How to Prepare Your Dog When Disaster Strikes

Do you have your dog ready for a catastrophe? We’ve seen news reports about global disasters like floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wildfires, and many other catastrophes in recent times. The process of preparing for disasters can be difficult enough. But planning for a disaster when you have pets is more important. Being prepared for an emergency is a matter of careful preparation and planning.

Ways on How to Prepare Your Pets for a Disaster

There are occasions when people must let their pets be left to fend for themselves. Some people believed that putting their pets in the home or some other place would be a good way to protect them. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a disastrous decision.

It’s not always enough to give the dog total control over the house and the property. Floods force them to climb onto roofs in order to stay safe. After the water recedes many dogs die because of a deficiency in water and food. How do you look after dogs when disasters may happen at any time?

Make a pet evacuation plan.

A dog is a requirement and you should include your dog in your contingency plans. You must ensure that your pet wears a collar that is an identification tag, and also make transport arrangements. Evacuation may be necessary for the event of a major disaster. In this case, you’ll have to consider shelter options for your pet at home as well as in facilities distant. Visit to learn more.

Prepare an extensive disaster kit.

When you’re preparing a disaster kit for your family members, make sure to include things for your pet. Your dog should have everything they require such as food, water, toiletries, and medications. Medical records, such as vaccination certificates, as well as spay and neuter certificates, should be kept in this box. You may also wish to include identification documents. Also, make sure to keep your pet in a cage or carrier.

The unexpected can strike at any time and animals can be just as stressed as people in these situations. If you are faced with a disaster it is essential to take care of yourself and your pet efficiently. In the event of an emergency, it is essential to keep you and your pet safe from illnesses and injuries. Make sure to bring your pet to 24 hour emergency vet Phoenix if something happens to your dog. 

Keep up with dog vaccines and microchips.

Failure to show evidence of vaccinations Particularly for diseases that are hazardous closing doors quicker than any other thing. The vaccination of your pet will protect them from illnesses like distemper, rabies, and leptospirosis, as in increasing the chances of being admitted into shelters for disaster relief and Kennels.

The dogs with microchips are significantly better at returning to the owners in the event that both you and the dog are separated. Microchipping your pet is only the beginning. It is also necessary to register the microchip using an active phone number, in case your dog gets lost, shelters and vet facilities can reach you. For extra security, you should consider a collar that incorporates GPS technology. Looking for a vet? Visit them here.


It is not something you need to do during the aftermath of an emergency to rush to locate essential items and a plan for evacuation. Because many catastrophes occur at any time, practicing your pet’s disaster preparedness is a great method of preparing for the possibility of a dangerous situation. Making a plan ahead of time and putting the plan into practice is the best way to ensure your pet’s safety during a catastrophe.