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We must remember and learn from our past in order to make smart decisions for the future.

Programs in Ontario

Before 2000


(Manure / Bioenergy Resources)

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Program Timelines
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Program Timelines

PLUARG Stratford-Avon River Env. Manage. Prog. Clean Up Rural Beaches Thames River Implementation Comm. Soil & Water Env. Enhancement Prog. Land Stewardship Program Lake Simcoe Env. Management Strategy Great Lakes Water Quality Initiative Agri-Environmental Indicator Program Canada-Ontario Agriculture Green Plan


PLUARG Pollution from Land UseActivities Reference Group GLWQ Great Lakes Water Quality Program
TRIC Thames River Implementation Committee NSCP National Soil Conservation Program
SAREMP Stratford - Avon River Environmental Management Project LMAP Land Management Assistance Program
RBS / CURB Rural Beaches Strategy / Clean Up Rural Beaches ESI Environmental Sustainability Initiative
SWEEP Soil & Water Environmental Enhancement Program
(including Tillage 2000 & OSCEPAP II)
AEI Agri-Environmental Indicator Project New Item
LS I / LS II Land Stewardship Program Green Plan Canada-Ontario Agriculture Green Plan
LSEMS Lake Simcoe Environmental Management Strategy    
Master Cross-Reference Table for Program Components

Archived Environmental Report Lists


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  1. Archive Main Library (319)
  2. Clean Up Rural Beaches (CURB) Reports (79)
  3. Stratford-Avon River Environmental Program (SAREMP) Reports (32)
  4. Thames River Implementation Committee (TRIC) Reports (7)
  5. Lake Simcoe Environmental Management Strategy (41)
  6. Agri-Environmental Indicator Project (27) AAFC

    Reports NOT directly associated with Archived Programs
  7. Ont. Ministry of Environment- Funded Reports (207)
  8. O.M.E  Biological Investigations / Surveys Reports  (99)
  9. Misc. Environmental Reports (incl. Federal reports) (110)
      incl.   Can. Agri-Food Res. Council - related Reports PLUS Climate Change Reports (18)  New Item  

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