Fun Quarantine Games and Activities for Christmas

It’s possible to have a wonderful Christmas with loved ones even when you’re in quarantine. Many Christmas games can easily be made indoors, so it’s not surprising that many of them are possible to adapt.

These seven Christmas-themed games are great for quarantine.

Trending Christmas-Themed Activities and Games

1. The “Poke-a-Tree” board game has many surprises and is great for all ages.
Who doesn’t love a good surprise?! Poke-a-Tree, a silly interactive game, will have your whole family laughing at your discoveries. The idea is simple: Let’s all line-up and allow one person to poke a hole into the tree. This will reveal a special Christmas gift! The prize you find is yours to keep and you can take turns until everyone has poked all the holes in the tree.

2. Enjoy the holiday-themed freeze dance and musical chairs.
Freeze Dance and musical chairs are great party games for adults and kids alike. Make them even more festive by using seasonal songs. Songs like “Frosty the Snowman”, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, and “Jingle Bell Rock,” will get everyone moving.

3. Close your eyes and place the red nose on the reindeer.
This festive twist on pin-the-tail on the donkey adds the perfect amount of Christmas cheer. It doesn’t cost much to print out a picture of your red-nosed wonder and some extra noses to attach to him.

Tape can be used instead of real tacks if you’re playing with small children. To keep everyone clean, the honor system can be used where everyone covers their eyes and shares a blindfold.

4. You can adapt the traditional “shoe-pile” game for a festive activity. The festive “sock heap” game is a great option.
Shoe pile is a game that can be played in schools or as an icebreaker activity in professional settings. This involves everyone putting their shoes in the center of a room and working together to identify whose shoes they belong to. It is possible to adapt the game to a high-energy game that does not require everyone to bring their shoes into your house.

To play, everyone should each wear one pair of winter socks. If you have enough Christmas socks, let people claim them. After they are done, put them in a pile in the central part of the room. Once everyone has placed their socks in the center, let them run around the room looking for their socks.

5. Decorate miniature gingerbread houses so everyone has their own.
Even if you have guests coming to visit you in your quarantine circle you might not want to share food. It is a pandemic. Make gingerbread houses easier by decorating cookies and building miniature houses out of graham crackers. Each person can bring their decorating materials or you can divide them into different batches to make it easier for everyone.

6. You can sing some Christmas songs with your closest family and friends.
Christmas songs can be fun to listen to and dance to. Sometimes, they even have lyrics that invite you to sing along. Christmas karaoke can be a wonderful way to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones. You can sing solo or in a couple of duets, or you could even join the family for Christmas carol singing. It’s possible to go on for hours without even realizing it.

7. Enjoy a Christmas tradition that is cherished by the family: decorating the tree with your family.
The best way to welcome the Christmas season to your home is to get the Christmas decorations ready and place your Christmas tree. You can bond with your family and friends by playing Christmas songs and trimming the tree together. Each tree is special, no matter how you decorate it with tinsel, homemade ornaments, or strung popcorn, lights, or candy canes.

You can add another activity to your decorating experience by adding the Christmas pickle. This is a fun tradition that will inspire the inner detective in you. One person secretly hangs one pickle-shaped ornament from the tree after all the ornaments have been hung. Everybody searches within the branches for the pickle every Christmas morning.