Fundamental Steps in an Immigration Medical Exam

A medical examination is a fundamental requirement when it comes to immigration. People that fall under the refugee category, as well as temporary residents are obliged to go through medical examinations. The results need to be submitted to the government department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. There are standardized medical exams that need to be conducted in order to meet the requirements.

What Goes on in a Medical Exam

If you are new and do not know what goes on in an immigration medical exam, this article will assist you through it. Initially, the panel physician Waterloo would need a general physical examination to gauge if you are physically fit and healthy. They will also need to perform a drug test to know if you are clean and free of harmful substances. Next would be an eye test, to determine if you have good vision. Below are some of the ways these procedures are conducted.

Drug Test

A drug test is usually conducted by a panel physician Toronto through urine samples. It is very important to stay free from any harmful substances that can appear positive on the test. Drink lots of water to hydrate before the test, especially if you have a hard time urinating on the spot. It would be wise to also eat and drink healthy, veering away from alcohol, before this medical examination.

Physical Examination

A general physical examination will allow them to know if you are physically fit and healthy. They may well require you to do some stretches and exercises on the treadmill. Your measurements in height, weight, and other physical attributes will be measured. This will also determine your body mass index (BMI). It is advisable to fast a few hrs before the physical exam. Avoid drinking too much water to prevent yourself from bloating. Visit websites like for more information on immigration medical exams. 

Eye Test

Vision is an important way to determine if your health is doing okay. An eye or vision test is conducted by eye specialists. This is very important for them to know if you are safe and suitable for various activities such as driving. During the eye test, you would usually be required to read the text of all sizes, identify colors and patterns, and test out different lenses that might suit your vision, if needed.


An immigration medical exam is a standardized process required by the government department of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada. If you fall under this department, you may be required to provide the results of your medical exam. Some procedures include a drug test, general physical examination, and eye test. It is advisable to fast a few hours prior to any examination and avoid drinking too much water that may cause you to bloat. However, it is also good to stay hydrated and to eat healthy before any medical exam.