your home will be harder. Even if a water damage restoration service’s efforts are totally successful, you’ll probably have to accept a lower deal. This truth highlights the importance of avoiding water damage in the first place.

Ensure your home’s flashing, sealing, and gutters are constantly in good working order to help avoid water damage before it takes place. It’s also suggested to inspect your sinks and pipes for leaks. Over time, these regular checks will save your family money in repairs.

Call a Professional

Many of these signs don’t appear until the basement leak and damage have advanced to a critical stage. It’s best to inspect routinely and early. Get in touch with a professional water damage restoration and mold removal company like PuroClean for a more extensive evaluation if you discover any of these signs. Mold poses health dangers and the structural issues that water damage causes.


You don’t have to worry if you find yourself in one of these scenarios. If you have water damage from flooding, leaking ceilings, broken pipes, or other sources, modern technology can help you. Because technology has advanced and is distinct from standard carpet cleaning methods, emergency water extraction from carpets, flooring, and mold treatment might be done fast.