How to Preserve Your Smile Through Proper Dental Hygiene

Healthy gums and teeth are the fundamentals of an attractive smile. And good dental hygiene habits are the foundation of healthy teeth and gums. While these truisms may sound a little dated, every cosmetic dentist will tell you that they are still as true today as they were years ago.

Brushing and flossing remove debris and bacteria that would otherwise penetrate your teeth, causing tooth decay, gum infections, and bone loss. These simple habits are the best way to keep your natural teeth and beautiful smile for as long as possible.

Benefits of having good dental hygiene

Basic dental hygiene is also required to ensure the success of cosmetic dental treatments if they are needed. Porcelain veneers, crowns, and bridges will last longer if you take care of them properly. There is no way to get dental implants in Kitchener Waterloo unless your jaw and gums are in good shape first. 

And teeth whitening will only give you the movie star smile you desire if you are willing to brush your teeth regularly. Continue reading to find out how dental hygiene can help you save your smile, beauty, and money.

Maintain Your Natural Teeth

Most people are unaware of how fortunate they are to have all of their natural teeth until they are no longer there. Gum disease and bone loss will worsen with even one lost tooth and cause adjacent teeth to shift. If the missing tooth is one of the front teeth, the gap may cause embarrassment and a loss of self-esteem. 

You could use a crown or a dental implant to replace the tooth. These treatments are time-consuming and may result in an artificial structure that does not look or function exactly like a natural tooth.

When several or all teeth are missing, the dental and aesthetic concerns multiply. Dentures may be the only option in such cases. On the other hand, dentures will never replace your natural teeth completely, and you will be able to consume all of your favorite meals again. 

Thus, taking care of your mouth every day is best to avoid tooth decay and tooth loss. Furthermore, visiting your dentist every six months will help you avoid harmful plaque and debris that can cause dental problems.

Visiting your dentist every six months will guarantee that you can easily avoid any harmful plaque and debris that causes dental problems.

Maintain a Gleaming White Smile

Dental hygiene is also essential to achieve and keep a beautiful, confident smile. Obtaining this goal may necessitate the use of dental implants, porcelain veneers, or crown and bridge. If your mouth is healthy, all of these treatments will be easier and more successful. 

Meanwhile, teeth whitening only works if you brush your teeth at least twice a day after having them whitened. Furthermore, after eating certain foods such as red beets, carrots, and grapes, you will need to brush your teeth. Brushing is required to remove color particles that would otherwise cling to the surface of your teeth and slowly penetrate the deeper layers of dentin.

Spend Less Money

Another reason to maintain good oral hygiene is that it benefits your bottom line. When a tooth gets infected, the only way to save it may be through a costly and excruciatingly painful root canal treatment. In some cases, they need to extract the tooth if it becomes too damaged, requiring expensive oral surgery. 

The extracted tooth does not stop the costs and treatments because something must fill the space. You have the option of using dental implants, dental crowns, or dental bridges. These reconstructive devices can cost up to $4,000 and are frequently not fully covered by insurance. Consequently, it is always preferable to avoid the discomfort and expense of dental procedures by adhering to basic dental hygiene principles.