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We must remember and learn from our past in order to make smart decisions for the future.

Programs in Ontario

Before 2000


(Manure / Bioenergy Resources)

Ontario farm landscape

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Program Timelines
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Program Timelines

PLUARG Stratford-Avon River Env. Manage. Prog. Clean Up Rural Beaches Thames River Implementation Comm. Soil & Water Env. Enhancement Prog. Land Stewardship Program Lake Simcoe Env. Management Strategy Great Lakes Water Quality Initiative Agri-Environmental Indicator Program Canada-Ontario Agriculture Green Plan


PLUARG Pollution from Land UseActivities Reference Group GLWQ Great Lakes Water Quality Program
TRIC Thames River Implementation Committee NSCP
National Soil Conservation Program
Soil Quality Evaluation Program
SAREMP Stratford - Avon River Environmental Management Project LMAP Land Management Assistance Program
RBS / CURB Rural Beaches Strategy / Clean Up Rural Beaches ESI Environmental Sustainability Initiative
SWEEP Soil & Water Environmental Enhancement Program
(including Tillage 2000 & OSCEPAP II)
AEI Agri-Environmental Indicator Project New Item
LS I / LS II Land Stewardship Program Green Plan Canada-Ontario Agriculture Green Plan
LSEMS Lake Simcoe Environmental Management Strategy   Master Cross-Reference Table for Program Components

Archived Environmental Report Lists


  1. Archive Main Library (319)
  2. Clean Up Rural Beaches (CURB) Reports (79)
  3. Stratford-Avon River Environmental Program (SAREMP) Reports (32)
  4. Thames River Implementation Committee (TRIC) Reports (7)
  5. Lake Simcoe Environmental Management Strategy (41)
  6. AAFC Agri-Environmental Indicator Project (27)

    Reports NOT directly associated with Archived Programs
  7. Ont. Ministry of Environment- Funded Reports (239)
  8. O.M.E  Biological Investigations / Surveys Reports  (106)
  9. Misc. Federal Environmental Reports (135)  (oldest report... 1886; 17 reports before 1940)
      PLUS   Can. Agri-Food Res. Council - related Reports + Climate Change Reports (19)  New Item  

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