Why We Need Green Technology

While green technology has been around for two decades, it is becoming more popular as global warming becomes more urgent. The green tech and sustainability market is valued at $8.79Billion in 2019 and will reach $48.36Billion by 2027. This is a 24.3% growth rate in just 8 years.

Green tech is a broad range of technologies that help the environment, including electric scooters and green appliances. Green tech is a solution to current environmental problems such as global warming and greenhouse gases. The goal of green technology is to replace harmful materials, processes or products with alternatives that don’t disrupt or deplete the natural resources.

But, is green technology really necessary? Isn’t technology already a threat to the environment? Technology can provide solutions when it is used properly and correctly. Here are some reasons to make sure we implement them more often than ever.

Carbon emissions can be reduced
The UK’s transportation sector is responsible for 28% of all greenhouse gas emissions. It is also the biggest contributor to harmful gases. These emissions include those from ships, trains, planes and cars. Electric vehicles are a growing option for greener transportation that reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Eco electric scooters are one of the most widely used electric vehicles worldwide. There are many ride-sharing companies like Lime and Bird that make it easy for the public to find public electric scooters, including those in Australia, France, the US, Singapore and the UK. Electric scooters do not require fuel and emit no harmful gas.

Parisian researchers found that encouraging commuters on e-scooters reduced carbon emissions by 330 tons. E-scooter ridesharing services help to transform the scooter’s lifecycle, from manufacturing to charging.

The first step in utilizing electric vehicles for public and personal transport is eco-friendly electric scooters. Green tech transportation would be greatly reduced if more people could use it, especially in the future.

Greener energy source
According to a 2019 study, 84% of the world still uses fossil fuels. It is important to move to more sustainable energy sources as fossil fuels are not renewable and will soon run out. Green tech allows people to continue harnessing energy from the natural world through solar panels and wind turbines, dams, geothermal wells, and other technologies.

Alternative energy will ensure that fossil fuels are not depleted, greenhouse gas emissions will decrease, and global warming slows down. These are just a few of the many solutions that green tech offers, including green buildings, environmentally-friendly battery technology and metallic foams. Researchers continue to discover new ways to produce energy with technology like fuel cells, lithium-air batteries, and thermal energy collectors.

Here’s how you can switch to renewable energy if you wish.

Clean water
Only 1.2 percent of the water on earth can be deemed drinkable, despite it being surrounded by water. It is estimated that by 2025, 1.8 billion people will be without water due to rising freshwater consumption. Innovative green technologies like the SunSpring Hybrid, which filters and transforms dirty water into safe drinking waters, can help to solve this crisis.

The SunSpring Hybrid can actually turn over 20,000 litres per day of dirty water from wells or rivers into drinking water. This device can also be used in rural areas without electricity because it runs on solar panels. This makes it a valuable tool for small communities near water bodies or areas that have been affected by natural disasters.

Lack of clean drinking water due to climate change and increased water consumption is a problem that must be addressed immediately.

Conserve wildlife
Human activities, natural disasters and diseases, as well as climate change, all pose a threat to wildlife. Technology is used mainly by wildlife researchers to study wild animals. They use bio-logging and Bio-telemetry to gather data about elusive animals’ behaviours, physiology and other information without interrupting wildlife or putting researchers at risk.

Researchers also use technology to educate students through guidesbooks and virtual tour guides. Tech is also used by marine institutions and zoological park to provide meaningful encounters with animals to the public.

These efforts will all help to meet conservation needs. Continual innovation will be a key tool in combating the environmental changes.

Switch to green tech now
Green tech allows people to reverse the harmful effects of human activity on the environment. Governments, communities, and organisations should continue to make substantial and consistent efforts to adopt green technologies and scale them up. This will allow more people to access green tech, which in turn will have a significant impact on the environment over the long-term.